Embroidery Machine For Beginners Jan 2023

Embroidery Machine For Beginners (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

Down here, we are explicitly searching for an embroidery machine for beginners because it is NO fun to get a complete hold of an embroidery machine all by yourself.

Somewhat complicated at the operation and the designs it produces, you cannot really play along freely as they are coupled with just a few of the features and the buttons to press through.

If that is what you are mapping deep down in your mind, you are wrong. With the world of modernity, the embroidery machines come with the countless features that make them super-aligned to conveniently be used by most of the beginners without doing prior training.

Embroidery tasks/designs are way different from the straight and standard sewing; they help you draft up the finest of the designs in the shape of customs styles, alphabets, and alphanumerical fonts differential of colors.

So, wait no more, and we got 8 of the best embroidery machines for beginners ready to serve!


List of the best embroidery machine for beginners — Updated picks for 2022!

Embroidery Machine for BeginnersBuilt-in DesignsEmbroidery Field
Brother SE600804” x 4”
Brother PE535804” x 4”
Brother PE800185” x 7”
 Janome Horizon 98501756.7” x 6.7”
Brother PE550D1254” x 4”
Brother HC18501855” x 7”
Brother SE19001385” x 7”


Brother SE600

All-metal, the excruciating design Brother SE600 got is worth-praising.

Loaded with 80 of the most delicate designs and 103 built-in stitches to achieve the best embroidery designs with just a button away to put your family members and the clients (if you happen to utilize this embroidery machine to run your business right from home) pretty amazed to inquire who’s got that finest craft?

The computerized machine got the hoop area of over 4″ x 4″ to get displayed with the prominent designs before crafting up live on the fabric shown the samples on 3.2″ of LCD touchscreen to decide which design to go with.

Having around six lettering fonts to further personalize your projects to embed the letters and the alphabets out of the exclusive designs to feel like sewing through with hands.

Comes with an automatic needle threader, and the jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin takes you to enjoy the whole of this experience getting done without running into any sort of the hassle.

Coupled with an embroidery arm of over 7 feet to let the hoop to sit secured. And as for the stitching momentum, it takes the maximum sewing speed to hit about 710 stitches per minute (SPM) to get done with your projects in no time.


  • Colored LCD touchscreen
  • Best computerized embroidery machine for beginners


  • The spool may fall on the ground after getting filled.


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Brother PE535

Far simple to operate where the home embroidery machines are known to be equipped with the complex functionalities to get started with — Not a piece of cake to really use without the prior training.

But with Brother PE535, the known brand recognized all around the globe, comes with the pre-set and simplified features to enable using the few of the buttons to get them activated.

Presented with the built-in embroidery designs of over 80 counts to beautifully embed on the fabrics to showcase your professional level and leave the people in awe to inquire how come you got them? So, get yourself ready to face this question more often! 🙂

It has over 9 fonts having 6 from English and 3 from Japanese lettering fonts to personalize your custom creations further to add the fun between the designs.

Colorful LCD-based touchscreen expanding to 3.2″ previews everything from the design to ensure how they would look before embedding on the fabric to decide which one fits your creative taste.

Got 4″ x 4″ of pure embroidery field to set in the hoop for tightly placing the fabric so that it does not break and turns loose to ruin the whole design stitching experience.

USB port goes with uploading and storing the custom embroidery designs that you can download off the internet NOT to be relying upon the built-in ones.


  • Integrates USB port of custom designs to upload
  • Automatic needle threader system


  • Comes with no built-in sewing stitches


Brother PE800

Highly-efficient embroidery designs demand highly-enriched embroidery machines enclosed with the top-class features.

As with Brother PE800, it comes preloaded with over 18 built-in designs, including to form different patterns from quilt, florals, and scrollwork to flourish your creative self.

Included built-in fonts over 11 featuring 7 from the English language, 3 Japanese letters to form the best art, and 1 Cyrillic font for making the perfect monogramming using these letters.

Got a USB port that allows us to import the downloaded styles off the internet using the USB to extend the designs beyond the built-in ones.

Extended and larger color touchscreen sizing to 3.2″ to portray the designs before forming them on the fabric to ensure the design is a good fit.

Larger than the standard embroidery machines, the embroidery field of 5″ x 7″ to fit the embroidery hoop helps to perfectly stitch even the larger designs without hitting a single issue.

Labeled with 25-years of limited warranty, rest assured you are back with the guarantee to replace anything with the tools if they ever go out of order, and you do not find the need ever to spend a dime.


  • Holds the USB port
  • Large colored touchscreen


  • Does not cut the jump stitch

Janome Horizon 9850

Thankfully, we finally got an embroidery machine from the other brand (jokes apart! :)…)

Janome, the ultimate brand known for its high-quality embroidery machines, hits the market with its Janome Horizon 9850 made for the absolute durability that you can never question the level the quality endorsed with.

Comes with 200 built-in stitches and 6 one-step buttonholes are the best of the combination to craft up the awesome embroidery designs getting embossed on the fabrics of all kinds.

Loaded with automatic thread tension allows you to operate it as hand-free as possible, which tightens the thread tension itself to get it stitched securely.

More significant than the most, it holds the variety of built-in embroidery designs of over 175, including 2 fonts out of the European characters, and 3 letters for the monogramming to add between the designs to look awesomely cool.

Transferable with USB, the designs you can import from your own computer and right into this Janome Horizon 9850 to not rely on the built-in designs anymore. Found something cool on the internet, let’s download the next moment!


  • Impressive computerized embroidery machine
  • Metal-made frame


  • High in price
  • Somewhat heavy

Brother PE550D

I honestly love the design, and you should love it (maybe more than me!) because of the little Mickey Mouse cartoon placed beside the LCD area.

No less than a heavy-duty embroidery machine, Brother PE550D comes preloaded with the impressive built-in designs to up to 125 and transforms it to design the outstanding characters for the kids. It got over 45 Disney-based designs to impress the kids to craft their best shirts right from home’s convenience.

Got over 9 built-in fonts to personalize enough your designs included with 6 from English, 3 from Japanese letters to add into the styles, and maybe add the age besides the designs; how’s that?

What is more exciting about the embroidery machines of the today’s world, this Brother PE550D is no less than missing with this kind of the unique but norm feature loaded with the spacious 3.2″ of colorful LCD touchscreen to preview the designs beforehand for you to make sure how they would look.

Standard 4″ x 4″ of the embroidery field is commonly-used within such embroidery machines to get the normal-sized designs embedded perfectly on the fabric.


  • Includes the USB port
  • Standard hoop area
  • Got over 45 Disney designs


  • No sewing stitches include.

Brother HC1850

Superlative embroidery machine, Brother HC1850 is kind of the machine known for the best quality you can hardly spot out of any other embroidery machine.

It has ultimate and neverending built-in 185 stitches designs that break down to 130 as sewing, 8 for the auto-sizing buttonholes, and 55 of alphanumeric that is huge of the collection does not seem typical in most of the embroidery machines available around the market.

A small but efficient LCD display shows everything to you from and associated with the buttons to seamlessly select your favorite designs.

Includes a comprehensive 8 feet table to get it seated in a secure form along with an instructional DVD, manual guide, and more to operate this machine from the very minute it arrives.

All in all, Brother HC1850 would NEVER let you feel any embarrassment to get your sewing tasks done for domestic and professional purposes.


  • Professional-grade embroidery machine
  • Massive built-in designs
  • Jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin


  • Flimsy automatic needle threader

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Brother SE1900

And here, it strikes the last entrant into the list of 7 best embroidery machine for beginners; got Brother SE1900 to simplify the whole operational process for beginners to use on their own.

Over 138 of the built-in designs, Brother SE600 appears to be having 11 embroidery lettering fonts and over 240 built-in stitches to add enough personalization within your designs.

Loaded with an automatic needle threader and the drop-in top bobbin is the combination of features to simplify the use further where it takes just a second to thread the needle. And the jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin to load up the thread instantly.

5″ x 7″ embroidery field fitted with the hoop and the embroidery arm takes you to embroider the best designs done in no time seamlessly.

Nevertheless, the sturdiness and the seamless operation is what justifies the high price Brother SE1900 tagged with.


  • Colored LCD screen to preview the selected designs
  • Larger embroidery field
  • Automatic needle threader


  • A little high in price


Conclusion of the best embroidery machine for beginners

Finished right here, we got the finest and 7 best embroidery machine for beginners to feel like professionals from day one.

Varying by the price, all of these embroidery machines are super-simple and convenient to operate without hassles.

Bearing the best features, these professionally-graded embroidery machines would never give you a hard time being a beginner. Just plug them in, and you are good to go! 🙂

I also have compiled a big list of sewing machine for newbies which can also give you good suggestions for sewing machines as a beginner.

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