Brother PE770 Review – Computerized Embroidery Machine – Feb 2023

Brother Embroidery Machine PE770 Review (Last Updated On: October 25, 2022)

And here, we come again with the exclusive and detailed Brother PE770 review to complete your most complex projects, which not the ordinary and traditional sewing machines can do for a bit.

Though the standard and regular sewing machines can only happen to sew through the straight line of thread and hardly any of the tools can help you get the sewing in zigzag format or more, but if you happen to get the machine that comes with just a little more features.

But the truest and the standard sewing machine would only do one line and nothing else.

To deal with that and to have multiple options at hand that you want for getting your projects not just to get the fabrics sewn but get the designs and arts embedded as well.

And to do that all by yourself, Brother PE770 is going to be your perfect sewing and embroidery machine that works the way you want.

Brother PE770 Review 2023

This 2-in-1 Brother PE770 machines just do not help to sew but make the embroidery designs with all the convenience, and that too from your comfort zone of home. That is why, it is one of my preferred Embroidery Machine For Home

So, what did it all get? And we will list everything it got through our extensive Brother PE770 review!

For the professional stitchings to the artistic embroideries done right from the comfort of your very home, Brother PE770 machine is best capable of doing it all with all the professionalism.

Get your fabric passed through the machine, and the result would NOT be less than being done by the professionals, and everyone would come to question where did you get fabrics stitched and done the embroidery from.

So, let’s take a glance through the full features of Brother PE770 to do an extensive review on the basis!

  • The outer look of Brother PE770
  • Special features of Brother PE770
  • Why should you buy Brother PE770?
  • PROs & CONs of Brother PE770

Let’s get to the review and find out what all it got for you!

The outer look of Brother PE770

Do not get fascinated; the machine is the machine, and so is Brother PE770!

By the outer look, we meant by the few of things to check and list here. And what are they then? Nothing but the vital information that you should be well aware of before owning Brother PE770.

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Machine’s weight (in lbs) = 26 lbs.

Machine’s weight (in KGs) = 12 KGs

Overall machine dimensions = 21.2” x 16.9” x 17.3”

Special features of Brother PE770

And that includes all the features the Brother PE770 got for the quicker demonstration.


Machine SizeLarge
TypeComputerized & programmable
HookVertical movement
Stitch typesDecorative, embroidery, and monogramming
Embroidery Area5” x 7” (can stitch 4” x 4” as well)
Built-in designsUp to 136 built-in embroidery designs
FontsUp to 6 lettering fonts
Frames10 built-in frame shapes
Borders12 styles
ConnectivityThrough USB
ThreadEasy threading with auto-thread cutter
Embroidery speedUp to 650 stitches per minute
No. of needles1
Speed ControlAdjustable to slow down the maximum speed
FabricSew from silk to denim
Voltage required110v
BobbinDrop-in bobbin load
ScreenLCD screen with black & white form
LightingLED lights on the needle’s area
Dust CoverIncluded
Power CordIncluded
USB cableIncluded
Manual guideAvailable in English and Spanish languages
Accessory bagIncludes: seam ripper, cleaning brush, 2 screwdrivers, touch pen, 3 spool cases, 3 bobbins, scissor
FreebiesOne embroidery arm and 5” X 7” embroidery hoop

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Why should you buy Brother PE770?

That is the core part of this complete Brother PE770 computerized sewing machine review as we would have to be coming up with all the features set that what and how it does to complete the projects.

Super handy to use

Not that it is computerized that makes it convenient to operate this Brother PE770 sewing and embroidery machine as we all are used to of computers, and you have almost everything in your control.

The included user guide with all the programs and functionalities required to properly use the machine to take every advantage out of it.

And the inclusion of automatic needle threaders makes you sew through any kind of the designs that you demand even if they are your very own designs. But what is the good to praise here for owning Brother PE770?

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The built-in designs that you can always adhere to and reference to and quickly get them formed on your fabric.

Whether it is silk or the hard-formed leather jacket that you seek to get your favorite design embedded, this ultimate 2-in-1 machine accepts all the challenges without any hesitation. 🙂


The best thing about Brother PE770 as it works flawlessly and seamlessly perfect for drawing your best embroidery designs.

The wider embroidery area of 5 inches X 7 inches that is much bigger than the many other embroidery machines available out there in the market.

This larger space conveniently tunes down the best design to endorse anything from jackets to woven to denim to everything this machine supports.

With 136 built-in designs for embroidery and up to 184 sewing styles that include 10 frame shapes and up to 12 border styles ensure it delivers the best outcome that is unmatched AND easily tops the competition.


The automatic needle threader allows you to load the thread conveniently and all by itself. Just hook the thread on the marked area, and the machine will auto-insert the thread into the needle only with the push of a lever.

So, you got nothing to touch and do other than pushing the lever.

Being computerized

It indeed is the blessing that we are living in this revolutionized age where the computer is taking its share into almost anything.

Loaded with a built-in LCD that shows every functionality this computerized Brother PE770 machine got. Just push the buttons and select through your favorite and desired designs from sewing and embroidery selected in mere seconds.

And the built-in memory is used to store the designs to use at a later stage as it would hold up to 1,000 models to pick and start working with instantly.



More comfortable to hook up with USB, just download the designs off the internet and on your laptop, then insert the USB to save the newer and latest models. So, looking for something from the pool of built-in designs and do not remain limited by equipping the outstanding models to leave the people in shock (a pleasant blow though!)… 🙂


LED work light

Though this Brother PE770 does not yield any noise, it is compatible to work along during the night time. But how come is it possible to do the stitching and embroidering without keeping the lights on to NOT disturbing the sleeping family members

The built-in and brighter LED work light placed right over the needle area illuminates to a greater extent and even does the work on the darkened fabrics without any problem.

Drop-in bobbins

Make no mistake because you would not. The super reliable with the more comfortable to load drop-in bobbin with the jam-free mechanism that takes it to do the trouble-free embroidering even with stitching through the dense fabrics.


Automatic thread trimmer

You got the stitches and embroidery work completed; what about the thread? Of course, that is needed to be cut for sure.

And, thankfully, this is done automatically as well. Just press the trimmer button right on the machine, and it would cut the thread without an issue.


PROs & CONs of Brother PE770


Let’s get quickly through the PROs and CONs of Brother PE770!


  • Easier and automatic threading
  • Easy-to-follow manual
  • Illuminated work-area with LED-backlit
  • 25 years of the limited warranty
  • The excellent pool of built-in sewing and stitching designs
  • USB-powered to get more designs
  • LCD to select through your favorite sewing and embroidery designs
  • Adjustable speed controller
  • More significant embroidery area of 5” X 7”


  • No extra fonts can be included other than the predefined ones
  • A little heavier in the weight

I also recommend you to checkout, Brother PE800 review which is the advance version of this embroidery machine.

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Conclusion of Brother PE770 review

And here we finally call it off the detailed Brother PE770 review.

This computer-operated and hooking with USB ensures you have the more prominent capacity to catch in the newest embroidery and stitching designs to have the quality work done on the fabrics.

And for the fabrics, it does not limit you only to sew and get the embroidery work done on softened pieces but can take on the leather, canvas, and other thick-formed materials to design them the way you want.

Have Brother PE770 and sew like a professional!

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