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Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine CS6000i review (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

Brother CS6000i Review Brother Industries is a Japan-based company that was established back in 1908 and even today it is known for its high-standard sewing machines, sergers and embroidery machines. The biggest competitor of Brother is Singer Corporation from USA – and both of these companies make amazing sewing machines, embroidery machines and serger machines.

Take Brother CS6000i for example. From wives and mothers who love to buy sewing machines for their domestic projects to men and women who love sewing as a hobby to those who need such machines for business purposes, Brother CS6000i is known as the best option because of various features, options and reliability that it offers.

Brother CS6000i Review 2022

A popular machine with more then 11000 reviews, making it extremely popular on Amazon with an average ratings of 4.6/5.

This is a review of Brother CS6000i – and you will get to know its features, pros and cons and FAQs that people ask about this machine.

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

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Here are the best features of Brother CS6000i. Just like Singer’s top of the line sewing machines, this sewing machine from brother is also packed and loaded with amazing features.

60 Built-in Stitches

Just like in the case of embroidery machines what matters the most is the number of built-in embroidery designs, in case of sewing machines what matters the most is the number of unique built-in stitches. This machine is Brother’s top of the line sewing machines and just like Brother PE800 is embroidery-only home machine, this is a sewing-only machine. This is why it has 60 unique built-in stitches. It is often compared with Singer’s top of the line sewing machine: 4423. 4423 has only 23 built-in stitches, while this performer from Brother has more than double unique stitches.

Automatic Needle Threader

In case your eyesight is weak or lowering your head every now and then to thread the needle is simply painful for you, you’d be happy to know that CS6000i has an automatic needle threader – just like most of the modern heavy-duty/professional sewing machines. With a swift move, you thread the needle and go back to stitching.

Drop-In Top Bobbin

So, what is a drop-in top bobbin? Well, this is a modern-day innovation in the sewing machines. Unlike old sewing machines that used to have front and exposed bobbin, new ones come with drop-in top bobbins. You drop them in a cavity right underneath the sewing needle, and needle takes the thread from the bobbin to complete the seam. This type of bobbins is considered better because they provide ease of use and better stitch quality.

LCD Display

This sewing machine comes with an LCD display. Using that display, you can easily toggle between different stitch styles (using buttons) and take a look at your selection’s illustration to have a WYSIWYG feeling. However, it is important to mention that most of the modern sewing machines come with displays, and CS6000i’s display is actually not comparable to the standard, because it is not a backlit display – let alone a big and clear colored display that buyers expect from big brands.

7 Styles of Buttonholes

In case making different types of buttonholes for sewing machine, you must buy this machine, because it allows you to have 7 different styles of buttonholes. Among the abovementioned 60 stitches, are 7 buttonhole styles. Pick the style you like, look at the display and apply that style. Very simple!

1 Step Auto-Size Buttonhole

This machine was made to speed up the process of sewing and that includes making buttonholes. Not only you can pick from 7 designs, but you auto-make buttonhole in one quick and fast step. The automatic buttonhole that comes with this machine (foot) takes one step to make the hole. Just insert your chosen button and let this machine make a buttonhole in one go.

Adjustable Stitching Speed –

Stitching speed is a big concern when it comes to professional sewing. It is because you always want to complete more project in less time. The standard stitching speed is anywhere from 800 to 1000 stitches per minute. This machine’s 850 stitches/minute stitching speed is thus perfectly within the ballpark range.

Wide Table & Free Arm

There are two features pertaining to a sewing machine’s design and shape that are highly sought after among those who love sewing: wide table and free arm. Wide table is a wide stitching area that allows the user of the machine to harvest more sewing/stitching in less time and attempts. A free arm sewing machine is one whose stitching area is open (not closed like the other side) and so it allows the user to manipulate and control the fabric for easy and quick stitching. This machine has both of these features.

Reverse Sewing Button

You know what reverse stitching is. This is when you reverse-stich over the simple stitches to strengthen them. Forward and reverse sewing are two most important options and this machine has both of them available. Just press the button to get into the reverse stitching mode.


This machine comes with a handful of highly needed accessories. For example, you get a hard-protective case, wide table, needle set including twin needle, 10 sewing feet and 3 bobbins etc. Rest assured that you’d not need to buy basic accessories from the market.


  • 60 Built-in Stitches
  • Free Arm and Wide Table
  • 7 Buttonhole Styles
  • 850 Stitches/minute Speed.


  • No Backlit Display
  • Automatic Needle Threader is not Top Notch.

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In case you wonder about cons, here is a little explanation to put things in perspective.

The backlit display is an LCD one, while there are latest machines with bigger and clearer LED displays. The problem with LCD is not only that it is very small, but also that it is not even backlit – let alone colored.

The other problem is with needle threader. In case Brother is making needle threaders for its machines, it should improve the quality or otherwise get them from a reputable manufacturer, because a few customers complained about how easily this thing stopped working. You should also focus on regular oiling of the machine.

FAQs on Brother CS6000i

Here are the frequently asked questions about this sewing machine and their answers. For those who don’t know, Brother is one of the best sewing machine brands available online.

Is it easy to use?

If you read the review closely, you’d already know that there are many ease of use features that were thoughtfully included to this machine. For example, this machine has drop-in top bobbin, free arm, wide table, 1-step auto-size buttonhole, automatic needle threader, adjustable sewing speed and LCD + buttons to make things quick and simple for users.

Is this a good machine for a beginner?

It is a professional sewing machine – but this does not take away its simplicity and ease of use. Just like I’d advice a novice driver to learn driving on a big car that is easy to use, I’d advise you to use this machine. Once you learn to use it (which happens quickly), you’d be able to operate any professional stitching machine.

Can you embroider with this machine?

This machine is clearly a sewing machine; you should buy PE800 Embroidery Machine or some other embroidery-specific machine for embroidery such as Brother PE770. However, you can learn free motion embroidery on this thing.

Brother SE425 is also a very good sewing machine option.

Does it sew leather and can it be used for quilting?

This is a professional – heavy-duty, sewing machine. It can be used to sew leather. You can easily stitch 1 to 3 layers of leather together. However, for layers more than 3, you’d need some other machine. And yes, it is perfect and popularly known as quilting machine – you can use to for as many as 3 layers with ease and perfection.

Where I can see the instruction manual?

The instruction manual for brother cs6000i can be downloaded from here

Is brother cs6000i suitable for beginners?

Although there are number of sewing machines which are recommended for newbies but since they lack functionalities as well, but this is a complete machine and if as a beginner you have bought this sewing machine, then it’s completely fine to use it after reading instructions as well its manual.

Where Can I get the needle?

I have a detailed guide on top sewing machine needles which you can use with this sewing machine.

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Conclusion on Brother’s CS6000i Review

Apart from a few minor shortcomings, Brother’s CS6000i is one of the best brother sewing machines out there. It offers a big number of options and features, and it easily beats similar quality sewing machines from other companies.

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