10 Best Budget Sewing Machines – Jan. 2023-#5 is the most recomended one

Best Budget Sewing Machines (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

Sewing is not just a need … to some people it is a luxury, a hobby, a something that they’d like to do every day or every alternate day.

Their brain functions better and heart pumps better while they’re sewing – or at least this is how they feel. However, sewing machines are expensive and at times you have to buy a set of them for different but interconnected tasks e.g. serger and sewing machine.

This is why I made this review of best budget sewing machines that you can find on Amazon. And no!

These are not small, portable and limited functionality sewing machines; they are fully functional, domestic cheap sewing machines that sewing lovers always like to own.

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10 Best Budget Sewing Machines of 2023

Here’s a little comparative table to shed light on the most important features of these sewing machines:

NamesBuilt-in StitchesReverse SewingStitching Speed
MICHLEY LSS-505+12Yes2 speeds
NEX12Yes2 speeds
Brother XM270127Yes800/minute
Singer Start 13046Yes400/minute
Singer Tradition 225919Yes860
Singer 1507WC8Yes700-800/minute
Brother CS6000i60Yes850/minute
Singer Stylist 725876Yes750/minute
Singer Heavy Duty 443232Yes1100/minute
Singer Quantum Stylist 9960600Yes850/minute


And now, with no further ado, here’s the review:

P.S. Remember, in terms of pricing, the products in this review have been listed from top to bottom – starting from the most affordable sewing machine to the least affordable one.

MICHLEY LSS-505+ – The Best Budget Sewing Machine

MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil' Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine with Built-in Stitches


By the time you will check the pricing, this product’s price may increase by leaps and bounds; if you really consider buying this product, I would suggest you to do this now.

Since it is not considered a good practice to mention the price of a product, I can tell you that at the time of writing this post, the price of this product is less than $55.

buy from amazon

Yes, this is the most minimum price at which you can get a fully functional and household (not handheld) sewing machine.

Here are the features:

12 Built-in Stitches

This is a proper household sewing machine and not a handheld, super light and super portable machine. This is the reason why you are not limited to a few stitch styles – you can indeed sew in 12 different styles.

Replaceable Presser Foot

Not only the presser foot is made of industry grade stainless steel, but it is 100% replaceable.

Reverse Sewing

As a matter of fact, some proper, household machines omit reverse sewing option and it only looks bad, but this cheapest sewing machine has the option of reverse sewing.

Built-in Accessory Drawer

When I say that this is a fully functional sewing machine, I mean it. This machine provides enough sewing space and beneath that space there is a built-in accessory storage drawer.

Well-lit Sewing Space

Another thing to cheer about: the LED light right on top of presser foot keeps your sewing area well-lit.

2 Speeds

This machine keeps on inspiring you; it has all the bells and whistles that you expect from a good sewing machine: such as 2 speeds.

Hand Stitch or Foot Pedal

You can operate this either with hand switch or food pedal.


  • The Cheapest on this List
  • Fully Functional Machine
  • Lots of Options
  • Good Number of Built-in Stitches


  • Difficult to Thread Bobbin
  • Skipping Stitches

buy from amazon


NEX – Second Most Affordable Machine

In terms of pricing, NEX is almost just as affordable as MICHLEY. The price range of this product may also change by the time you check it.

However, at the time of writing this post – this product is available for a price range from $55 to $60.

Not only in terms of pricing, but also in terms of functions and options, this one is very similar to MICHLEY.

buy from amazon

Let us take a look at the most important features:

12 Built-in Stitches

This budget sewing machine also comes with the same number of stitches that MICHLEY has got; you can choose from 12 built-in stitches/styles.

Reverse Sewing –

NEX is a competitor of MICHLEY not only in terms of pricing, but also in terms of the functions. It has also got reverse sewing option.

Presser Foot Replacement Holder –

There is a replacement holder that allows you to replace the industry grade presser foot whenever needed – in a simple and swift move, you can remove the presser and install the new one.

Accessories Drawer –

There is an accessories drawer underneath the sewing area and this is not an empty one; it has a measuring tape and tensions adjuster, and enough room for your accessories.

Well-lit Sewing Space –

There is an LED light bulb right on top of the presser and that keeps the sewing space lit as you work.

2 Speeds –

Just like any standard household sewing machine, this one would also let you pick from slow or fast speed settings.

Hand Stitch or Foot Pedal –

Who doesn’t like options? We all love them and being able to use the machine either from hand switch or foot pedal is just one of them.


  • 2nd Most Affordable Machine
  • Lot of Features
  • Good for All Sorts of Stitching
  • Space Saving


  • Bobbin Difficult to Thread
  • Not Enough Space

buy from amazon

Brother XM2701 – Third Best Budget Sewing Machine

Brother XM2701 Lightweight, Full-Featured Sewing Machine

And this is our last pick – yes we have seven more machines to talk about, but if you have this question that is constantly nagging you and you wanna know about my best picks, do know that MICHLEY, NEX and Brother XM2701 are the best budget sewing machines that I recommend.

buy from amazon

Brother XM2701 is a charm of a sewing machine to work at – not only this machine has got 1,200+ good reviews and ranked at 4.5/5, but it also won an Amazon’s Choice tag.

How come? Let us figure this out.

27 Built-in Stitches –

This machine is not as affordable as the previously mentioned two machines, but it is still under $90. And with all this, you get a big range of stitches to choose from.

Reverse Sewing –

Like all fully functional sewing machines, this one also has the reverse sewing option – you can stitch forward or reverse as per your requirements.

6 Feet to Replace Each Other –

The best thing about Brother XM2701 is the range of choices it offers with a very nominal price increase. Not only the presser foot can be replaced, but you get 6 feet to choose from.

LED Bright Work Area –

A bright LED bulb makes your work area bright so you may easily focus on your sewing without feeling eye strain and fatigue.

800 Stitches/Minute Speed –

Not only you can pick the stitching speed that you like, but you can reach to a maximum speed of 800 stitches/minute.

Top Drop-in Bobbin –

The top drop-in bobbin is considered good because of how smooth everything goes and the slot is transparent so for leaning purposes you can see how bobbin works.

Stitch by Hand or Pedal –

As always, you have the option to either do all the stitching with hand button or the pedal.


  • More Functions than Most Affordable Machines
  • Ready for Domestic or Business Use
  • Speed Variations
  • Big Number of Stitches


  • Thread Tension Problems
  • Stitch Skipping

buy from amazon

Singer Start 1304

SINGER | Start 1304 Sewing Machine

Singer 1304 is a pleasant surprise for an important reason; I wasn’t expecting so small a sewing machine to have all the important functions that a proper sewing machine has.

The size can be a disappointment or heart-break for those who need bigger space – however, people who love a good sewing machine that still takes very little space, can be stored and move easily, would love Singer Start 1304.

buy from amazon

Apart from Singer’s name on it, here are the features why you should consider buying this machine.

Heavy Duty Metal Frame –

Do not judge this machine by its size; it comes in a heavy duty metal body so you do know that besides all its portability, you’re not going to lose this machine in near future.

6 Built-in Stitches –

The disappointing thing is the number of stitches – there should have been 10+ to enable this machine to compete with other small machines like NEX. However, it is still better than a handheld machine and 6 stiches means you have option.

Reverse Sewing –

This machine has got all the standard stuff that you’d like to see in a sewing machine. Take reverse sewing for example – yes it has that option.

Handful of Feet –

Not only the presser foot can be replaced, but there are a couple of feet e.g. buttonhole one, that come with this sewing machine. Rest assured that you’d not have separately buy these accessories.

Built-in Accessories Tray –

This machine is small in size, but it delivers on “Singer promise”; although there is not a proper accessories box, there is a built-in tray for your sewing essentials.

400 Stitches/Minute Speed –

You can adjust the speed of the machine – from whatever variations are available, but maximum speed/minute is 400 stitches.


  • Strong Body
  • All Bells & Whistles
  • Portable & Space Saving
  • Dual Spool Pins


  • Very Limited Options
  • Difficult for Beginners

buy from amazon

Singer Tradition 2259

Yet another Singer Machine!

But this one is not a small machine like the abovementioned ones. This has got all the rich functions that need from a high-end sewing machine.

That too less than $100 – however the price might pass this psychological barrier by the time you check it. So if you want to get your hands on a Singer machine with too much to cheer about and that too at affordable rate, now is the time.

Why should you care?

Well, read the features:

19 Built-in Stitches –

By far, this machine has the second biggest number of built-in stitches. It has got 19 of different stitch designs to choose from, while other sewing machines on the list, have around 12 stitches.

High Presser Foot Lifter –

The presser foot lifter on this machine is positioned high – it can be raised higher than the work area and this helps with stitching thick fabric or many layers of thick fabric.

Reverse Sewing

It is a no brainer – a machine like this definitely comes with both types of stitching modes – forward and reverse.

Free Arm Sewing

This is a free arm sewing machine – what is a free arm sewing machine? A free arm sewing machine is one whose work area is not limited to the action and equipment found there, but it extends out and enables the user to freely manipulate the machine as well as the fabric.

  • Replaceable Feet – There are many snap on feet that come with the machine; you do not have to buy them separately. You can just replace the presser foot with any of them.
  • Accessory Storage Box – This machine comes with a handful of accessories such as feet, thread spool caps, screwdriver, bobbins and needles etc. To keep those accessories secure, you also get a built-in storage box.
  • 860 Stitches/minute Speed – You can adjust the speed of your stitching while you use this machine, but the highest speed is 860 stitches per minute.


  • Flexibility
  • Better Capacity
  • Built-in Bobbin Winding
  • Best for Beginners


  • Jamming Problem
  • Problems with Automatic Threader


Singer 1507WC

Another Singer sewing machine that is mixed bag of everything.

If you’re a beginner, but you’d love to have a sewing machine that is portable and still much better than a handheld, traveling sewing machine, this is the one to go for.

It has a decent number of stitches to choose from and the luxury of choice is not limited to the stitches only; you can choose from different feet, speed settings and many other settings.

Let us take a look at the detail of these features.

  • 8 Built-in Stitches – There are 8 built-in stitches to pick from. I know these aren’t many, but when you have machines with only 6 or less stitching styles available, this one appears to be a real decent option.
  • 4 Presser Feet – Not only the presser foot is easily replaceable/removable, but you get 4 very important presser feet from the company and they include the button-hole foot. You do not need to buy the basic replacements separately.
  • 700 – 800 Stitches/Minute – This machine over-delivers when you compare it to other machines of its size. Take the stitching speed for example; while you can choose a slow speed, you can go as fast as 700-800 stitches/minute.
  • Reverse Stitching – That is a sure thing; this machine can stitch forward as well as backward.
  • Accessory Storage – Irrespective of all the size issue, this machine has a built-in accessory storage box: good enough for accessories that you get and few of them that you buy.
  • LED Light Bulb – Due to a small, but power LED bulb right on top of the cloth, you get a very well-lit work area. No eye strain and fatigue at all!
  • Free Arm Machine – Yes, this one is yet another free-arm sewing machine. As it has been explained above, a free arm machine extends the sewing area a little bit to make it possible for user to easily control the fabric.
  • Stitch Length & Width Fully Adjustable – Not only you can adjust the length of any stitch you pick, but in case of zigzag stitches, you can adjust the width before you start stitching.


  • A Workhorse Sewing Machine
  • Highly Useful Functions
  • Best Merger of Economy and Quality
  • Free Canvas Cover


  • Difficult Controlling
  • Needles Breaking

A great list of embroidery machine will help you in choosing the best sewing machine. Do check

Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

If you are willing to cross the barrier ($100) for a really, really, really functional and business-purpose sewing machine, this one will not disappoint you.

Checkout the detailed review

This is the champion of built-in stitches; if you’re someone who loves more than a little variety, you would love this machine, because it is the machine with 3rd biggest number of built-in stitches.

buy from amazon

More detail in the features:

60 Built-in Stitches –

Holy moly! We were talking about 6 or 8 or 12 stitches and here comes this machine that offers 60 built-in stitches, while it is not as expensive as it should’ve been.

Automatic Needle Threader –

Brother machines are known for the high quality of their needle threaders – it might sound weird, but a lot of sewing machine complaints are about needle threader. This one offers an automatic needle threader.

Sewing & Quilting –

This is not just a small sewing machine; it is packed and loaded of features that do more than that. It is also used for quilting.

850 Stitches/minute –

While sewing or quilting the machine you can always adjust the speed; the maximum speed that you can choose is 850 stitches/minute.

Reverse Stitching –

Again – a no brainer!!! With a machine like this, you get the smoothest reverse stitching.

8 Sewing & Quilting Feet –

The presser foot is not only replaceable, but you get all different types of feet that you need for a wide range of sewing and quilting tasks – in total 8 presser feet.

Hard Protective Case –

Unlike the previously reviewed product, this one does not come with a canvas bag, but a hard protective case. This machine is built to stay at one place – home or office – and do everything one may expect from a top of the list sewing machines.

Well-lit Work Area –

An LED bulb right on top of the work area makes it impossible for your eyes to get fatigued by sewing.

buy from amazon


  • A Very Features Rich Sewing Machine
  • Sewing & Quilting
  • Wide Variety of Stitches
  • Perfect Personal or Business Sewing Solution


  • Not Good for Knit Fabric
  • Not for Experts

Checkout the detailed Brother CS6000i Review.

Singer Stylist 7258

Singer Stylist 7258 Review

How’d you like a Singer sewing machine with 2,000+ happy customers, a 4.3/5 rating and Amazon’s Choice tag?

If you like a sewing machine with lots of built-in stitches and other options, do know that this one is the machine with 2nd biggest number of built-in stitches.

buy from amazon

Check the review

It is made for more than sewing; that’s right, if you’re into quilting, this is the perfect budget machine to start with.

Let us know more about this machine in the features’ detail:

76 Built-in Stitches –

What sets Singer Stylist apart from almost all sewing machines on this list is the number of the stitches that you can apply with this machine. There are in total 76 stitches – built-in stitches, to choose from. Only Singer Quantum has bigger number of built-in stitches than this machine.

Automatic Reverse Stitching –

This machine takes the worry out of reverse stitching with its smooth and easy automatic reverse stitching.

10 Presser Feet –

Seems to be the presser foot king huh! These 10 feet come with the machine so you do not have to buy any of them separately.

750 Stitches/Minute –

The speed at which this machine can sew is 750 stitches/minute. It is interesting to note the time that a machine really takes besides number of stitches.

LED Light Bulb –

An LED light bulb right on top of the work area, keeps the working space well-lit.

Removable Storage Compartment –

Singer Stylist is a comparatively bigger machine (when compared to machines like NEX and MICHLEY. It comes with a big storage compartment that can be removed.

Drop-in Bobbin System –

Like all the good sewing machines that I’ve reviewed in this post, this one also has a drop-in bobbin system. The drop-in bobbin system is preferred worldwide because of how simple it makes to change bobbins.


  • 2nd Biggest Number of Stitches
  • Good for Quilting and Sewing
  • Many Presser Feet
  • LCD Screen


  • Suitable for Small Projects
  • Noisy

buy from amazon

Singer Heavy Duty 4432

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine


Frankly speaking, it is not as heavy duty as it sounds. To start with, the number of stitches (that we’ll discover within a jiffy), are not even close to the machines with biggest number of built-in stitches.


Let us admit that Singer Heavy Duty 4432 is a stunning mix of all the features, options and accessories that one needs for sewing and quilting.

buy from amazon

Here’s the list of the most important features:

32 Built-in Stitches –

32 built-in stitches is not as good as 60 or 76 built-in stitches, but in comparison with 12 to 19 stitches that is average for the budget sewing machines included in this review, this is a very good number.

Reverse Stitching –

Like a high-quality and fully functional sewing machine, this one also has the function of reverse sewing. Just use the button on the front and stitch reverse.

Four Presser Feet –

This is a decent number of presser feet to start with – the most important feet are included in the set, such as: all-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot and button sewing foot.

Onboard Storage Box –

There is a standard sized onboard storage box that you can use to keep the decent number of accessories that you get from Singer plus those that you buy.

1,100 Stitches/minute Speed –

This rather seems to be outrageous; a machine with this kind of standard specs can mostly do 800 stitches/minute, but 1100/minute is what Singer claims.

Free Arm Machine –

Like almost all of the machines on my list, Singer 4432 is also a free arm machine. It lets you freely control the fabric and sew with ease.


  • Metal Body & Heavy Duty Machine
  • Good Number of Built-in Stitches
  • Good for Beginners
  • Fastest Stitching Speed


  • No Light
  • Very Loud

buy from amazon

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Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Great Embroidery Machine on the deal

What if you needed a real good, real professional and real household machine?

What if between economy and functionality, you leaned clearly towards functionality?

Would you like a sewing machine that is 2x or even 3x expensive than the other sewing machines in this review, but still a very affordable one for the kind and range of features that it has got?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is the machine for you and let me prove this in the features section.

buy from amazon

600 Built-in Stitches –

Isn’t this insane? 600 stitches? Yes, but this is true. This machine has 600 built-in stitches and you have a computerized system + LCD panel to pick the stitch that you like.

Backlit LCD Panel –

The LCD panel is a backlit one; so you do not need to experience eye strain only to read the screen.

7 Styles of 1 Step Auto-size Buttonholes –

There are 7 different styles of 1-step auto-size buttonhole that you can pick from. This is a big variety as far as buttonhole styling is concerned.

Automatic Needle Threader –

Following the standard procedure, this machine too like many others, has automatic needle threader and a top drop-in bobbin. They make things way easier while sewing.

850 Stitches/Minute –

This machine has a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches/minute. This again proves the claim about Singer 4432; a heavy duty sewing machine can maximum do around 900 stitches/minute.

Automatic Reverse Stitching –

This machine is also blessed with Singer’s automatic reverse stitching function – with a swift move you can go from forward to reverse sewing.

18 Presser Feet –

Now beat this! There are in total 18 presser feet; it should go without saying that you would never need to buy a presser foot separately.

buy from amazon

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Verdict on Best Budget Sewing Machines

As you can see, the purpose of the review was to list the top ten budget sewing machines – among those that are functional and yet affordable, we chose as follows:

  • MICHLEY LSS-505+Best budget machine
  • Brother CS6000iCombo of performance and budget
  • Singer Quantum Stylist 9960Awesome performance and nice value for money.
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