SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Yikes!! What kind of world we live in where smartphones are getting bigger and sewing machines are getting smaller with lots of options. Like this SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine which literally fits the description, “Big things…

How to Sew By Hand

How to Sew By Hand

Knowing and successfully implementing a skill can save you from a lot more trouble. And knowing how to sew by hand is one of those skills that are on par with other greats like plumbing, carpeting, and other…

Janome MC6650 Sewing & Quilting Machine Review & FAQs


What if you wanted a sewing machine that was not as humongous as industrial sewing machines, but which is still equally good for sewing as well as quilting? What if you wanted a portable sewing machine that wasn’t…

How To Use Embroidery Machine

How To Use Embroidery Machine

How to use embroidery machine? And that is the question most of the newbie could pop up in their minds and the professional too because of being introduced with the newer and upgraded embroidery machine. Everything comes with…

Best Sewing Machine for Buttonholes Jan. 2022

Sewing Machines for ButtonholesSewing Machines for Buttonholes

If you’ve been using sewing machines for a while – whether for personal purposes or business one – you must be aware of the “buttonhole problem”. It can be an unnerving task at times to make/sew a buttonhole….

Brother CE1100PRW – Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Brother CE1100PRW Review

Are you a fan of sewing machines, more particularly computerized sewing machines made for domestic use purpose? If your answer to this question is ‘Yes’, then you must be aware of one of the most famous sewing machine…

Singer Curvy 8763 – Review & FAQs


When it comes to old-school, old-fashioned, solid and heavy-duty sewing machines, there are two brand names that pop up in everyone’s mind: Singer and Brother. Each and everyone of us has seen an old-fashioned and heavy-duty Singer or…

Singer Stylist 7258 Review

Singer Stylist 7258 Review

I have been using all sorts of quilting machines and there is this thing that I always desired and I bet that you will also agree. One of the biggest downsides of having a professional and heavy-duty machine…

Best Sewing Machine Needles 2022: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews July

Best Sewing Machine Needles

From the sewing basket of gramma: We recall the sewing needles that they used for their Singer sewing machines. We know that they looked different than common sewing needles, because the hole is not on the top, but…

What Are the Best Sewing Machine Brands Available in 2022

SINGER 191D-30 Heavy Duty Sewing machine

Due to prevalence of online trends, local manufacturers besides international brands have gained great fame in the sewing industry through Amazon. But a picture always has dual sides. On one hand, it adds to economy by boosting business…