7 Best Heat Press Machines Jan. [2023]: Review and Buyer’s Guide

Best Heat Press Machines (Last Updated On: October 25, 2022)

At least once in your life you must have thought to buy a heat press machine …

But you don’t know how to pick the best heat press machine or do you?

This is the reason why we have curated detailed reviews of 7 best heat press machines of 2022 …

Feast your eyes, read the best characteristics of each machine and then read the review before buying one …

Best Heat Press Machines of 2023

Are you looking for best heat press machines of 2023 Here is a review and buyer’s guide of 7 top heat press machines.

What’s Special?NameDesignAccessoriesTemperatureCoating
BestsellerPowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat PressClamshellJust main unit, good for flat objectsFrom 300 to 400 FahrenheitTeflon
Best Multi-PurposePowerPress 8 in 1 Sublimation Heat PressSwing-awayAccessories for mug, coaster and cap printing200 to 380 FahrenheitBuy Teflon sheets separately
Best PortableCricut EasyPressHandheldJust main unit, good for flat objects200 Fahrenheit+Ceramic
Best PowerF2C 5 in 1 Sublimation Heat PressSwing-awayAccessories for mug, coaster and cap printing300 to 400 FahrenheitTeflon
Best ComboSuper Deal Pro 6 in 1 Sublimation Heat PressSwing-awayAccessories for mug, coaster and cap printing300 to 400 FahrenheitBuy Teflon sheets separately
Best DesignMophorn 5 in 1 Sublimation Heat PressSwing-awayAccessories for mug, coaster, cap printing and vinyl cutter200 to 400 FahrenheitTeflon
Best BudgetZENY Swing Away Heat PressClamshellJust main unit, good for flat objects200 to 380 FahrenheitTeflon



Here’s the review, after all that ado …

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press  – Bestseller

PowerPress is one of the most successful hot press machine sellers on Amazon. This machine for example, is one of the best seller hot press machines, if not the number one hot press machine with maximum number of sales and reviews.

Why this fandom? Well, you will see why. Let us take a look at its best features.

A Big 15” by 15” Heating Plate –

When I will talk about other heat press machines in this review you will see why size matters at all. Bigger the size of the pressing plates, bigger the image that you can press. It covers a bigger area, which is good not only for t-shirts, but other objects like shopping bags and business printing stuff.

Silicone Gel Base Board –

These heat press machines, almost all of them, use silicone gel base board, while the upper board is made of industry-grade steel (because it is good conductor, duh). Why? Because a silicone gel base board is soft and it receives very well the pressure of the steel board.

Fully Digital Control Board –

When you buy this machine, you get a fully digital LCD control panel. It has two small digital meters that show temperature and the time for which you press the business end of the heading plate on the object.

Replaceable Fuse –

Machines like these always take a considerable amount of power and a malfunction may result in overheating, electric shock or any other accident. The replaceable fuse fails any such malfunction and it can be replaced with a new one.

Teflon Coated Heating Plate –

For old-school press machines, you need a coated sheet to make sure that the heating plate cannot ruin your fine cotton t-shirt. Not with this heat press machine. This machine’s heating plate is Teflon coated. Teflon coating is used to make a surface clean, frictionless and smooth; such a surface cannot cause harm to fabrics like cotton.

Pressure Adjusting Knob –

In case you think that you need more or less pressure on the heating plate, than the stock pressure setting, there is a big black knob right on top of the panel. Move it clockwise or anticlockwise to adjust the pressure.

Temperature Monitoring Chip –

This heat press machine is more tech savvy when compared to other machines. It comes with a patented temperature monitoring chip that keeps your heat pressing machine from shirt-circuit, over voltage and a few similar malfunctions.


  • Big Size Heating Plate
  • Temperature Monitoring Chip
  • Teflon Coating on the Heating Plate
  • 1400W Power.


  • Can be Effective only on Flat Surfaces e.g. a t-shirt or cardboard bag
  • Heat Control is Quirky.

buy from amazon

PowerPress 8 in 1 Sublimation Heat Press – Best Multi-Purpose

Before I start talking about this best multi-purpose heat press machine, I need to clarify something.

While they claim that it is an 8 in 1 sublimation hat press, the matter of fact is that as compared to 5 in 1 model, this model only comes with 2 extra mug cradles. This hardly makes it 6 in 1 or maybe 7 in 1.


Considering that this heat press has the maximum number of accessories, it can be considered the best multi-purpose and variety heat press.

Now take a look at best features:

Best Multi-Purpose Heat Press –

Now it trickles down to the reason why this heat press machine is a multi-purpose machine.

With all other heat press machines including the previously reviewed one, all what you can do is heat press a transfer paper design on a t-shirt, paper-made shopping bag or similar flat objects.

With this big heat-press machine you get mug cradle and there 2 sizes for heat press printing on big and small mugs.

Then you have two flat and round plates; they are for heat press printing different images on round objects like a saucer.

Last, but not the least, a curvy heat plate and its receiver are also added to the deal; with them you can heat press designs on objects like caps, hats and similar curvy objects.

15” x 12” Big Heating Plate

I know that as compared to the above mentioned heat press with 15” x 15” plate, this one has only a 15” x 12” plate, but considering that in this review we have heat press machines with 12” x 12” and even 9” x 9” heating plates, this one seems to be a better choice.

Bigger heat press area gives you better choice in terms of size; you can print a design almost as big as the size of the plate and in case of smaller plates the design is also smaller.

Digital LCD Meter –

Since this all-in-one heat press machine is also made by the PowerPress, the digital meter on this one is also the same. It has two different meters; one is for time and the other one is for temperature … bright red coloured digits are easy to read.

Teflon Sheet Coating –

Just like the above done PowerPress heat press machine, this one also has a Teflon coating on the inside of the heating plate. Having Teflon coated heating plate, one is 100% sure that heat or uneven surface will not ruin their soft-fabric objects.

Pressure Adjusting Knob –

A big black knob right next to the big digital meter can be moved clock-wise to tighten the grip and increase the pressure; move it anti-clockwise and you will decrease the pressure.


  • Comes with many Different Accessories
  • 15” x 12” Big Heating Plate
  • 360 Degrees Rotating
  • Teflon Coating.


  • Nothing Yet.

buy from amazon

Cricut EasyPress – Best Portable

I know how you’re feeling right now …

I didn’t mention, but you clicked the link and jaw dropped to the weight of these big and traditional heat press machines …

The previously reviewed one, for example, weighs at 50 pounds … ooh yeah …

Now, I know that like most of the people you also dream of a fully functional and portable machines e.g. sewing machine, iron and crochet machines etc.

And likewise you dream of a portable, lightweight, small-sized and fully functional heat press machine …

And this is exactly what this portable, 9” x 9” heating plate handy heat power press can do.

Let’s read the notifications:

Heats Up in One Minute –

As compared to the bigger and hotter machines, this one is really not that far behind. They get hot in 30 seconds and this one roughly takes a minute. From the time you press the switch to this machine creating 400° Fahrenheit temperature, it takes maximum 60 seconds.

This can be held as an iron, but it works better than iron because of high temperature, even pressure and evenly distribution of temperature across all 4 corners.

Portability –

With only 11.7 pounds weight and 9 x 9 inches size, this is the perfect portable heat press machine. As compare to 500lbs weight machines, it feels like a feather.

It is very easy to pack, very easy to lift, move and use. Also it does not matter as to what kind of luggage do you plan to take with you. So this will fit right in a big suitcase, trolley bag, hand carry or even a drawstring bag – that’s what makes it so famous among guys and gals who love heat press designs.

Iron-like Handling –

This thing is made of high quality plastic and the handle is very similar to that of an iron; plastic feels good in hand, you can easily carry the heat press machine in your hands, and use it just like an iron. It is small and it is lightweight so it is definitely very easy to use.

Safety Features –

Apart from the big iron-like handle that anyone can hold with ease, there are other certain security features that make this item easy to handle and use. For example, there is an auto shutoff feature. Auto shutoff will shutoff the heat press machine after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Apart from that, since this thing works just like iron and it does not have a mechanical arm or a silicone pad to keep it safe, the manufacturers added a sturdy plastic safety base where you can rest the machine once you are done with it or in the intervals.

Ceramic Coating on the Heating Plate –

Unlike other big heat press machines, this one is not Teflon plated. They chose a smoother and softer ceramic coating that has no uneven spots on the heating plate and that does not damage the fabric of your tees.

Better Heatmap than House Iron –

We know that most of the people who do not afford or do not want to have a big and heavy heat press unit at home, prefer to iron the transfer paper.

Well, that works but it takes longer timer when compared to a proper heat press machine. Also, the heat map shows that an iron’s most heated part is the top of its bottom; the lower part is not as hot as the upper one.


When you use this heatpress machine, you feel that it is just light and compact as a home iron, but because the plate is square and the heating points are spread all across the 4 corners, you do the job easily and fast as well.


  • Easy to Hold
  • 400° Fahrenheit Temperature
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Highly Portable with 11.7lbs weight and 9 x 9 inches Size.


  • Takes time to Print Thick Projects.
  • Inconsistent Heat.

buy from amazon

F2C 5 in 1 Sublimation Heat Press – Best Power

Before I start with the best features of this machine, let me clarify why I consider this the best power heat press machine.

Based based on the opinion of the people who have used it, I came to the conclusion that the maximum power this machine can reach while pressing is 400°; we know that the EasyPress also claims the same, but we know that the actually heat that it musters is around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now the features …

5-in-1 Deal –

Just like the previously reviewed PowerPress machine, this one also comes with many different accessories. Those accessories make it a multi-purpose machine. It does not have as many accessories as you get in case of PowerPress one, but it covers all kind of accessories and enables you to press transfer paper design on a cap, a mug, a roaster and other products like them – including tees.

Non-stick Surface –

Due to industrial grade Teflon coating inside the heat press heating plate, the surface is 100% non-stick and it also is very smooth and even for all kind of heat press objects. Clean, friction-less and smooth Teflon coating makes sure that your expensive articles remain safe.

Swing-Away Design –

As compared to other (clamshell) machines like first PowerPress machine that I reviewed here, this one has a Swing-Away design. So instead of using the lever to pull the heating plate, you just swing the plate away, place an item for heat press, swing in the heating plate and press the plate.

Digital Meter –

Just like all big heat press machines on this review, this one also comes with a digital meter with bright red and big digits that are easy to read. The pattern is more or less the same one; one meter shows the time while the other one is for temperature.

Pressure Adjusting Knob –

If you’re reading these reviews, you would notice that apart from the delicate details, the main design and functioning of almost all non-portable heat press machines is the same. Likewise, all of them have this pressure adjusting knob. In case of swing-away machines, the knob is located right behind the arm and next to the meter. Rotate is clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust pressure as per your requirements.

Best Power Pressure Machine –

Now, more or less, all these big machines can be real hot – hot enough within 30 seconds to transfer an image from transfer paper to the object. However, in terms of power it is important to see the voltage at which this machine can operate and that is more than any other machine reviewed here: 220 Volts at best.


  • Swing-Away 360 Degrees Rotating Heating Plate
  • 5-in-1 Deal
  • Non-stick Surface
  • 220 Volts Pressure Maximum.


  • 12” x 15” Comparatively Small Size Heating Plate
  • Inconsistent Temperature.

buy from amazon

Super Deal Pro 6 in 1 Sublimation Heat Press – Best Combo

If you are looking for a heat press that is not the best (and as expensive as the best) and not even the second best or third best, but one that is a combination of all mediocre or medium design elements, features and accessories that you like, then this is the heat press machine that I’d suggest you to go for.

Now let us take a look at the features:

6-in-1 Deal –

Again, let us not talk about the numbers (because they’re confusing), but what you can actually achieve with the accessories that come with this heat press machine. It is a pretty much standard pack so you get cup cradle with which you can imprint a design on cups, mugs and glasses etc., then there are two units to heat press designs on objects like coasters and saucers etc., and a curvy head plate for products like cats and caps etc. Apart from all these you get the machine on which you can work out tees and other flat objects.

Sublimation Machine –

If you want to use dye-sublimation printer ink or dissolving ink to transfer the images on ceramics and other objects, this is the one of the best heat press machines to use for that purpose. The industrial grade heating plate, the level of heat that you get with this professional machine and easy handling make the process perfect and smooth.

Swing-Away Machine –

Like many other multi-purpose machines in this review, this one is also a swing-away machine. It means that unlike a clamshell construction, you do not need to lift the heating plate in order to place or remove the product, but you can easily slide it to side and do your job.

12” x 15” Size –

I know that between 15 x 15 and 9 x 9, most of the heat press machines out there have this same 12 x 15-inch size and it is a medium one, but in terms of design, this size is good enough. This is pretty standard size to make sure that even the biggest passable t-shirt design is fully printed.

Digital Meter –

This one also has a digital meter with bright – almost neon bright digits that are big enough for anyone to easily read them. The upper digits show the temperature while the lower digits show the time for which you heat press something.


  • Swing-Away Machine
  • Digital Meter
  • Medium Size Enough for Biggest Designs
  • Comes with all Required Accessories.


  • No Teflon Coating – Sheets are Needed
  • Poor Quality Construction.

buy from amazon

Mophorn 5 in 1 Sublimation Heat Press – Best Design

Mophoron is the best designed heat press machine among all the machines in this review. Now when I say it is best designed it does not mean that it will look better or even similar to Cricut EasyPress.

No it does not … as a matter of fact it looks a lot like the other swing-away machines on this review, but a few delicate touches, a few details and few minor changes make it best design press machine.

Example? Just one for now … the knob of this machine does not only look different, but its different style enables the user to easily adjust pressure settings.

Here are the best features:

15” x 15” Heating Plate –

This heat press machine has a big head or heating plate with dimensions of 15” x 15”. This size qualifies this machine for the competition between 15” x 15” machines.

Swing Away Design –

What makes this machine even better than that big PowerPress machine or that small portable machine, is its capacity of 360 degrees’ rotation. You can move the heating plate far from the silicone pad, place the object on the silicone pad, bring the heating plate back and press it to transfer the design from paper to shirt.

Best Design –

As it has been mentioned before, I do not consider this best design because it has some really innovative and beautiful design features like the portable heat press machine, but I consider it so only because of minor attention to details.

For example, the pressure adjustment knob has been designed differently to make it easy for users to move it. The arm handle is covered with comfortable rubber grip which makes it easy for people to use the machine for as many times they want.

The bottom is designed to have a strong and even grip on the surface, so the users can use it without any interruption, and the feet can be adjusted for uneven surface.

Last, but not the least, the silicone pad and cotton pad can be removed for replacement or cleaning.

Digital Meter –

This machine has the same kind of big digital meter that you will notice in every other big and proper heat press machine in this review. The LCD meter has bright red-coloured digits.

The upper meter shoes temperature, while the lower one shows time.  4 soft-touch buttons can be used to set time and temperature etc.


  • Swing-away Machine
  • Best Design Functions
  • Bright Red LCD Meter
  • 12” x 15” Size.


  • Inconsistent Temperature
  • Overheating & Sparks Problems.

buy from amazon

ZENY Heat Press – Best Budget

Are you on a tight budget, but you still want a proper, big and fully functional heat press machine?

If it is so, then ZENY’s heat press machine is made absolutely for you because it’s a Cheap Heat Press Machine Yet It looks and functions absolutely like the first machine reviewed in this list – the PowerPress clamshell machine.

And this leads us to another thought – on Amazon this machine is listed as a Swing Away machine, but the matter of fact is that this machine’s construction is a clamshell and not a swing away.

Features …

Digital Meter –

This machine’s temperature and timing are 1005 controlled by a digital meter. A bright red LCD meter has two slots; one of them shows the temperature while other shows time. There are three blue buttons under the meter that you can press to control temperature and time.

Pressure Adjustment Knob –

If you think that the clamshell arm needs to be adjusted, you can use the pressure adjustment knob placed right on top of the platform. Move it clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the stock pressure settings.

15” x 15” Plates –

If you liked PowerPress clamshell heat press machine’s big size and you wanted the same design and size at affordable and lesser price, this is the machine made for you. It has 15” x 15” sized plates and big size is super good for big objects like t-shirts, paper or cardboard bags and similar flat items.

Optimum Heat –

Although there is no maximum temperature mentioned by the company, on the listing or the manual, but as per the opinions of the users, this machine can muster heat as much as 380° Fahrenheit – good enough for any kind of transfer paper heat pressing.


  • Good Heat
  • 15” x 15” Size Plates
  • Digital Meter
  • Industrial Grade Material.


  • Inconsistent Heat
  • Only for Flat Objects.

buy from amazon

Buyer’s Guide

Here are the most important points to look for while you choose a heat press machine from Amazon:


Are you a fan of portable machines e.g. iron, sewing machine and embroidery machine etc. or you prefer industrial grade, heavy and functional machines over portability? In case you like portable machines, go with EasyPress or otherwise, just choose from 6 industrial grade heat press machines.


Do you love wearing tees or you want to start an online tees printing and selling business? If your purpose is only to heat press designs on tees and other flat material e.g. business stationery or cardboard bags, a simple clamshell or swing-away machine suits you. With zero accessories and made only for flat object printing, these machines can save the money and do the job.

However, if you want to have a full-scale branding and printing business, a swing-away machine with mug cradle, cap printing and coaster printing accessories is what you need.


I have categorized the reviewed machines as per their best attributes. The ZENY heatpress machine is the most affordable one – if you want a more affordable machine, you better start checking Amazon listings. However, do know that a cheap machine might not be very good quality and it will certainly not have all the above mentioned accessories.


Safety is very important – you definitely want to make sure that the delicate fabrics of your tees, the wiring at your home and office and the machine itself stays far from harm. These machines take too much power and in case of a malfunction, electrocution or even short-circuit are highly likely.

All you need to do is make sure that the heating plate is Teflon or Ceramic coated (so it cannot damage your tees), you do not pick a machine with overheating or sparks-related complaint and wiring at your home and office is good for such a machine.

Verdict on Heat Press Machines

As per the table mentioned in the beginning of this post and many other factors, here is our verdict:

  • PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Pressbest seller and best clamshell heatpress
  • Cricut EasyPressbest portable, handheld machine with optimum heat and ease of use
  • F2C 5 in 1 Sublimation Heat Pressbest power and best swing-away machine with many accessories and Teflon coated plate

You can choose one of these three or anyone of the listed 7 machines … in case you still do not see the features that you like, go to Amazon and keeping in mind our buyer’s guide, get the best heat press machine for you.

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