How To Choose Embroidery Machine For Home Sewers

Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

Purchasing an embroidery machine for home sewers can serve you with two functions. Either you can amuse yourself by creating different embroidered patterns on your family apparels and décor other home crafts. Or you can use it as…

What Are the Best Sewing Machine Brands Available in 2019

SINGER 191D-30 Heavy Duty Sewing machine

Due to prevalence of online trends, local manufacturers besides international brands have gained great fame in the sewing industry through Amazon. But a picture always has dual sides. On one hand, it adds to economy by boosting business…

Best Sewing Machine For Industrial Leather – August 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Reliable 4000SW Single Needle Walking Foot Sewing Machine With Sewquiet Servomotor

Industrial Leather Sewing Machines are primarily used for leather material. No matter if you work on small or big projects and you need a machine which can take huge load then these type of machines are perfect fit….

Serger Sewing Machines Review – August 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

A serger is basically a professional and highly skilled form of a sewing machine that possesses exceptional features which you will not find in a simple sewing appliance. It plays a dominant role in imparting a superlative appearance…

Brother Sewing Machines Review – August 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Brother Sewing Laura Ashley CX155LA Limited Edition Sewing & Quilting Machine with Built-in Sewing Font

Brother Sewing Machines Reviewed for 2019 Checkout the list of detailed brother sewing machines reviewed for 2019. What Are the Different Types of Sewing Machines which Brother Brand makes? If your research and investigation about different manufacturers of…

Janome Sewing Machines Review – August 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Janome is absolutely a celebrated brand and has gained noticeable fame due to its consistent and upgraded hard work in producing well built, durable and good quality sewing machines. This authentic brand has now emerged as one of…

Best Long Arm Quilting Machines – August 2019

Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine, PQ1500SL, High-Speed Quilting and Sewing

What is a Long Arm Quilting Machine? A long arm quilting machine basically comprises of a sewing machine head, fabric rollers, a worktable along with a heavy duty metal frame. These machines are structured to sew three layers…

Sewing Machine For Small & Little Girls – Oct. 2019 & 2020

best sewing machines for girls

Benefits of Girl Sewing Machine : Kids’ sewing machines are required to be unchallenging and trouble-free so that a child realizes his mechanical skills and creativity in a fluent way. For kids, sewing is a process instead of…

Best Computerized Sewing Machines Review – Oct. 2020

Brother Designio Series, DZ2400, Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

In the field of sewing machines, computerized sewing machines give you exceptionally creative results through their huge collection of stitch designs that range from embroidery stitches to alphabet stitches for monogramming. These are the most favorable and recommended…

How to Oil Sewing Machine at Home?

how to oil a sewing machine

Oiling a sewing machine more often is the right key to attain its good performance. The duration between two clean ups and oiling depends upon your usage extent. If you are a professional sewer then your machine requires…