Best Sewing Machine for Buttonholes Jan. 2023

Sewing Machines for ButtonholesSewing Machines for Buttonholes (Last Updated On: November 20, 2023)

If you’ve been using sewing machines for a while – whether for personal purposes or business one – you must be aware of the “buttonhole problem”.

It can be an unnerving task at times to make/sew a buttonhole.

For starters, all these new and fancy sewing machines (even from century old brands like Singer), are not good enough for sewing buttonholes and that is for a couple of reasons:

  • Your machine cannot make buttonholes in more than one or two styles
  • The buttonhole presser foot is not of a good quality
  • The process of making a buttonhole is not as swift and automatic as it should have been

And God knows, it aches one’s heart to see vintage sewing machines making better buttonholes than modern and “advanced” ones.

In this post, I’ve reviewed 8 best sewing machines for buttonholes …

But before we jump to the review, let us take a look at this comparative table …

Table of Contents

Editor’s Contents in Brief :

What’s SpecialNameButtonhole Details
BestsellerBrother CS6000i7 styles of buttonholes
Best OverallSinger Heavy Duty 44231-step auto-size, many styles
Best Amazon’s ChoiceSinger Quantum Stylist 996013 styles of buttonholes
Best Buttonhole StylesSinger Stylist 72586 styles of buttonholes
Best Custom ButtonholesBrother LS2125i4-step customizable size buttonholes
Best Auto-size ButtonholesBrother HC18508 styles of buttonholes
Best BudgetBrother RLX38174-step auto size, buttonhole and button sewing feet
Best Speedy ButtonholeJuki DDL-8100One touch buttonhole


Sewing Machines for Buttonholes 2022

And here’s the review.

Brother CS6000i – Bestseller

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Brother CS6000i is a sewing machine that I’ve already reviewed in so many other posts (give links here), and there is a reason for that.

It is sort of Brother’s flagship sewing machine and it always finds its place in a sewing machine review because of its amazing features – and abundance of options.

Also, it is perhaps the best real free arm sewing machine that I’ve vetted and reviewed. It was considered for this review because how easy it makes for you to sew a buttonhole and the array of options that it provides.

60 Built-in Stitches –

To start with, this sewing machine has got one of the biggest collection of built-in stitches. At this cost, you’d hardly find any other sewing machine with this many built-in stitches. This is a quilting and sewing machines – hence a big number of built-in stitches.

7 Styles of Buttonholes –

Among the mentioned 60 stitches are 7 different styles of buttonholes – all you have to do is pick the style and then follow standard procedure to make a buttonhole. I liked this machine because of the diversity in buttonhole styles.

1 Step Auto-size Buttonhole –

What’s even better? You do not have to go through a lengthy procedure to make a buttonhole. This is a 1-step auto-size buttonhole machine. Just pick the style you want and apply it – no fretting over different sizes.

Adjustable Stitching Speed –

This machine’s maximum sewing speed is 850 stitches/minute. This speed can be adjusted to slowest, slow, medium, fast and maximum speed settings.

Automatic Needle Threader –

Gone are the days when your fretted about threading the needles – today’s fully functional and automatic machines come with automatic needle threaders. With a swift move you thread the needle and move on with your project.

Wide Table & Free Arm –

Last, but not the least, this machine is a free arm and wide table machine. What does this mean? It means that the stitching area is so wide that one can do more stitching in one go and free arm lets you freely manipulate the cloth.


  • 60 Built-in Stitches
  • 7 Styles of Buttonholes
  • 1 Step Auto-size Buttonhole
  • 850 Stitches/minute Speed


  • No Backlit Display
  • Big Learning Curve

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Singer Heavy Duty 4423 – Best Overall

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

Why I considered Singer Heavy Duty 4423 a best overall machine? Well, to start with this machine has got 3,400+ happy customers, a 4.2/5-star rating and an Amazon’s Choice tag.

But these are not the only reasons – when I will go deep into the details of this machine’s impressive specs and especially those related to buttonholes, you’d see why this machine should be considered best overall.

23 Built-in Stitches –

Including the buttonhole styles as well as 12 decorative stitches that you get with this machine, this machine has got 23 built-in stitches in total. It is far lesser than 60 stitches offered by Brother CS6000i, but considering that most of the machines have 25 to 30 built-in stitches, it is a decent number of them

Buttonhole –

Not only this machine comes with a separate presser foot for buttonholes (you do not need to buy it separately), but there are many stitches that you can use for your buttonhole’s style. Also, the buttonhole system is a 1-step auto-size one – you do not have to fret much, just pick the design you like and make a buttonhole of standard size in one step.

Automatic Needle Threader –

This machine, while not as advanced as Brother CS6000i, has still got an automatic needle threader just like that one.

1,100 Stitches/Minute Speed –

In terms of per minute stitches speed, this machine is much better when compared to Brother CS6000i. It has got 1,100 stitches/minute speed compared to standard sewing machine speed of 800 to 900 stitches/minutes.

Heavy Duty Frame –

This machine and all the machines under Singer Heavy Duty line are sturdy and strong frame machines made to last for many years to come.

Reverse Stitching –

Like every good sewing machine, this one also has two modes of sewing – forward and reverse sewing. Just with one move, you can start sewing backwards.

Accessories & Storage Box –

This machine has got a removable sewing bed in which you can store all the accessories that come with this machine or that you buy separately. Speaking of which, here’s a list of accessories that you get with this machine:

  • All-purpose presser foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Button sewing foot
  • Seam ripper
  • Needles
  • Bobbins
  • Screwdriver, etc.

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  • 23 Built-in Stitches
  • 1,100 Stitches/minute Speed
  • 1 Step Auto-size Buttonhole System
  • Many Buttonhole Designs.


  • Needle Breaking
  • Stitches/minute Speed is not Realistic.

Check Singer4423 Heavy Duty Machine Review

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 – Best Amazon’s Choice

SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Great Embroidery Machine on the deal


While it is damn sure that Amazon’s Choice tag is not something that proves a product better than others and there are many good product without this tag, there is no denying that only good products get it.

This machine has got 2,700+ happy customers a 4.2/5-star rating and an Amazon’s Choice tag.

Why is it so popular? Let’s figure it out.

Computerized Machine with Backlit Display –

This machine is a workhorse of a sewing machine if you need one at your home or workplace. It has a backlit display from where you can make choices about stitch types and lengths etc.

600 Built-in Stitches –

This is the machine that you need if 30 or 60 stitches are not enough for you. It is a perfect sewing and quilting workhorse with more than plenty of stitches for all kinds of tasks.

13 Built-in Buttonholes –

How about being able to use not 1 or 2 or 4, but 13 different types of built-in buttonhole designs? Yes, with Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, you can pick from 13 built-in buttonhole designs.

1-Step Auto-size Buttonhole Sewing –

The best thing about all these buttonhole-special machines is that they allow you to use 1 step, auto-size implementation of the buttonhole design that you like.

Automatic Needle Threader –

This is a pretty standard feature in all these machine and this one also has this.

850 Stitches/Minute Speed –

This machine can sew your project at a standard pace of 850 stitches/minute. Anything more than 850 stitches/minute can only be found in exceptional machines.

18 Presser Feet –

Can any other sewing machine beat this? While other come with less than 10 or even 5 presser feet, this one comes with 18 of them. It means you probably would not have to buy one.

buy from amazon


  • Backlit Display
  • 13 Built-in Buttonholes
  • 18 Presser Feet (including buttonhole)
  • 600 Built-in Stitches


  • Problem with Alphabets
  • Loud Machine


buy from amazon

Singer Stylist 7258 – Best Buttonhole Styles

Singer Stylist 7258 Review

This machine is another performance machine from Singer. It has also got some 2,100+ reviews, 4.3/5-star rating and an Amazon’s Choice tag.

However, let us not be distracted by the “best buttonhole styles” tagline.

buy from amazon

The abovementioned machine features 13 built-in buttonhole designs – and by the way, that is the machine that features biggest number of buttonhole styles.

See, we tagged this one as “best buttonhole styles” because the previous one is tagged as “best Amazon’s Choice.”

Now let us take a look at features.

76 Built-in Stitches –

This sewing machine hits the sweet spot between 600 stitches and 60 built-in stitches. Choosing from 60 different stitches is although very easy – thanks to very simple front panel.

Digital Display –

As a matter of fact, taking a look at 60 different styles and choosing one would not be that easy if there wasn’t a digital display. Now you can use buttons to toggle between different styles and options – and see them on screen.

6 Different Buttonhole Styles –

The reason why I tagged this as best buttonholes – using one free buttonhole presser foot that you get with this machine, you can use 6 different styles. The process is simple and you create auto-size buttonholes in one step.

10 Presser Feet –

As it has been mentioned, you get free presser feet with this machine and there are 10 of them including all-purpose, buttonhole, blind hem, free hand embroidery and satin feet etc.

750 Stitches/Minute Speed –

In terms of speed as well, this machine hits the sweet spot between too less stitches/minute speed and too many of them. Although, people never have problem with maximum speed because they can always adjust it.

LED Light Bulb –

Your work area remains well-lit because of a small LED bulb right on top of that area.

Accessories & Storage Compartment –

There is a removable storage compartment right underneath the work area – and considering how big this machine is, the good news is that you get a big storage compartment as well.

Speaking of that, it is important to mention here that this machine comes with a handful of free accessories – on top of 10 free presser feet, you get auxiliary spool pin, spool pin felt discs, small, medium and large spool caps, screwdriver, bobbins, needle and seam ripper etc.


  • 76 Built-in Stitches
  • 6 Buttonhole Styles
  • 10 Presser Feet
  • Large Storage Compartment


  • Digital Screen is not Backlit
  • More Suitable for Small Projects

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Brother LS2125i – Best Custom Buttonholes

What if you’re not like people who want 1-step, auto-size buttonholes?

What if you’re more like me and you want to be able to choose the size of your buttonholes?

Well, if it is so, this is the machine that you’d love to go with.

It has got a lot more than custom buttonholes, but the reason why I added it to my review is definitely the unique option of customizing the size of buttonholes.

That’s not to say, that customizing buttonholes is the only reason why you’d love to buy it – let us find all of them.

10 Built-in Stitches –

This machine is not for those who need a fully functional – workhorse of a sewing machine. It has got only 10 built-in stitches, although almost all of them are what you have to use 90% of the time.

Automatic 4-step Buttonhole Feature to Customize Buttonholes –

The best thing about this machine is it’s 4-step buttonhole presser foot – contrary to the 1-step buttonhole presser feet that we have seen, this one allows you to customize your buttonholes as per the unique sizes of your buttons.

Lightweight Machine –

No! It is NOT a portable, packable or handheld kind of machine; it is a proper sewing machine only it’s size is small and weight is light for you to move it wherever you want. It weighs at only 15.65 lbs.

3 Presser Feet –

This machine is more leaning towards the bare essentials side – for example take the presser feet. It comes with only 3 of them. They are zipper foot, button sewing foot and buttonhole foot.

Decent Size Storage Compartment –

This machine, although not a big one considering its size (and weight), still has a storage compartment bigger than one or two big machines. Also, it comes with free accessories. Apart from presser feet, it comes with foot pedal, needle pack, bobbins, extra spool spin, twin needle and darning plate etc.


  • Customizable Buttonholes
  • Lightweight Machine
  • 3 Presser Feet
  • Good Storage Capacity & Accessories


  • Very Few Built-in Stitches
  • More Suitable for Beginners


Brother HC1850 – Best Auto-Size Buttonholes

Brother’s HC1850 is one good sewing machine with a bright disposition …

It has got 900+ happy customers, an Amazon’s Choice tag and an overall 4.4/5-star rating.

And this is not without good reasons – one of those reasons is that this machine has got many different styles for 1-step auto-size buttonhole.

We are going to discover all the good and bad qualities in this brief review.

Large Backlit Display –

This machine has got a large backlit display on its front. You can choose the stitch’s design from front panel and then go to the display screen to pick the exact design. 8 different buttons help you with choosing or deleting styles and other options.

130 Built-in Stitches –

In terms of the number of stitches (include the buttonhole designs), this sewing machine is only second to Brother CS6000i. It has got 130 built-in stitches, although they include alphabets, numbers and buttonhole designs etc. as well.

Made for Quilting –

This machine is not just your usual sewing machine. With a big and flat sewing are and free arm, it lets you manipulate and control the fabric easily. It is a perfect machine for your quilting adventures.

8 Presser Feet –

There are in total 8 presser feet that come with this machine – rest assured you’d most likely not have to buy one from the market. These presser feet include, zigzag foot, overcasting foot, monogramming foot, zipper foot, blind stitch foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot and quilting foot.

8 Styles of 1-step Auto-Size Buttonholes –

Among the 130 built-in stitches that this machine comes with, 8 are for buttonhole styling. These are 8 different styles that you can choose from the panel, and with 1-step auto-size foot you can implement any of them.

Big Storage Box & Accessories –

This machine is a big sewing station for those who love sewing and quilting. It has a big storage box and many accessories e.g. 3 bobbins, 3-piece needle set, ball point needle, twin needle, cleaning brush, screwdriver, 3 spool caps, extra spool pin and seam ripper etc. 8 presser feet are on top of these accessories.

850 Stitches/Minute –

This machine has also got a very moderate and ideal stitching speed; at maximum it can do 850 stitches/minute, which is good enough already.


  • 8 Styles of 1-step Auto-size Buttonholes
  • 8 Presser feet
  • 130 Built-in Stitches
  • Wide Sewing Area


  • Thread Bunching Problem
  • Too Noisy

buy from amazon


Brother RLX3817 – Best Budget

We all love to update our equipment – go from one setup to another. This is one of the best budget sewing machine.

While a good, heavy duty, workhorse of a sewing machine does not come at affordable rates, you do not necessarily have to break the bank to get a decent sewing machine that hits the sweet spot between a handheld, fully portable machine and a heavy body sewing workstation.

This machine was added to this list only because I wanted to shoe to my readers that you can get a good and decent sewing machine for less than $100 or even $70.

Let us take a look at its features:

Lightweight but Durable Plastic Body

It is a plastic body machine, but if that body was that bad, this sewing machine couldn’t get 170+ customers and a 4.4/5-star rating which is much better than many premium features machines in this review. The weight is only 12.55 lbs.

17 Unique Built-in Stitches

Now beat this – this is not a premium features machine and it has got only 17 built-in stitches and buttonhole styles, but it beats Brother LS2125i with only 10 built-in stitches.

4-Step Auto-size Buttonhole

This machine offers a 4-step auto-size buttonhole system that lets you create your favorite buttonhole style in 4 easy steps. Also, you get a buttonhole foot as well as a button sewing foot: which makes this a perfect combo for your buttonhole needs.

LED Lit Work Area

This machine has got a small LED light on top of the work area to lighten up your workspace as you sew.

Free Arm

This is yet another free arm machine. A free arm machine is considered perfect for sewing cuffs, sleeves and such other items – it gives you freedom to manipulate the fabric.

Quick Set Drop in Top Bobbin System

If you hate bobbing jamming and you’re a fan of drop in top bobbing systems, do know that this machine comes with a quick set one?


  • Durable Plastic Body
  • 4-Step Auto-Size Buttonhole
  • 17 Built-in Stitches
  • Free Arm Machine


  • Bobbin Threading Problems
  • Limited Number of Built-in Threads


Juki DDL-8100 – Best Speedy Buttonhole

Juki still make those machines that you saw in your grandma’s home … it is funny, but such machines are highly relevant and functional even today.

Why I picked this machine? It is because of those people who do not like a 4-step auto-size buttonhole system.

People want to get done with buttonholes as swiftly as it is possible and even so-called 1-step systems take time.

This machine has a real speedy buttonhole system … let’s get to know about all features.

4,500 Stitches/minute Speed

So, how do you feel about that? If you think that Brother CS6000i is a heavy duty, workhorse of a sewing machine, what would you say about this one? This kind of stitching speed and bells and whistles comes with it, make it a perfect choice.

One Push Buttonhole System

This machine is made for industries and stitching houses – they do not have time to waste on buttonholes. This is why this machine does not have a fancy buttonhole system – with one push you make the buttonhole and go back to stitching.

Heavy Duty Metal Body

This is real deal heavy duty metal body machine – the kind of things that become family heirloom. And I’m kidding here. I’ve seen such a machine at my grandma’s home and it was there years before I took birth.

Industrial Sewing Machine

This is a fully functional industrial sewing machine – it means that it is not a walking foot sewing machine, but a proper industry-level sewing machine that you can still use at home.

Comes with Complete Setup

It is not the kind of deal where you’d find yourself buying machine’s table and electronic motor separately. The deal includes everything and it is sort of plug n’ play thing.


A handful of accessories come with this machine. They include bobbin winder, thread stand, machine oil, oil pan knee lifter and V belt etc.


  • Industrial Sewing Machine
  • 4,500 Stitches/minute
  • Complete Setup & Accessories
  • Swiftest Buttonhole Making


  • Not Suitable for Everyone
  • No Built-in Stitches.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’re done with the reviews, here is a buyer’s guide that will help you pick or buy a machine if you’re not satisfied with 8 best sewing machines for buttonholes reviewed in this post.

Number of Buttonhole Styles

Buttonholes come in all shapes and sizes. You would not like to buy a machine that makes easy the process of making buttonholes, but take away your liberty to choose a style that you like.

Make sure that if you like choice in buttonhole designs, get a machine with maximum built-in buttonhole styles – for example Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 has 13 buttonhole styles.

Presser Feet

Some machines only come with 1 buttonhole presser foot, while others come with 1 free buttonhole presser foot and 1 free button sewing presser foot.

Make sure that you get the one with both of them. This will free you of the worry of buying the other foot separately.

Step and Sizes

These can be two different headings, but since both come together in sewing machine’s descriptions, let us discuss them together.

So, you must have read about 1-step Auto-size buttonholes and 4-step customizable size buttonholes.

This depends solely on what you want – if you want to get done with this quickly, go with 1-step and auto-size thing – but since all buttons are not created with equal sizes, you need a machine that lets you customize the size.

This depends solely on your unique needs … that’s all I can say.


Computerized machines might have made the process more complicated, but let us admit that they have given us so many choices and they have made it a fun to sew or make a buttonhole.

Take sizing for example – a buttonhole stitch is a still a stitch. Automatic machines have many stitch sizing settings. Choose a machine that will let you choose the width and size of your buttonhole stitches.

Additional Readings

Conclusion on Best Sewing Machine for Buttonholes 2022

This was a detailed write up on Best Sewing Machine for Buttonholes. I tried to discuss in detail about buttonholes for sewing machines

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