Brother SE400 Review – (2020)

Brother SE400 Review

Sewing machines have been around for 1829. I remember, my mom’s old Singer sewing machine. Those things were so good that people tried of using them manually motorized them and they exited for a very long time. However:…

10 Best Sewing Machine Oils: Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Sewing Machine Oils

Honestly: How far a car can go without you having to take care of it with proper tuning and service – which includes changing the Mobil oil after a few thousand miles? Same is the case with sewing…

7 Best Heat Press Machines [2020]: Review and Buyer’s Guide

Best Heat Press Machines

At least once in your life you must have thought to buy a heat press machine … But you don’t know how to pick the best heat press machine or do you? This is the reason why we…

Best Sewing Basket of Sep. 2019

Best Sewing Basket

Isn’t this where everything actually starts from? All of us sewing fans love to have those crocheted or embroidered or decorated sewing baskets to keep the small items and accessories needed for sewing. And since these little baskets…

Best Sewing Machine Needles 2019: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Sewing Machine Needles

From the sewing basket of gramma: We recall the sewing needles that they used for their Singer sewing machines. We know that they looked different than common sewing needles, because the hole is not on the top, but…

Kenmore Mini Ultra Sewing Machine Review (2020)

Kenmore Mini Ultra Sewing Machine Review

A mini sewing machine: You’d admit that it is a thing of beauty. While we already have considerably small and smart sewing machines for homes or domestic purposes, this type of sewing machine is one step ahead. Kenmore…

Best Mini Sewing Machines of August 2019

Best Mini Sewing Machines

Mini sewing machines: I bet most of us think of them because of so many good reasons: They are lightweight and small They are easy to use while stitching a small piece or curves Can be packed, stored…

Brother CE1100PRW – Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Brother CE1100PRW Review

Are you a fan of sewing machines, more particularly computerized sewing machines made for domestic use purpose? If your answer to this question is ‘Yes’, then you must be aware of one of the most famous sewing machine…

Best Embossing Machine Review: August 2019

Best Embossing Machine

Are you a DIY fan? And do you love embossing? If it is so then there are three amazing machines in this survey, all for your attention. They can be used for embossing any and all types of…

Best Embroidery Machines for Hats Review – [August 2019]

Brother Embroidery Hat Sewing Machine, SE600

Whether you love hats and even more love to sew patches on those hats, or you are into the embroidery business and you sell hats with embroidery patches, you definitely need a reliable best embroidery machine for hats….