Brother XR9500PRW & XR9550 PR Review- Best to buy -2023

Brother XR9500PRW & XR9550 PR Review (Last Updated On: November 20, 2023)

so the article Brother XR9500PRW & XR9550 PR Review If I have to make a list of 10 best quilting machines or sewing machines, I know that list would not be complete without mentioning Brother’s sewing and quilting machines. Take Brother XR9500PRW for an example. This quilting machine is very popular among users of quilting machines in general and Brother’s quilting machines in specific, because it a very nice machine and it makes quilting/sewing easier than the snap of a finger.

It is a matter of fact, that this machine does not have so many fancy features that some other machines, for example from Singer, come with, but when it comes to the quality of stitching you cannot not praise this machine. It comes with a range of really nice stitches.

Brother XR9500PRW & XR9550 PR Review

In this section, I’m going to review this product based on its unique features, pros and cons. I can say this with confidence that after reading this review, you would be able to compare this with other such machines from Brother as well as other companies.


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110 Built-in Stitches –

This machine, like some top of the line quilting machines from arch-rival Singer, comes with 110 built-in stitches. These 110 stitches cover a wide array of styles like straight stitches, decorative stitches and heirloom stitches etc. The old version had only 100 stitches, but new one has 10 more stitches that you can use. For your monograming needs, this machine has some alphanumeric stitches as well.

7mm Maximum Width –

For your decorative, fancy and zigzag stitches, you do not need to stick to the usual 5mm stitch width that most quilting and sewing machines have to offer. With Brother XR9500PRW you can make use of a maximum width of 7mm.

Built-in Sewing Font for Monograming –

This sewing machine has a built-in font for basic monograming. You can use it whether you’re into it for fun or it is your profession. Also, for your lettering needs, there are 55 built-in alphanumeric stitches.

Oversized Extension Table for Big Projects –

This is a thing of beauty that you would notice in case of most of the flagship quilting machines made by the top of the line quilting/sewing machine manufacturing brands. The oversized extension tables can be attached with or detached from the main body to allow the user work on big quilting projects. Same is the case with this table.

Free Arm –

There is a storage box in the main body of this machine, right underneath the needle plate. You can remove that to get access to free arm. That means you can easily manipulate and control sewing of hems, cuffs and sleeves etc. In case you don’t know, free arm is the area that extends out to allow the user to control the fabric and sewing the way they want.

Super Easy Bobbin Winding System –

Those who have been in quilting/sewing for a long time, would agree that bobbin winding is a headache because you have to stop everything every now and then to wind them. This machine takes this worry out of sewing with its fast and easy bobbin winding system. Automatic winding is a breeze of relief for such a user.

LED Light –

Who does not want a brightly-lit work area? The LED bulb will help you see presser feet as well as the stitches that you apply. You would enjoy optimal viewing with nice throat length and LED light. The bulbs have a long life and they remain cool even after hours long quilting sessions.

Jam Resistant Drop-in Top Bobbin –

Another big problem with bobbins is that they get jammed inside the box and you have to stop to unjam them every now and then. This is where a jam resistant drop-in top bobbin system helps. Top drop-in bobbins improve the stitching quality and they are the easiest to thread.

Needle Position Button –

We know that needle position is a hot topic among those who are into sewing and/or quilting. Some people want to be able to control how high or low the needle stops. With Brother XR9500PRW’s dedicated needle position button, you can quickly toggle between different needle positions.

Backlit Display –

There are machines that do not have any LCD display at all, then there are those that come with old-style displays without any backlight and then there is this display which is big and backlit too. From stitch selection to position to width and height etc., not only you can see everything on this display, but you can control it using buttons placed around it.

Sewing Speed –

The maximum sewing speed that you can enjoy with this sewing/quilting machine is 850 stitches/minute. However, if you find that this is too much for a few delicate projects that you’ve got going, you can control/reduce the speed to a particular limit that you deem fit.

Accessories Included –

Just like any complete package sewing/quilting machine, this one also comes with a lot of accessories, which thanks to Brother, you would not have to buy separately. These accessories include, a) wide range of presser feet such as overcasting foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, zigzag foot, button sewing foot, monograming foot, blind stitch foot and spring action quilting foot, b) plastic cover, c) needles set, d) bobbins, e) seam ripper, f) extra spool pin, g) screw driver, h) cleaning brush, and i) power cord etc.


  • 110 Built-in Stitches
  • Accessories
  • Needle Positions
  • Font and Letters for Monograming


  • No Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Vibration

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As you can see, those pros have already been explained in the “Features” section, but those cons definitely deserve some explanation.

Let me start with the first one. This machine does have thread cutters; you can manually cut the thread if and when needed, but there is no automatic thread cutter. In a world where every top of the line sewing machine comes equipped with automatic needle threaders and cutters, this is disappointing.

The other problem is about vibration and this being a lightweight sewing machine. Both of these problems are interconnected. When your sewing machine is not made of heavy-duty metal and it is lightweight, it will move/vibrate a lot while you use it.

FAQs on Brother XR9500PRW & XR9550 PR

Here are the most frequently asked questions about this product and the answers to those questions.

Will this machine be good for quilting thick fabrics?

Yes, this machine can be used on thick and tough fabrics like canvas. All you have to do is use right type of thread and needle for that particular type of fabric.

Does this machine have automated thread cutter?

No, this machine does not have automated thread cutter, but it has a manual thread cutter attached to it.

How do you compare it with Brother CS6000i?

Both of these machines are not made for the same purpose. While former is mainly for quilting, the latter is mainly for sewing. While former has 100+ built-in stitches, the latter has only 60 built-in stitches. Checkout Brother CS6000i Review.

Is this machine operated via foot pedal only or you can do so with a push button too?

The best thing about this machine is that you can use it in both ways. Make sure that foot pedal is plugged in and then the default way would be foot pedal. Plug it out and now you can operate the machine with push button.

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