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digital embroidery sewing machine (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

Unlike the sewing machines, the digital embroidery sewing machine are way different than the normal ones and could NOT be utilized to conduct the regular sewing.

But as the world is fast-pacing towards the change, everything is changing rapidly and employing the computerized system. For the same, we got some great and useful digital embroidery machines hunted for you.

Digital embroidery machines are crafted to converse the extraordinary amount of time in which the ordinary and analog embroidery machines could take a lot of time crafting up the arts using the embroidery patterns.

With the ordinary and analog embroidery machines are devised to follow the pattern that you have in your mind, and your hands should be mastered of making the turns and cuts to endorse the embroidery designs on the materials.

But that is NOT going to happen with digital embroidery machines at all; designed to operate on its own automatically, the embroidery done on the digital machines take all the effort getting seamlessly done for you while you can bring up the new patterns downloaded right from the internet multiplying the built-in models to add into the commercial projects.

It is added with the LCD and the selectable buttons with many more notable features that make these tedious tasks simplified.

Let’s stick to us as we open up the real essence of this overall review, where we list up to 6 best digital embroidery machines for you!

Digital embroidery sewing machine 2023

These are some of the finest machines

Best Digital Embroidery MachinesEmbroidery FieldWeight
Brother PE8005” x 7”29.7 pounds
Janome Memory Craft 400E7.9” x 7.934.6 pounds
Brother Machine SE6004” x 4”11.82 pounds
SINGER Legacy SE3004” x 4”18.6 pounds
Brother PE8005” x 7”40 pounds
Brother PE550D4” x 4”23.1 pounds


Brother PE800

Do not get surprised because that is not what Brother PE800 designed for as it goes all of the unique features becoming the core part of this great embroidery machine.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machines Review

It comes with the built-in designs of up to the count of 138; these embroidery designs improvise your artwork to bring multiple patterns endorsed on the quilts, fabrics, florals, scrollwork, and more.

And the excellent collection of up 11 fonts that include the letters from English to up to seven, three from Japanese, and got one Cyrillic font for the perfect monogramming and letting art done on your favourite materials.

The added USB port used to import the embroidery designs right from the internet and store into the machine’s built-in memory so that you should NOT only rely upon the built-in designs to take it to up to thousands more which increases your capability to get done with the embroidery arts to stun the customers.

With having the vast embroidery field of up to 5” X 7” where you can tightly place the materials into the embroidery hoop to load and get the perfectly-stitched, the more prodigious designs that need the appropriate tension created through the hoop.

Operate everything with your fingertips as it comes with a larger and colourful touch-based LCD of 3.2 inches that makes you select through different settings as per your convenience.

And the automatic needle threader adds certainly important features this digital embroidery machine got for you where you do not need to enter the thread through the needle that perceives you are going through the ordeal.


  • Comes with 138 built-in embroidery designs
  • 11 built-in fonts used for monogramming
  • Spacious 3.2 inches of LCD colored touchscreen
  • Larger embroidery field from 5” X 7.”


  • Jumps over to a bit of expensive.

Pricing and details:

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For all these details, checkout the detailed Brother PE800 Review.

Janome Memory Craft 400E


It is all about your requirements, the more significant embroidery field to hook up the hoop for is your demand, you get it with Janome Memory Craft 400E.

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Boasted by the large embroidery field that is hard to get from other machines, it goes with 7.9” X 7.9” and beating the most rivals so that you can put up a large embroidery design in one go. Let it be a shirt, and you got a logo ad other lettering arts, that is done quite efficiently.

So, do expect in improvised and classic embroidery artwork getting done with this Janome Memory Craft 400E because it is only manufactured to perform the best embroidery tasks for you bagging the applauses and appreciations.

It is loaded with up to 160 built-in design patterns with six exclusive fonts for monogramming and three letters in total.

Transfer the designs using USB, which you get off of the internet, exceeding the collection to well over 160 built-in designs quickly and bringing you all the latest available patterns to endorse on the materials.

With the embroidery sewing speed from 400 to 600 SPM, which is all-sufficient to get done with the embroidery work in minutes despite the complexity.

Full and read-able LCD screen has so many features that you cannot imagine; with the convenience of dragging, dropping, selecting, okaying, canceling, enlarging, reducing, and much more, you can perform right from your fingertips.

Not only it fits the standard hoop that sizes to 7.9” X 7.9” but can take one different low-end hoops through its massive adjustable hoop positioning.


  • Best commercial digital embroidery machine
  • Bigger 7.9” X 7.9” embroidery field
  • Easy to operate LED display embedded with all required functionalities.


  • Somewhat expensive


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Brother Machine SE600

Brother SE600 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4x4 Embroidery Machine

Compact and convenient to operate and that is what you demand, you have it in the form of Brother Machine SE600 topping the expectation that you seek for an embroidery machine.

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And this dual and combo machine is the perfect solution for the low-sized embroidery artwork getting endorsed on the materials, and you would not be embarrassed by the quality of stitching to get the commercial-grade art done.

With the pre-saved designs of up to 80 ensures you are ready to put up the best plan and coupled with six embroidery lettering fonts to super-personalize your projects to deliver with utmost quality and professionalism, it expresses.

The automatic needle thread with the drop-in top bobbin that perfectly picks the thread and pushes inside the drop-in top bobbin without you having to touch it ever.

What adds to the blend is the combination of colorful LCD to the size of 3.2 inches that helps to preview the designs to select way before commencing with the stitching by hooking the hoop of 4 inches X 4 inches to start crafting the best art you got!



  • Relatively affordable digital embroidery machine
  • Loaded with 80 pre-loaded embroidery designs
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Quickly loads up the hoop of 4” X 4.”
  • Best digital embroidery machine for beginners.


  • Embroidery field area does stay the same.

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SINGER Legacy SE300

You might be surprised of why we did NOT include the one most exceptional brand, which is popular enough of producing the outstanding sewing machines for decades. And we had kept it to introduce a little later, and now we feel it is the time to do so! 🙂

SINGER, as the name suggests, has the trust of millions happily stitching everything they got. Still, this particular SINGER Legacy SE300 is not designed just for the ordinary stitches used as the sewing machine but for the artful embroidery which you would have experienced endorsing or seen anywhere.

Owning over 200+ built-in embroidery patterns which you can easily select and start the stitching in no time using the embedded black and white touch-based LCD screen to reach your desired settings.

And the USB port to stick the USB loaded with your best embroidery designs to transfer into the machine’s memory for extending your fleet of models to keep your work following the trends.

With even larget embroidery field, it takes up the bigger hoop to the size of 10-¼ inches X 6 inches, so that you can imagine how bigger the design you can endorse on the material. So, bid farewell to the small designs from onward! 🙂


Included with over two snap-on hoops for embroidery where the larger one sizes to 10-¼ inches X 6 inches and the second to 4 inches X 4 inches exceeding your range of crafting the designs you need.



  • Speed with 700 SPM for embroidery tasks
  • 200+ pre-loaded embroidery patterns
  • Download and install more embroidery designs from the internet
  • Designed for extra-large arts.


  • A little expensive
  • 110V so works in selected countries.


Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine + Grand Slam Package Includes 64 Embroidery Threads + Prewound Bobbins + Cap Hoop + Sock Hoop + Stabilizer + 15,000 Designs + Scissors

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machines Review

As we dig deep down into listing the best digital embroidery machines, we observe Brother has the dominance on providing the outclass and performance-rich embroidery machines that are computer-operated and digitalized in many ways.

And here, we come again to list another embroidery machine named Brother PE800, which does not hit the fence when you have chosen the quality to surpass every single thing.

Of course, the quality means the price range to double (or quadruple), but that is worthy of the investment because it is not going to invite the headache often. 🙂

But the price is justified if you start counting the enormous list of the features starting from the memory, which can hold up to 15,000 embroidery designs downloaded either from CD and right off the internet to extend your artwork to invite everything coming your way and having you to stitch their favorite designs.

Owning the generous embroidery field of 5 inches X 7 inches to embroider the relatively larger designs without sacrificing the font to keep at the lower end.

By default, it got over 138 embroidery designs with the 11 fonts to never compromise on. You cannot embroider the desired layout for anyone. And being the digital embroidery machine, this got the large LCD touch screen to conduct everything with the help of your fingertips. From previewing to selecting to everything, you are good to see what would pop out on the materials before commencing with the stitches.

As for the speed, it comes with even-amazing high speed of 650 stitches per minute, which can get you to embroider the designs, even complex ones, in minutes.


  • Smart colored LCD touch screen with 3.2” size
  • Built-in USB port
  • Pre-loaded with 138 embroidery designs
  • Bigger 5” X 7” of embroidery field.


  • A bit expensive in the price.

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Brother PE550D

Simple and compact, this Brother PE550D fits well into the requirements and against the price tag that is impressively affordable for anyone wanting to own digital embroidery machines for the home or even for commercial usage.

Able to perform way exceedingly from your expectations, Brother PE550D comes with the broadest range of built-in designs topping the mark of 125 along with 45 Disney designs to just ‘wow’ the kids when you start embroidering their favorite cartoon characters on their shirts, caps, quilts and more.

With over nine built-in fonts, add the power to lighten up your designs when they are backed by the letters to feel impressive and complete in designing whatever you got in the mind.

The standard embroidery field of 4 inches X 4 inches by hooking the hoop correctly into this embroidery-only machine to get your favorite and required designs to endorse over the material, and with the help of USB port where you can utilize it to increase your design ranges to not just compromise with using only the stock designs, but you can get thousands more right from the internet to excel your work quality.

And everything done and seen through the more massive 3.2 inches of colorful LCD touch-based screen to get everything selected and checked way before they start embroidering out on the materials.


  • Got 45 Disney designs along with 125 built-in embroidery patterns
  • USB port to exceed your collection of embroidery designs
  • Standard 4” X 4” embroidery field.


  • Cannot increase the field area.

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Conclusion of the best digital embroidery machines

Up your game as the world is emotionalizing and adopting the digital technology. The good thing is we are observing the change in the sewing industry thanks to these six powerful digital embroidery machines prove our claim.

Super convenient than the traditional embroidery machines operated by feet and the hands, the digitalize embroidery machines converse you a good deal of time and bringing you with the new designs and patterns to test on a daily basis.

If you love your work, I am sure you are not going to ditch the idea of bringing one of these outstanding digital embroidery machines to stun your customers.

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