Brother CE1100PRW – Computerized Sewing Machine Review – 2023

Brother CE1100PRW Review (Last Updated On: October 25, 2022)

Are you a fan of sewing machines, more particularly computerized sewing machines made for domestic use purpose?

If your answer to this question is ‘Yes’, then you must be aware of one of the most famous sewing machine brands: Brother.

Brother CE1100PRW computerized sewing machine is one of the best sewing machines of 2020, but in this review, our purpose is not to prove that.

With a detailed and logical analysis of this machine, we will show the pros and cons of this product. That is, after reading this review, you will not need to ask a question about whether to buy it or not.

Brother CE1100PRW Review

Here’s our take on pros and cons.


  • 100 Unique Built-in Stitches & 8 Styles of 1-step Auto-size Buttonholes
  • Automatic Needle Threading System & Quick-set Drop-in Top Bobbin
  • Easy to Read LCD Display & Computerized Stitch Selection
  • Exceptional Feed System.


  • Not a Backlit Display
  • Poor Material Used in Spool.

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This machine is more than what it looks like so we know that there are many pros to discuss, but before we go down the glory lane, let us first take a look at the cons of this product.

Here they are:

Not a Backlit Display

This LCD display is not as bad as plain and simple displays that you get with other machines. However, it is not something that we usually call a backlit display.

A proper backlit display has a bright blue or green light in the background, and this is not the case with this display. It is pretty dim and simple.


This has not been reported by more than one or two customers, but as per their account the noticed dark lines on the LCD screen – so much so that at times it was difficult to continue work.

Poor Material Used in Spool

The spool, is an integral part of your sewing machine. This is the part on which you wind the lower thread.


You know that it is important and without good quality spool(s), you cannot perform seamless stitching on your unit.

The problem with this specific machine is that it is made of real high quality material. It is comparatively heavier than other machines of the same category.


They miscalculated spool or tried to balance the books by saving high quality material on this part.

Whatever might have been the issue, there is no denying that the quality of spool is substandard.

With this:

We are done with the cons, and in this section we will cover the pros of this product. First of all, we will analyze the 4 most important pros (as mentioned above), and then talk about the others.

100 Unique Built-in Stitches & 8 Styles of 1-step Auto-size Buttonholes

On the right panel of this machine, you can see 100 unique built-in stitches. These are different types of designs in stitches that you can choose from the LCD display.

The stitch selection screen as known as the LCD display, can be used to pick from 100 different styles of stitches.

There are a few too many buttons right next to the display to help you select stitch and its length. A stitch length is basically from 0 to 5. The process of computerized selection has been explained under the relevant heading.

How to Make a Buttonhole?

Then it trickles down to choosing buttonholes. This machine allows you to choose from 8 different styles of auto-size buttonholes, with one simple and smart step.

You get a press to fit tool with your machine, you make adjustments to that, as per the required size, and you make a buttonhole – simple and easy.

Here is how it is done:

  • You have a presser foot tool, get the button that you want to make a buttonhole for.
  • At the end of the tool there is a small adjustment edge, just make sure your button, howsoever big it is, fits right in that (you can adjust that as per the size of button).
  • Now go to the panel on right side, pick the style that you want your buttonhole to be, go to the LCD display and choose the corresponding number.
  • Exchange your buttonhole presser foot with whatever foot there is and pull down the small lever that is there for buttonholes.
  • There is a little hole in the bottom of presser foot; make sure your thread goes through this.
  • Make a buttonhole T mark on your cloth and line it between slightly green tick marks, and now drop down the presser foot. You are good to go.

Automatic Needle Threading System & Quick-set Drop-in Top Bobbin


Been sewing for a while?

If yes, then you must be aware that threading a sewing machine needle is one of the biggest headaches. It is not free, so you cannot twist it or move it and some of those machines do not even have LED-lit workplace.


Automatic Needle Threading System

This one not only comes with an LED-lit workplace, but it has an automatic needle threading system like most of Brother sewing machines.

Here is how that works:

  • There is a handle that is pressed to move the automatic threader down so you can thread the needle.
  • And with that handle goes down a black colored hook, when you press the handle, it goes down, make a swift move and threads the needle.
  • Make sure that thread is on top of your finger, and then you bring up until you press the lever and the black colored hook gets hold of the thread.
  • You press further, the black colored hook makes a swift turn and its little hook goes through the eye of needle, threading it then and there.
  • Let loose the lever and your job is done.

Top Bobbin

The second best thing about this machine, that we think should be discussed with this needle threading system, is the drop-in top bobbin.

It is a quick set drop-in top bobbin!

So what is a quick-set drop-in top bobbin? Unlike the bobbin that you usually have on outside and with a case, in this case all you do is check if the bobbin is feeding perfectly fine, in an anti-clockwise position, remove the transparent protective lid right next to presser foot, drop in the bobbin, have the thread go through the half-circle slot and then through the trim, place the transparent lid back where it was and that is it.


Why go for a drop-in bobbin instead of an open one? Here are the advantages of a drop-in bobbin:

  • It is very easy to set – as you noticed that in a few moves you get your bobbin ready for work.
  • Saves time as well – within a minute or so you can thread the bobbin and drop it inside the slot to go back to stitching.
  • It saves your bobbin and thread from the elements and you get to notice while it is functioning fine or not.
  • Easy to Read LCD Display & Computerized Stitch Selection


It is not a conventional backlit display and it is definitely not something that you can praise, especially considering how many people have to use sewing machines in poorly-lit environments and how they end up with a poor eye sight.


The display panel is easy to read, the digits are big and when you change the presser foot, you can see the alphabet that represents a particular presser foot.

For example, your buttonhole presser foot is categorized as A and yes there is a presser foot icon that lets beginners know as to what the changes are all about.

When we say that this machine offers a computerized stitch selection, it means that it has a particular computerized (even though simple computing) way to choose the stitches and their respective sizes.

Computerized Stitch Selection

Here is how you use this computerized stitch selection with help of the buttons that you find next to the LCD display:

Stitch Size

The stitch size goes from 0 to 5 – 0 being the smallest and 5 being the biggest.

Adjusting Size

The button on top right of display is used to adjust the size and the button right underneath it is used to adjust width. Both can be adjusted in points as well e.g. 3.5 sized stitch.

Selecting the Stitch

The two vertical buttons right underneath the display are used for selecting the stitch or buttonhole style etc.

Take a look at the panel on right side, you would see that not only each style has a visual representation, but it is also numbered.

To select a particular stitch or buttonhole style etc., all you have to do is choose that number of that stitch.

Press the left side button underneath the display and you will be able to increase or decrease numbers e.g. 0 > 10 > 20 > 30 and 30 < 20 < 10 <0. It is one button with two parts to increase or decrease the number.

The button on the right side of previously mentioned button is for single digits. So if your favorite stitch is number 22, you will press the previous button unless it goes from 0 to 20. Then you stop and start pressing the button on right side until it goes from 0 to 2. Then you will number 22 on the screen and the alphabet of relevant foot.

With this, you can go to the size and width button, 100% optimize the nature, size and width of a stitch and start stitching.

Exceptional Feed System

What makes this machine even better is the attention to detail in terms of feed system. Their feed system is simply exceptional and it allows them to feed almost any fabric.

Exceptional Features of the Feed System

Here are some of the most exceptional features of the feed system that comes with this sewing machine:

  • 7-point Feed dogs is a system that most of the modern sewing machines have adopted. In that system 7 feed dogs move your fabric back and forth. This means an easier stitching and powerful control over fabric.
  • Drop feed is a set of feed dogs that press the cloth from above and help feed dogs move the cloth back and forth. With powerful drop feed set and 7-point feed dogs underneath the cloth, you can easily move the cloth up and down: perfect for free motion quilting.
  • The flexibility that upper and lower feed dogs provide to the user, it becomes very easy and flexible to sew almost any fabric with almost any level of thickness.

Free Arm for Sewing Cuffs and Sleeves

What is a free arm?


Technically speaking, a sewing machine ends at the end where you find needle, bobbin and presser foot etc.


Some machines come with a free arm and they let you have better space to sew sleeves and cuffs.

This is something that requires next level manipulation of fabric and free handling. With more space to sew under and around the needle, you feel at ease.

This machine does not only come with an ordinary free arm feature, but the free arm has a slot for accessory storage as well.

All and above, you can appreciate the fact that you can enjoy more freedom to handle the fabric and sew it the way you like.

LED-lit Workspace

It’s not that this is the only machine or the only machine from Brother that has got this feature, but trust us when we say there are a lot of good quality machines that missed out on this very basic and important feature.

This machine lets you work in well-lit environment, so even if your room is not well-lit, rest assured that Brother CE 100PRW has got this covered for you.

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FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

Where is brother ce1100prw sewing machine manual?

It can be found on the official website of Brother. Click here to check.

Where is the price of brother ce1100prw ?


Our Verdict on Brother CE1100PRW

In our honest opinion,Brother CE1100PRW is one of the best embroidery machine although this machine has a few problems however the number of features provided by this machine and the attention to detail is impressive. I also suggest looking on Brother SE420 Sewing machine as a second thought.

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