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Brother 1634D Serger (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

Brother 1634D Serger is one of the best sergers that Brother ever made. In case you used Brother 1034D as your first serger and you learned the wax on and wax off of surging on that thing, this is where you’d pivot to once you think that you deserve an advanced machine.

It is fast, it is efficient, it has as many as 22 built-in features, it is heavy-duty, it is made for professional surging and it is better than 1034D.

This thing is advanced and highly recommended for someone who has used other sergers – even if those were not made by Brother and even if those were more of a portable nature and even if they were not as functional as this one.

This has every feature and option that 1034D brings to your surging table – and then some.

Brother 1634D Review

Before I dissect this machine, there are a few things that you need to know about how do I review sewing machines, embroidery ones and sergers.

First of all, I do not/cannot use all of them. I use a few of them, for the remainder, I rely on expert opinions and the reviews given to such machines by their verified customers on Amazon.

Likewise, the review is done in three phases – most important features, pros and cons, and the answers to the FAQs related to such machines.

Now without any further ado, here’s the review.

Features-Brother 1634D Serger

  • 1,300 Stitches/Minute – More or less, other than some delicate features, this machine is just like 1034. For example, consider its stitching speed. With this machine on your desk, you can serge like a pro wit 1,300 stitches/minute maximum speed. A common serger’s speed goes from 850 to roughly 1000/minutes, this makes Brother’s 1634D one of the best of those sergers.
  • Ease of Use – This is very easy to user serger. And there are many things that amount to that ease of use. For example, the color-coded guides. Because of these guides, this serger is easier to use when you compare it to some other sergers from big companies like Singer and Juki etc. The lay-in looper threading feature makes it even better because you enjoy seamless and tensionless threading.
  • Thread Tension Control – You know that you do a lot of different types of things on a serger. At a time you’re working on a thin fabric and at another time it’s leather, now you’re serging the edges and then you have to do hems and cuffs etc. This diversity demands good thread tension control. There are two needles that you use while serging on this machine and this serger allows you to adjust the tension for each of them. Flexibility is all that you need.
  • Differential Feed – This serger has the same kind of differential feed that you’d notice in case of 1634D. The differential fabric feed controls the rear and front feed dogs. This helps with controlling the fabric and pushing it forward. Use the control dial to adjust feeding speed for flat surfaces or simple fabrics, but for fabrics with flexibility or where you need to keep a fancy shape, you can tweak it differently.
  • Adjustable Knife – What a serger’s knife is used for? Well, sergers are used for a wide array of fabrics and not all of them come in a good shape. Let’s talk about leather for example; its edges are not perfect and this is where a cutting knife helps you. This serger has an easy to use cutting knife.
  • LED-Lit Workspace – Your workspace, right on top of the needle plate, has an LED light. This means that you’d have a well-lit workspace and you won’t have to stress on your eyes,
  • Adjustable Presser Foot – The height of the presser foot is adjustable. It has two default positions, but you can raise a little bit higher than its raised position and thus easily accommodate a thick fabric like leather or denim, or many layers of a fabric. Even in case where you need to serge two or more layers of a thick fabric, this feature will allow you to do so.
  • Multiple Thread Overlock – This machine allows you to do what people call 2 or multiple thread overlock. There are 3 or 4 thread capabilities that this machine brings to your table. With one needle you can do 3 threads and with 2 you can do 4. This is the same in case of 1034D.
  • Free Arm – Just like in the case of 1034D, this one also has a removable free arm. Just remove the part next to the needle plate and enjoy the functionality that you can enjoy with free arm. You can easily serge hems and collars and cuffs etc.
  • Accessories – Just like its predecessor, this serger also comes with a decent number of much-needed accessories. At least you can start serging without having to wait and buy an item or two from the market. The accessories that you get include standard serger foot, blind stitch foot, gathering foot, a set of needles and a soft cover etc.


  • 1,300 Stitches/Minute
  • Free Arm
  • 3 or 4 Thread Serging
  • Flexibility


  • Vibrates a Lot
  • Built-Quality Could be Better

FAQs-Brother 1634D Serger

Here come all the important FAQs about this product and the answers to those FAQs.

Does this machine do a cover lock stitch?

Unfortunately, you cannot do a cover lock stitch on this one. There are certain other sergers from Brother and other companies that allow a cover lock stitch. For example, Singer’s Professional 5 14T968DC is one of the best machines for this.

Can I make a border around a patch similar to a merrow stitch, while using this serger?

Yes, you can, but it is a little complicated. It depends on how well you understand your machine and what’s the level of your mastery. In case you tighten the lower looper and apply wooly thread to both of them, you can make a border like this.

Does it have a trim edge blade?

Yes, it has. A trim edge blade is just another name for the retractable knife of this machine.


In case you have already got a serger like Brother’s 1034D or some serger similar to that from another company, you should know that there would be a time when you’d like to pivot to a better and more advanced/professional serger. I cannot say that 1634D is much different from 1034D, but it can sure help with the transition from inferior to superior machines.

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