How to oil a new home sewing machine?

how to oil a new home sewing machine (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)
how to oil a new home sewing machine no doubts it is more often is the right key to attainingits good performance. The duration between two clean ups and oiling depends upon your usage extent. If you are a professional sewer then your machine requires maintenance on regular basis. On the contrary, you can oil your machine once in every few months if you are not a frequent user. Always respond immediately to any sort of protest of your sewing machine like if it squeaks and do recognise that it needs to be refreshed now. It is important to remove fabric threads that gather in the machinery before lubricating your equipment with oil and make sure that you are using appropriate How to oil a new home sewing machine

Step by Step Procedure on how to oil a new home sewing machine at home :


First of all buy sewing machine oil which is clear, lighter and comes in a small bottle because your machine does not require any WD-40 or car oil for lubrication. The oil which is required to be used on your machine also comes in the package but in case that gets finished then you can buy oil from any fabric store but don’t forget to refer your manual. Seek suggestions from the user’s manual about the oil which is actually meant for your equipment.


Only few drops are enough to serve. Keep seeking suggestions from your manual side by side as you proceed. Put some drops of oil on the housing unit where bobbin case is present. Oil the shuttle hook that spins inside the bobbin case and also inside the hook race. Their rubbing will definitely become quieter and smoother through proper and deep oiling. You can also turn the hand wheel backward and forward in order to check the friction of moving parts so that any sort of unpleasant abrasion could be vanished by appropriate oiling.


As you oil, don’t forget to put a piece of cloth under presser foot so that excess oil can be absorbed by it. This safety precaution will absolutely prevent your further sewing projects from some kind of expected stain. Wipe away any spilled oil with a muslin cloth and fix the parts back in their original position. Screw back the needle plate as well. You can also mop up the entire machine thoroughly all around its exterior. Test your machine by making some stitches on a rough cloth and do confirm if there is still some excess oil present or not.

Check the best sewing machine oils to find the best one for your use. (how to oil a new home sewing machine)

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