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BrotherBrother PQ1500SL – Review_PQ1500SL_Review (Last Updated On: October 25, 2022)

One of the best investments that you can make being a crafty seamster or seamstress, is buying a machine that can do sewing and quilting at a professional level.

And this is very important. You do not need just any machine that is a combo of sewing and quilting, but only one of those that present the full functionalities and capabilities that a professional sewing and professional quilting machine can bring to your table.

Because most of the sewing + quilting machines are unfortunately not good either for full on professional sewing or for full on professional quilting. This one brings both of these capabilities together without compromising on the quality of sewing or quilting.

Brother PQ1500SL Review

Brother PL1500SL is one of the best sewing + quilting machines because of many different qualities. First of all, it is a heavy-duty machine. Secondly, it has a powerful motor and thus an exceptional stitching speed per minute. And lastly, it has host of features and functions that you’ve been looking for since ever.

This review is based on a 3-fold framework. I review products based on their pros and cons, most important features and the answers to the most frequently asked questions about such products.

As far as criteria are concerned, I test or use a few of the products and for the remainder, I trust my opinion to expert opinions (people who have been into the testing and manufacturing of such machines) and lastly, I rely on the reviews given to such products from their verified customers on Amazon.


  • 1,500 Stitches/Minute Maximum Speed – This is a straight stitch machine, so most probably the only disappointment that you’d have to deal would be the lack of a big number of decorative stitches and whatnot. However, in case you have some simple type of projects that mostly demand straight stitches and you need good stitching speed, do know that this machine with 1,500 maximum stitches per minute is ideal for you.
  • Automatic Needle Threader – Just like all advanced sewing machines, this one also comes with some very common but very important features that assure ease of use. For example, this one comes with an automatic needle threader; with a swift push you can have the thread go through the needle without any effort.
  • Automatic Thread Cutter – And another ease of use feature is automatic thread cutter. Instead of having to do manually with scissors, you just have to have your needle up and the presser foot down to cut the thread with this machine’s automatic thread cutter.
  • Top Drop-in Bobbin – There are two reasons why a top drop-in bobbin is preferred. First of all, in case of most of the sewing machines that have this type of bobbins, the case is a transparent one and so you can see when the bobbin is about to run short of the thread. Most importantly, this type of bobbin is known for being jam-proof and thus it assures a smooth sewing experience.
  • Precision Pin Feeding – Precision pin feeding system is something like a proprietary feeding system made by Brother. With this type of system, quilting has become easier than ever. Now it is very easy to sew or quilt many layers or a fabric with exceptional thickness because feed pin, fully synced with the feed dog, feeds all layers of the fabric evenly.
  • LED Light – This machine has an LED light right on top of the needle plate due to which you get a well-lit workspace. This means less stress on your eyes.
  • Four Feed Dog – What make this thing’s precision pin feeding system even better are 4 feed dog positions. In case of simple machines, feed dogs work in the same old way, but this machine is different. These positions are in sync with thread tension dial. Green is for medium to heavy fabrics, blue is for light fabrics, red is for pin feed mechanism and the black feed helps with free-motion quilting. Free motion is an essential feature in case you want a high-quality quilting machine. These height adjustments make this machine unique.
  • Presser Foot Adjustment – The presser foot’s height can be adjusted as per the project and as per the fabric in use.
  • Extension Table – Just like free arm, the extension table feature basically gives you an elongated trey that is not obstructed from any side. Due to that you can freely control and manipulate the fabric as well as sewing. This feature is good for quilting as well as sewing collars, cuffs and hems etc. The size of this machine’s extension table is 12” x 18”.
  • Knee Lever – Another advanced feature is the knee lever or knee lifter. You can lift or drop the presser foot using this lever, without having to use your hands. This helps you stay focused on controlling your fabric and executing your stitches.
  • Thread Tension Dial – The dial in the front of the machine is thread tension control dial. As you can see there are 7 different levels of thread tension that you can use for different types of sewing and/or quilting projects.


  • 1,500 Stitches/Minute Maximum Speed
  • Precision Pin Feeding
  • Thread Tension Control Dial
  • Extension Table


  • Not Easy to Use for a Right-Handed Person
  • Thread Cutter Cuts Thread Short


Here are the most frequently asked questions about this machine and the answers to those questions.

How large is the harp/throat?

It depends from where you measure it. It is 8 ¾” from the needle to the right side of the machine and it is 6 ½” high from the base to the top of this machine’s opening.

Does it come with any feet?

This machine comes with a few accessories; just like all Brother machines do. The accessories also include feet. The accessories include wide extension table, knee lifter, a pack of assorted needles, a pack of bobbin, foot control pedal, high shank, fabric separator, spool cap, feed pin charger, cleaning brush, spool cushion, 2 screwdrivers and feet such as adjustable zipper foot, general purpose foot, rolled hem foot, spring action quilting foot, walking foot, invisible zipper foot and ¼” foot.

Can pre-wound bobbins be used in this machine?

As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you use pre-wound bobbins with this machine. The type of bobbins that are compatible with this machine are SA159, class 96 type L bobbins.

Has anyone solved the problem of thread cutter cutting the thread so short that you have to thread it again?

There are different hacks that people have been trying to avoid that situation. The thread cutter cuts the thread so short that it goes out of the needle and you have to thread it again. Some people do this by putting thread through one of the three holes in the thread guide, while actually they’re asked to put it through 2 of them.


Brother’s PQ1500SL is not a fancy sewing and quilting machine. It is a straight stitching machine with only one type of stitch available. That being said, in case you are not looking for a fancy sewing + quilting machine, and in case all you want a simple, but highly functional sewing + quilting machine, this is just the machine for you.

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