Best Sewing Scissors – Jan 2023

Best Sewing Scissors (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

Commanding the art of sewing is incomplete without the best sewing scissors on the- hand — the professionals can tell what differences they can bring to them at the time of sewing with full focus.

Assembling the pieces to take them to the final product to put up; the scissors are the right kind of tool to cut through the fabrics to the length and the sizes.

NOT the straight lines, you can cut through any fabrics and the materials, but it can smoothly go into zig-zags to draw the whole designs of different elements to install upon the model.

What could be confusing here is that the ordinary scissors you can find from home are not meant to do the job. So, which ones would turn out to be a good fit for you; we got over seven of them to introduce to you after thoroughly reviewing the different options and selected them after a tough fight.

List of the best sewing scissors — Updated picks for 2023!

Here are some of the finest sewing scissors for sewing machines

Best Sewing Scissors SizeWeight
Livingo H1B9.5 inches6.3 ounces
iBayam8.0 inches10.5 ounces
Singer 005574.5 inches0.64 ounces
Livingo Tailor 6678.0 inches5.0 ounces
Singer 004458.5 inches3.17 ounces
Fiskars 948177975.0 inches0.01 ounces
AmazonBasics 01888.3 inches2.88 ounces


1- Livingo H1B

Known to be a fact, the scissors of any type cannot work to cut through the layers of fabrics. Still, the good thing is, you guys would get to be known with the best of the sewing scissors that are purely crafted for the ultimate sewing experience, saving you from running into the constant ordeal.

With Livingo H1B, worry no more as it is exclusively crafted for making the sharpened cuts possible only by the material it is made with durable and the sharp stainless steel laminated with rust-resistant blades having forged press manufacturing that takes the high-density steel transforming to be three times thicker and harder than the typical kind of the stainless steel allowing it to make the perfectly smooth cuts possible.

The power of this Livingo H1B is recorded as it goes with cutting over 16 layers of fabrics without any hassle making it one of the ideal scissors for sewing by hand, quilting machine, tailoring, and dressmaking with achieving the cutting patterns of your choice.

Coated with the multi-color titanium, they are prone to confront the rusting and adhesives such as glue and the tape, which would make the whole cutting experience smooth for you to get done with the ultimate tasks without folding the fabrics.


  • Bigger in the size
  • Shears professionally
  • Titanium coated


  • Somewhat bulky handle

2- iBayam

Again, why NOT bring the multi-purpose scissor that does assist more than cutting the fabric for you? So, if that is what you want, then this iBayam in the pack of three would not disappoint you EVER.

Packed into three soft colors combination, these scissors from iBayam is capable of cutting through paper, burlap, cardboard, tape, photos, while making it the perfect solution to cut through sewing box, dressmaking, cutting the patterns, tailoring, and do different sorts of handcrafts without having you to buy the scissors to repeat every task by investing good money on bringing them in your home.

Long by 8 inches and fits well to the right and the left hand oriented folks without an issue to NOT switch and grab the different scissors depending on the make of hand orientation.

Made solely with the durable stainless steel blades, take notice of how well it cuts through the materials it is compatible with, which takes it being thickened over three times harder from the ordinary stainless steel used in many scissors, which cannot perform well to give the proper cut.

Sharp the to the best of what it could, every cut would not register the loosened and uneven edges while using the scissor, and a whole round of reduction would be completed within the considerable time frame.


  • The three in one purchase
  • Long grip


  • Not to use by the kids.

3- Singer 00557

Purely projected for the best cutting the fabrics, this scissor from Singer 00557 might give you the goosebumps just because of its relatively smaller size. Still, the good thing is, it comes right from your trusted brand, which is known for putting up the best sewing materials throughout the world, Singer!

Merely 4.5” ProSeries scissors by the length. That does not matter of cutting through the folds of fabrics without knowing any obstacles as all it would interest the sewing enthusiasts to cut with the accurate details.

It comes with the NANO tip that goes for the extreme detailing work simplified.

Integrated with the rubberized but super comfortable gripping handles, which do not slip even by building the sweat around your fingers, giving you the extra-comfortable experience to use it for hours without turning exhausted.

With Singer 00557, expect this teal colored scissor that relies heavily upon the blades, which are carefully tested and inspected to ensure the high quality work to retain for years (and if the tips and the leaves are not forcibly torn down.)

In the most straightforward words, Singer 00557 would be your best choice to own the right kind of scissor dedicated to the fabrics’ cutting that no one else can do with the extreme most exceptional detail!

Title Here


  • Made from Singer
  • NANO tip
  • Ergonomic handle.


  • NO angled grips included.

4- Livingo Tailor 667

For the professionals, there are a few sharp sewing scissors to get help from because using it for professional purposes means it would go on with cutting the fabrics all day long.

Form fabrics to fabrics, it goes unstoppable for quite a long period where the blades have to take the extreme toll turning them hotter by the excessive usage and the material used to construct the surface of the blades through the stronger and reliable stainless steel stratified with the rust-resistant coating to live the longer operational life without developing the rust.

This longer to 8” of the professional and the heavy-duty Livingo Tailor 667 has the blades sizing to 3.5,” giving the longer and extra-sharpened cutting edges without disturbing and getting the fabrics torn out from the corners.

Idealized for the beginner sewing machines, tailoring, dressmaking, and quilting and assisting in making the unique handcrafts as well as use for the home and office purpose without any discrimination.

FInished into the mirrored colored and the formed into the bent shape gives you the faster pace of cutting through the materials promptly where the time is money.

Ensured for the best performance, this Livingo Tailor 667 scissor is highly tested against the basic to complex cutting experiences to bring the fight in you to get done with the tasks in a professional way swiftly.


  • High 8” of length
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Somewhat expensive

5- Singer 00445

Luckily, we got another sewing scissor from the brand that is LOVED, namely Singer 00445.

Longer up to 8.5”, this fabric scissor is the fun thrower to cut through what you got. Let it be the cotton, linen, or the hard-formed jeans, and it would never make you experience the stoppage anytime.

Crafted the blades with the high-density stainless steel that is the ultimate source of making the cuts going on for hours through extremely sharpened blades that are covered with the thick coating of rust-resistant material which never attracts the rust even by going wet.

Use either by left or the right hand, this scissor would NOT mind being used by the multiple purposes with the varying hand-orientation so that you should never ask this question before the purchase.

And the multi-purpose usage makes the shearing cuts through three layers of the fabric and can conveniently cut up to 8 pieces of paper and one enough-thick sheet of cardboard without a single problem and stopping in the middle.

Comfortable grip, the softened experience is what you will get by keeping it in your hands to use for hours comfortably.


  • Cuts over eight pieces in a single row
  • Works with left and right-handed folks.


  • Turns uncomfortable after sometime.

6- Fiskars 94817797

Just 5” long in length, this coloured sewing scissor named Fiskars 94817797, which is known to be doing its best work as soon as you get it to cut through your chosen fabrics.

Do not go by the size but the usability it brings into your hands to cut down most of the fabrics without meeting an issue idealized to go through cutting the tight patterns and the intricate details done on the full range of fabrics while cutting through the awkward angles or from the tight spaces for the best thread snips.

Thin like the microtip and the blades provide you the excellent cutting precision to get to cut most of the fabrics. And not only that, but the blades are made with stainless steel. The high-graded one gives the lasting and sharp cuts from the edges to cut down through the tip to the end of the scissor.

Warrantied for the lifetime, this Fiskars 94817797 scissor is all set ready and backed by the anytime-cash warranty to ensure you have all the features to return it against the full money-back guarantees to replace it against the full 100 percent to ensure you can enjoy using it for long hours.


  • Small but powerful
  • Money-Back warranty.


  • A little expensive.

7- AmazonBasics 0188

Last, in our hunt for the best sewing scissors, we have this one from AmazonBasics 0188 crafted this scissor for using it against multi-purpose tasks such as cutting the paper, cardboard, fabrics, photos, and such other materials without hitting a single issue.

Not just one, but you are eligible to purchase over three different colored-combo scissors, but the size and the usability ensure it would never disappoint you EVER.

Blades wrapped with the titanium-fused that takes on the challenge of going through 100,000+ cuts easily surpass the worth of stainless steel. That would easily last the years of operation without twisting and bending the blades are entirely the possible scenario to have happened.

8.3” larger in size wearing the comfortable grip would never make you invest a lot of energy to make the precise cuts possible along with the power of adjustable brasse with the stainless steel blade in the pivot bringing you the ultimate smooth cutting experience that would never have been experienced.


  • Pack of three
  • Soft grip handles
  • Titanium fused.


  • Does NOT work well with hard objects

Conclusion of the best sewing scissors

Finally, our extensive hunt of the best sewing scissors just gets concluded down here.

We were gladly able to collect over seven of the best available sewing scissors available from the market that are ready to become part of your sewing gears.

So, let’s wait NO more and enjoy having the seamlessly convenient cuts getting done every day.

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