Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine Review – Buying Guide

Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

Are you deciding to lock on the next sewing machine? Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine would NEVER skip out of your mind when this whole review is once read!

Out of thousands, you would have known AND dozens of the sewing machines you would have operated by now being a professional sewer, but what about Brother CS7000i?

Brother cs7000i

This exclusive Brother CS7000i Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine review would bring up the complete list of features that hardly anyone would have covered by far to evaluate its real performance worth from going far from taking the simple TO the too tasking tasks without facing such a problem.

Compact design being attached with the detachable table to up your sewing experience to take along the max of its popularity, Brother CS7000i would NEVER leave you embarrassed in front of your long-time customers because it is not the one designed only to be added into your home and get used to sew up the normal home-wearables but to do the professional work in the profound professional way.

SO, be ready to experience the hands-on experience to operate Brother CS7000i along with its core specs, functionalities, the way to manage it, and how to gain the best results out of it to conduct through sewing the plain fabric and to quilt to get them added as the decorative items.

Indeed, we do NOT need to delve into the sewing machine history because there is nothing there to charge forward.

Let’s get opened with the in-depth and exclusively ultimate Brother CS7000i review in front of you!

Best Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine Review

As usuals, the reviews contain the set rule of the process to go into much broader details every time to know the hidden, factual, and realistic pieces of products (in our case, Brother SC7000i) to find out what crafted this combo of sewing and quilting machine to grab one hundred percent advantage out of it.

For those who don’t know, Brother CS7000i is the upgraded version of the very famous brother cs6000i sewing machine.

So, be ready to get stuck with the one finest Brother CS7000i review to get revealed what it actually called for the professional to hobbyist sewers.

Noted for the best sewing machine for beginners, Brother CS7000i would NEVER make you feel crumbling at any point to curse on your decision.


Features of Brother CS7000i

And we meant a corresponding good table to get some notable features listed up.

Weight17.66 pounds
Dimension16.02 x 6.69 x 12.09 inches
Maximum Sew Speed750 SPM (stitches per minute)
Total Stitches Design70
Sewing Feet10
Used ForSewing and Quilting
Power SourceTreadle
Rated Voltage110v (works in the U.S.A.)


Design of Brother CS7000i

Starting with the detailed review to kick start, we have one under-developed for the renowned Brother sewing machine model CS7000i that is NOT only and exclusively designed to upscale the beginners BUT give the pleasant experience to the advanced sewists to have the remarkable outcome out of this user-friendly sewing and quilting machine every time.

As with the design, the outer shell is made with pure metal material so that it is scratch-resistant as well as the sudden jerks would not have it slip off just because of its unnoticeable overweight construction.


Well, what you really take up when it comes to listing something called the ‘power’ of this combo sewing machine from Brother.

Operates under 110v of current capacity, which leads it to be only used in the U.S.A. and the countries where 110v current allocation is supported, and you are advised not to bring the workarounds to bypass its current mechanism or else it may fry it up.

Despite the voltage capacity that does not make it labeled as the international sewing and quilting machine, Brother CS7000i is all set to be powered through the treadle so that you use it when needed while converting the precious electricity.


70 good stitches

To our surprise, we can get to see up to 70 sound, unique, and stylish stitches to get the various kinds of fabric intact and sewn up together.

Pick from plain to simple to zigzag to what more; see-through fancy stitching styles to stunning your customers to have them literally asking for how come you sew with such a stitching style?

Just select your required and favorite stitch, AND you are good to go!

Small but workable screen

Though it comes embedded with a small 2.0″ of the black-and-white LCD display to show what functions you have selected AND not to preview how they would look (generally, when selecting and toggling through different stitches types) AND all it would do to show you up which number it got fixed and the foot presser is Down or Up.

What more can you expect from fitting the whole 32″ flat LCD screen up on the sewing machine? 🙂

To make the work suffice, that’s way good to go to at least have the smaller but the SCREEN to actually get to know what is up there.


Automatic needle threader (voila!!)

To many, that comes RIGHT as the pure form of blessing where even a minor can flawlessly operate the whole of this combo Brother CS7000i machine without a single bit of worrisome to load up the needle to thread with.

Automatic needle threader, the commonly-included feature the latest sewing machines are coming up with, takes the thread and pierce through the needle all automatically by hooking the thread on the crochet-like mechanism, which then handles the thread taken all the way through the needle’s eye by catching the thread and the loop back to make it work.

Wider table for what

Okay, if you have been reached this far and desperately wanting to know why it got the wider table?

Then, it is justifiable to answer you. Since hooking the fabric/clothes to stitch, they generally do not require the extended table of any sort, BUT for the quilting purpose, you cannot really have it go through the embedded space around the presser feet to keep the fabric aligned and straight to get done with the longer stitches to go through straight and not hitting misalignment of an inch.

So, get ready to take on the long and larger projects along with the included free arm for hemming the pants, sleeves, and cuffs with convenience and staying relaxed.

LED light!

NOT lit but well lit when turned on.

Oh… From where can you find it off from the machine?

Just above the presser feet, to be precise, so that you are all up and sewing with the full focus even in the pitch-black room without straining your eyesight.

What included in the box

  • Brother CS7000i sewing and quilting machine
  • One free arm and the extension table
  • A hard protective case
  • Instruction manual
  • Extra presser feet
  • One way and two-way needles


  • Placed with the simple black-and-white LCD display
  • Well-lit light hovering over the presser feet to work even in the darkroom with lights off
  • Best works for professionals to beginners
  • Lightweight construction
  • 70 unique stitching styles to pick from
  • Jam-resistant top quick-set drop-in bobbin
  • Freebies included a namely wide table and the hard case
  • Sews and quilts
  • Adjustable at setting the stitch speed per your desire


  • Needs to be threaded correctly
  • Contains choking hazard due to small-sized parts
  • Loses thread tension occasionally

FAQs time!

Some common AND frequently asked questions from the potential customers

Q1. Where can I buy a Brother CS7000i sewing machine?

Ans- Right from here on Amazon:

Q2. How can I avail the Brother CS7000i manual?

Ans- Well, not really a task, but you can get the Brother CS7000i manual from down here: to take advantage of this excellent and precise tutorial to operate this powerful yet simpler sewing and quilting machine available in the market.

Q3. Share some useful Brother CS7000i tutorial.

Ans- ONE and Only ONE way around is to head towards browsing YouTube to stream in the process-oriented content developed into the clear and best videos to get the full command to keep Brother CS7000i under your control.

Some useful tutorials;


Q4. How to setup a Brother sewing machine?

Ans- What more do you want to ask about it? 🙂


  • Just take it out of the box.
  • Plug it into the power post.
  • Attach the detachable table it comes included.
  • Fill up the bobbin.
  • Thread the needle through its automatic mechanism.
  • Load the fabric with the presser feet.
  • Select your desired and favorite stitching style.
  • Press the electrically-operated treadle, AND you are ON!


Q5. How to thread the bobbin on a Brother sewing machine?

Ans- No less than an easy task, threading or winding the bobbin is quite simple to follow the set process.

All you NEED is;

  • Hook the thread spool over the threaded pin placed up on the sewing machine.
  • Let the thread pull from the left by winding it form counterclockwise towards the pre-tension disc attached around the thread guide.
  • Now, through the thread from the two small holes generally found on the bobbin to confirm it does not break when the winding starts by manually winding for three to four times at the center pillar that you see on the bobbin.
  • Secure the bobbin winder by locking it and pulling the excess thread slit out of the base from the bobbin.
  • Trim off the thread from its very end to make its sharp tail in order to pierce through the eye of the needle before starting to win the bobbin.
  • And finally, begin with the winding by pressing the foot pedal to take it up to the full mark OR press the start button, which comes embedded naturally from the computerized smart sewing machines to just forget about when it would fill up the bobbin and there it stops itself.


Conclusion of Brother CS7000i Review

That takes the hell of the detail to jot down for the potential customers-cum-lovers of Brother’s brand, AND we are up for contributing to steering their interests driven down towards Brother CS7000i out of this extensive piece of a review!

Coupled with countless features, which you have of course came to know about each and every one of them in as much detail as possible; the love is in the making to start liking and making up the mind to buy it off to add to your home or professional sewing business to invite the change.

And the catch here is that despite all of its features’ list, Brother’s price is substantially affordable, NOT to make a complaint about it.

Looking for the sewing plus quilting machine, Brother CS7000i is as close to being your dream purchase to live a joyous and happy life to get all of your sewing tasks done with the finest quality that you can just expect AND would have never experienced with the naked eyes! 🙂

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