Top 6 Commercial Sewing Machines Jan. 2023

Commercial Sewing Machines (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)
commercial sewing machines

Not every other regular sewing machine cannot happen to take on the larger projects thrown at them to run down for excessive hours every single day. Even if you do, they will end up tiring the machines and impacting on the performance with either bending the needles or any other thing.

When you do that, they will only create problems rather than fixing them up. To cope with the situation, you are left with only an option to bring in the industrial-grade commercial sewing machine to tackle the excessive supply coming in after signing the newer projects. And they are expected to operate at 100 percent power to deliver the imagined results, cutting and winning the clients by meeting all the requirements proposed by them.

Commercial or better say the leather industrial sewing machine, does the perfect job with emitting the professional results that is what the commercial-grade sewing machine is best known for.

For coping with the bulk orders, we present you with 6 top-class industrial-grade commercial sewing machine that run down for hours stitching and sewing through a variety of fabrics to stun the clients with only exceeding into the end-result what the clients had initially set in their minds.

List of best commercial sewing machines — Updated picks for 2023!

Best Commercial Sewing MachinesStitches Per MinuteWeight
SINGER 191D-304,000200 pounds
SINGER 20U1092,500200 pounds
Juki DDL-8700-H5,50075 pounds
Juki DDL-8700-Servo5,50070 pounds
Juki TL-2000Qi1,50038.9 pounds
VEVOR DDL-87005,500149 pounds


SINGER 191D-30

SINGER does not back down from claiming every single industry that requires the sewing machines to play a vital role in upscale the business.

It comes with every single thing to get started the minutes. It makes the room in your company start sewing through the bulk orders, which includes the single-pedal stand, head, and motor.

Faster than anything, this SINGER 191D-30 operates up to six times faster than the conventional and home-based sewing machines to quickly get done with the task in no time and keeping it ready to conduct through the next day’s tasks lined up already.

Excessive heavy-duty ½ horsepower motor helps to sew through the multiple layers of fabric to run down conveniently with nothing stopping it and halting to question its performance. Still, it would not let you face this issue EVER.

The integrated knee-lifter brings the hands-free raising and lowering the presser foot without ever needing to touch it by hand.

Impressive designs add the dual power to go through the range of straight touching down on the different sewing applications.

They are designed to keep the rated power of 110V that works only in the U.S.A. and Canada due to the wattage issue at hand.

It is ranging to the sewing speed of more than 4,000 stitches per minute that proves this claim to transform to become a reality for you.

Good to sew through the medium to heavyweight fabrics, that would never let you back down or repent what you chose because SINGER 191D-30 is only designed due to the brand’s name and the trust this brand holds.


  • Best brand commercial sewing machine
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Sews faster than standard sewing machines


  • Works on 110V only



For Pricing, You may have to check on Amazon


The absolute brand in the sewing industry, a name that we can NEVER question its credibility. And when we have it for commercial use, it is like winning a jackpot because it is designed and programmed to do ONLY the bulk order without degrading the performance even if it is operated all day long.

This SINGER 20U109 would not feel you disappointed at any stage, capable of dealing through a variety of stitching from layers of fabric and what more of the load it can take on.

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Able to stitch over 2,500 counts in a minute, this goes a little extra mile in performance, which the commercial standards demand. You cannot just put any ordinary sewing machines that are not graded to cater to your business requirements as they are not meant to design for such extensive tasks.

Brilliant and heavy-duty motor with the power of ⅓ horsepower ensures every claim is not a fuss, delivering the neat and clean stitching with extra strength to keep up with sewing for hours and would not need to turn off to cool down. The more it works, the colder it remains.

Though the commercial and industrial-grade sewing machines do not mind working on any kind of fabrics, let it be leather and more, this SINGER 20U109 comes with unique features which you would not experience seeing with the standard home-based sewing machines, and that is called ‘knee lifter,’ the ultimate problem-solver for you when you have to sew through the piles of materials. You cannot just pull up the needle area every time as it would add up as the time wasted.

The ‘knee lifter’ makes the experience all hands-free to lift the presser foot, conversing you the excellent time and the headache of manually raising it every time. Just press it with your knee, and you are right!

Go for the straight and zigzag stitching design, and that is all possible with this exclusive piece offered by SINGER to effectively and professionally get done with your bulk order to keep the clients super-happy with the quality.


  • Sews into zigzag pattern
  • Comes with knee lifter
  • Quick to sew!


  • Does not add a light.



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Juki DDL-8700-H

Here we present you with the ultimate industrial-grade sewing machine from Juki DDL-8700-H that is just not a typical commercial sewing machine but would turn out to be a little beast for you.

It does not just sew through the fabrics but denim as well, making it one top industrial and heavy-duty sewing machine to get picked without wasting another minute deciding which one to go for.

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Though it goes for the straight stitches but is best utilized for sewing the materials from medium to heavy without facing any issue at your end as it revolves so heavily near to 5,500 stitches per minute as the maximum sewing speed, it is designed for, and the maximum stitch length of 5mm ensures every thread would not lose its tension or get loosen up over the time which is the required element that is noticed at the time of purchasing the denim-based stuff.

Take up the needle to the variety of sizes from 9 to 24, so load up the one that you require according to the density of the material by directly attaching it into presser feet and see it doing its best of work.

Loaded with knee lifter, and that makes life super easy when you are busy stitching the materials and wanting to change the direction, which is conveniently done through knee lifter.


  • Faster to stitch up to 5,500 in a minute
  • Works best on heavy materials.


  • Comes unassembled.



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Juki DDL-8700-Servo

Homelier at look, this Juki DDL-8700-Servo does not remain any simple sewing machine when you would find it working to its maximum capacity.

Designed for the single needle to do the straight stitching to cope with the light to medium density fabrics, but that does not make it compatible with sewing through leather and other heavy materials that are stiff.

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Added with the Servo sewing motor, which claims to keep it lower to no-noise emitting, which also reduces the vibration and imagine operating multiple Juki DDL-8700-Servo under one roof producing just a little noise.

And the Servo motor comes with the feature to regulate the speed as well through a know so that you do not have to run at full capacity for the minor stitching tasks. Why waste the energy when you do not need it? 🙂

Good to go for 5,500 stitches within a minute and retaining the length of 5mm for the secured stitches that would hardly open up in years.

Go for Juki DDL-8700-Servo, and you would not just get the machine but every other thing from the table, stand, drawer, and all of the necessary components to put this sewing machine up and together to start serving commercially.


  • Loaded with Servo motor
  • Variety of needles to fit per material.


  • Table does jot adjust in height.


For Pricing, You may have to check on Amazon.

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Juki TL-2000Qi

For the complex sewing tasks, this simple at work Juki TL-2000Qi would happily own them because that is what it designed for.

The integrated L.E.D. lights make the job area illuminated for the added visibility, even if there is not enough light covering you. And more than 1,500 stitches per minute go for the quick and precise stitches that ensure you are focused only over the job as it is getting done rather quickly than the most standard sewing machines.

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Designed the automatic needle threader that is indeed one heck of the task to do, literally, And the aluminum die-cast arm and the bed goes for the lower vibration when operational as it would not shake or move your hand when sewing the materials.

Easy to operate control panel with the touch-buttons makes you select the speed depending on the fabric density. And the integrated lifer placed right beneath the control panel allows you to lift the presser feet just requires one click of your finger and changes to whatever direction you want to sew.


  • Simple and seamless
  • Faster at operation
  • Made the arm and bed with aluminium die-cast.


  • Do not try stuffing the thick material.


You can checkout below.

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Loaded with all the features, this VEVOR DDL-8700 goes as the last entrant into our list of commercial sewing machines suited to take on all types of fabrics for the commercial-grade stitching.

Backed by the Serve motor best known for its noise-less operation operated with a single-pedal stand that goes for over 5,500 stitches per minute for quick sewing.

Lifts the presser feet to over 13mm in height to stick in even the thick material with the throat plate and market grooves for the guided seam allowance to increase the productivity with conversing the time.

Go for the variety of stitches over things to medium to heavy material, you would get only the quality that you expect for, and that would be exceeding out of what clients had imagined.

Stitch to the length of 5mm as every single stitch would secure the materials let it by anything from leather to woven and knee lifter turns the job convenient enough for you just to push it with your knee to lift the presser feet to change the stitching direction.


  • Comes with knee lifter
  • E.D. lamp included
  • Goes for every type of fabrics
  • Installed with servo motor


  • Works only in U.S.A. and Canada due to powered by 110V


Conclusion of the commercial sewing machine

And that concludes our hunt for 6 best commercial sewing machine for you because out of many; we were able to find these super-awesome and best at work sewing machines that meet with the demand of commercial usage.

Just by the purpose, the commercial-grade sewing machines are way different than the home-based ones. Hence, you cannot even try bumping the same for commercial use because they will first die down soon AND would not be capable of completing the size of order on time. If you are looking for home or you are a beginner, you can consider opting for sewing machines for beginner.

So, drop that idea and pick one out of these six listed commercial sewing machines to bring in your factory!

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