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Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

Brother Industries has been known for manufacturing many things. And of course, they are better at some than others. But if we narrow it down to their sewing products, and specifically to Brother LS2125i Review; It is safer to say that they are ranked among the top-notch manufacturers like Singer or Janome.

The success of this industry has been relying on its products. Every new version surpasses its previous entry in almost every way. Today we are looking at the Brother LS2125i sewing machine. We will have an in-depth analysis of the machine’s mechanics, what it looks like, and what it feels like to use it.

This entry in the brother’s great run is very well made. It might be the perfect sewing machine for a beginner, someone who might be new in sewing.

They will find it easier to use and handle. It is also limited to its feature, which we will discuss in the review ahead. The price will please many, and people who like to craft on pieces of fabric will be happy with how fast and beautifully this machine works.

The complete and detailed Brother LS2125i Review

Brother LS2125i Easy-to-Use, Everyday Sewing Machine

Here we start and get to know the finest mechanism of Brother LS2125i!

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The Look of Brother LS2125i

Starting with the Brother LS2125i review, it comes with a traditional but the most elegant look, with a white and eye-catching exterior. The machine itself does not go too far away from the other entries from the manufacturer.

One of the reasons it attracted me as a user of the product is that not having all the features of a fully prepared sewing machine gives you the feel of using a professional.

Weighing 5.9 kg, it is not one of the massive machines taking in the notice of the feature it provides. We have placed it on the previous writing tables, and it just looks great. It does not come with a large table, but still, the machine has left some space. Works with an electric power supply with an AC input voltage of about 110V.

The machine’s width and height are about 376.9 and 293.1, respectively, which was great for me to place it anywhere easily I want and still having space left for my thread and sewing box.

The complete features set of Brother LS2125i

It might have features that are not much on paper, but Brother LS2125i is an elegant machine for a beginner with ten built-in stitches and every stitching technique providing the multiple stitching function. With the automatic 4-Step buttonholer, it makes it surprisingly easy for a newbie to make a buttonhole, which was previously a significant mark to achieve for a beginner.

What is important is that while this machine has improved from its predecessor in the area of machine mechanics, it falls short in how many types of stitches one can use. You have some of the sewing patterns available like sewing straight, satin, and zig-zag.

The presser feet are easily changeable, and I have noticed that this machine has an exceptional compatibility function of changing its presser foot with another Brother machine’s presser foot.

The machine also provides a bilingual instruction manual, which will help the users new to this type of machine. Experienced users will not find anything new to discover in this machine so that they won’t achieve much for the manual.

Machine manufacturers tend to give a warranty that suits the build of the product. Sewing machines start from 5 years, 10 or 15 years, but Brother LS2125i offers a surprising 25-year warranty.

One of the most valuable things about Brother LS2125i is that this machine is light weighted. It is so much easier to carry than many other machines. You can put it at any place, and it won’t leave any footprint because of its light weightedness.

Because of the lightweight of the machine, the tasks have become much easier for the users. But it does not mean that the machine moves around when you are working. It ensures that you complete your task without facing any problems.

Presser’s feet are another useful feature for this machine, which allows you to switch quickly between the button sewing and zipper feet.

Price factor

The machine certainly is cheaper than money and worth your effort and your money. In a way, it holds that you don’t have to buy a fully-featured sewing machine even if your work doesn’t require it.

You can buy this one for less money, and looking at the price, and you can get more than you haven’t just noticed. We will look at it in the accessories section that other than the machine, what else does it offer.

Accessories involved

This machine comes with a lot of accessories that can be helpful in the long run. Some of these accessories are

  • A pack of needles used for sewing a variety of fabric.
  • A darning plate can be easily installed on the machine and is essential in repairing different kinds of cloth.
  • It also provides bobbins, which are great because usually, the Brother machine’s bobbin is not interchangeable.
  • Screwdrivers, for small repairs.
  • And a foot pedal used to run the machine.

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What Brother LS2125i can sew

Sewing through the thick fabric is not this machine’s specialty. And this might also go in the beginner’s basket that this machine is excellent for them as most of the fabric they use is thinner in comparison. This machine can sew a lot of stuff like garments and summer clothes.

What we found interesting is that this machine will work if it is used for crafting. Because crafting requires a stable needle and a motor that can quickly stitch where we want and how we want.

But we still had to try, so I did and came up with some broken needles. The fabric we used which had turned to break the needle was actually a hard jeans fabric. But, when used on a soft and thinner material, this machine is better than other great products from Brother.

Brother LS2125i not only gives all these features at a reasonable price but also provides an exceptional user experience.

How Brother LS2125i works

This machine has a standard working format like other machines from the Brother industries.

You should start from filling the bobbin and putting it in the opening under the presser foot. The threading of the machine is similar to others, and the thread moves around, goes through the first guide, tension disc, and the other guide and the needle.

Remember, while placing the bobbin, you will have to uplift the needle with the help of a rotator used to descend or ascend the needle or have difficulties placing the bobbin.

We had no idea about why I wasted a lot of time preparing the machine, and if I knew it before, it would have been a lot of help.

I found the overall working of the product advantageous, I have tried the machine on many types of fabric, none was very thick as I knew this machine is not for that kind of task.

But it has stability where we have tried it operating for long hours, and it has not disappointed me. And you should remember to keep oiling the machine for better performance. How often you get oil is entirely up to you; it depends on your working.

How to oil it

According to my experience not, every machine will require oiling as this one. As a user, we know and understand that this will attract individuals who are starting as a beginner and those who have long projects which require 10 hours of working every day and are expanded to about a couple of months before resting the machine.

So this sewing machine needs proper oiling, and we will tell you how to do it effectively.

First, remove the white exterior casing of the machine and also delete the plug from the switch. Start oiling the machine on different points. Put drops of oil on almost every nut and bolt, especially the crucial areas like the bobbin holder, as it needs to have a smooth movement.

After oiling all the indicated points of the machine, start wiping the excess oil on the machine so that no stain is left behind. Fix the machine back to its original state, turn on the power, and hold the paddle, so the oil gets into all the machine’s hidden areas.


  • This machine gives control to the user who has not yet been introduced with the professional side of sewing. As they don’t have to get through the complex components of a full-fledged sewing machine, they need a little bit of the knowledge about threading the machine and managing the bobbin, and I think they are good to go.
  • The more experienced user can still use this machine for the tasks that require more precision than straight-up performing industrial tasks. Thus the name “Everyday Sewing Machine.” This machine has excellent stability and a steady stitching mechanism, which helps the user to sew longer hours without any lag. The buttonhole feature for this machine is incredible, as it comes with many sizes so you can use it for your various projects. It can also be used for projects like the home decoration, light fabric clothing, and alterations.


  • Brother LS2125i sewing machine strength is the most significant weakness as this machine is so great at what it does, which gives a beginner a great experience, other than that it does not offer much for the more experienced users. The experienced users might find it a less suitable machine to enhance their skills and complete their tasks. The Brother LS2125i can get out of hand sometimes when it is not correctly used.
  • Some stitches while sewing can be skipped if some of the threads are left in the machine, causing the tension to drop suddenly which we think will upset some users, so is the issue of sometimes the bobbin popping out. This may be because of a loose tension in the bobbin holder but needs to be fixed.
  • A drawback of this machine, we can safely say is common in many machines, is that this machine requires oiling from time to time to work smoothly. The Brother LS2125i is a little too noisy than many other machines, which can be problematic.

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Conclusion of Brother LS2125i Review

Indeed, professionals and many other people who have been using sewing machines for a long time will find the Brother LS2125i lacking in many features. But for the beginners, this sewing machine is perfect. It is an excellent option for people with a bit of a budget.

It can help you in everyday work with a reasonable price of has some minor issues like the thread can sometimes get locked under, maybe top of the fabric getting stitched, or it can only sew thin fabrics.

Apart from some minor malfunctions, the lightweight of this machine means that it can be carried easily and also being stable enough to ensure a smooth experience.

Let’s read it in full and enjoy using this masterclass Brother LS2125i Review!

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