How To Use Embroidery Machine In 2023- Complete User Guide

How To Use Embroidery Machine (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

How to use embroidery machine? And that is the question most of the newbie could pop up in their minds and the professional too because of being introduced with the newer and upgraded embroidery machine.

Everything comes with the prior guidelines and the mechanism to follow securely, and when it comes to using some machines, you should be noticeably careful of operating them with the right process OR else get ready to call in the technician to do the required maintenance on the newer machine just by proceeding with your own instincts.

And with the embroidery machines, you got to be concerned about using the machine right as it would not just destroy the components installed under the machine as well as would ruin the fabric.

Though the few standard sewing machines come installed with the embroidery attachment, we are talking about the full-fledged embroidery machines to do the professional work with care.

And being labeled as relatively expensive machines, the embroidery work requires you to focus on building the art right on the materials with being versed and making you adept in using the machine to gain the maximum results in no time.

To do that effectively, you should be able to understand the whole functions attached to the machine as they could be different in nature from machine to machine, and brand to brand.

Do not dig into the trap when you are set to read the instructions guide, and following them might be trickier for you if you have little to no information at hand as to how to use embroidery machine.

How To Use An Embroidery Machine

Before jump right on the main course of how to use an home embroidery machine, why not first dig down under the bit of comparison part of why hop for an embroidery-only machine than the everyday sewing machines with the embroidery-attachment to do the basic embroider.

While, it depends on your own level of extensive usage; whether you occasionally require the embroidery projects to get done along with stitching, then we would recommend sticking to the sewing machines with the attachment to hook up the embroidery system because this way, you are NOT meant to bet on the fortune of handling the embroidery projects only.

And being the full-blown embroider tasks, you do not ONLY need the simple but the complete and heavy-duty embroidery machine, and this is the core theme of what we are going to introduce with, and we will be extensively talking about the same keeping in the view you have the full-fledged embroidery-only machine to learn how to really use this masterpiece to bring the versatility in your projects without worrying of asking for the external help or any other objects to do you work.

How to really use an embroidery machine

It is not just one but the seamless process to follow to set up the digital embroidery machine, and what the preparations really include we will open up with exponential details;

  • Prep things up!
  • Pick the right needle
  • Right thread
  • Threading the bobbin
  • Pick the style and embroider to your taste.


Prep things up!

This does not mean it directly and proportionally belongs to your skill level but shows the instincts and the sound management to ensure you have everything on your side way before getting seated to take charge of the embroidery machine.

That includes everything from bobbins, needles, threads, fabric, measuring tape, motivation, dedication, and the passion to perfectly stitch the materials.

As for the sewing machine needles, the core of the art-making, and you should NOT get what suits up to your embroidery machine, but it depends on the fabric. The sharp and low-grade needle cannot work upon the thick material, and the thick needle would leave the more extensive open marks on the thin fabrics could get pleated.

So, make sure you got everything in your reach as well as the suitable and recommended materials given the fact what kind of fabrics you would be used to embroider or else it would run you down under the countless issues to deal with.

For that, follow the instructions provided with the embroidery machine to deal through your first few days before getting versed in what you would require that will get opened up for you over the time.

Pick the right needle

Just as we stressed earlier, you should be focusing much over the picking of a sewing needle that looks right. And how to measure it would work right, that totally depends on the selection of the fabric to make sure the needle should suit accordingly.

Do not go with what the embroidery machine could get the handle, but this should relate to the recommended needle types per the fabric material.

There is an explicit calculation of picking the needle size against the fabric’s weight, or else it would destroy the fabric.

The thin-based fabric would perfectly go with the sharp and thin needles, while the thick ones only allow the widened circumference needles for the perfect entry into the fabrics without any pressure.

Let’s take a dig into the variety of needles suited for the embroidery projects varying by the fabric types;


  • 75/11 = Works well for the quilting cotton and satin.
  • 80/12 = Used best for batiks and linen
  • 90/14 = Pierces through denim and heavier fleece


Though the embroidery involves a lot of stitches to conduct per minute, so it appears to frequently change it after a few hours of workout to retain the high-grade embroider.


Right thread

Not a single kind of thread would always work with the embroidery projects, and which one basically works, stick to us.

Go through the list first and the associated details per thread type to fine-tune how to use embroidery machine effectively;


Best amongst the popular thread types, it works best to hold up for high-speed stitching minimizing the chance of breaking and fraying.


Economical selection giving pure strength without fading, shrinking, and beeld. Thought to be the best fitting for the children’s clothes due to their added advantage.

Read : Polyester vs Cotton


Mostly overlooked to get loaded on the automatic embroidery machines because of the probable fact of it cannot withstand the sewing machine tension and would break eventually. Picking the size from 30 to 50 wt. And it is going to be an excellent choice to sustain the pressure.


The combination of the polyester-like strength and the cotton with the extended stability used to be embroidered over the luxurious fabric to give the special touch to your sense.


Metallic threads have the metal foil wrapped in the center core to provide the extraordinary durability to extend its lifetime to stay shape.


Adding the glittery effect on your embroidery designs, the use of mylar threads, which are built with the plies of films, layered together to sustain the great designs stretching even though if it is done deliberately without breaking and ruining the design.


And such threads depend on the variety of tasks that are not generally in demand. So, the special-effect kind of the threads is included in this segment, taking them from fuzzy acrylic, wool-based, and crafting the crew-like effect to neon-based threads to give in the best impact to your designs.

Make yourself the friend of using the right threads, and that depends on what sort of projects you have in hand.

By the time, you will learn to pick the threads yourself as the experience evolves.


Threading the bobbin

To do that right, seek from the operation manual because every single embroidery machine is different from the design and the specifications, hence to do the threading to go through bobbin, you got to learn how best it is done.

In general, if it leaves the traces on the fabric from both sides, that clearly means the bobbin has not been installed correctly.

So, take the instructions to play with the manual guide where the process would surely be mentioned anyhow.

Align the machine

Even though you are all prepped with all the essential stuff in your hand, it is still evident you are one step away to get over the embroidery machine to hook in.

It is now the time to power up the machine to start embroidering. Luckily, the sewing machines are power-based run and disregard the chances of running it manually.

While it requires you to get plugged into the power port, the embroidery machine comes with the USB port and the cable to stream in the external designs and patterns to increase the adaptability as well as all the errors are shown up to find the fixes.

Pick the style and embroider to your taste

Last but not least, when everything is ready and managed to finally start embroidering tasks to get initiated with having the fabric loaded as well, then comes the need to select the favorite (and required) designs that you need to get implemented and crafted over the material.

Though the modern-aged embroidery machines have numerous built-in designs pre-installed in the software, you can still increase the size to go into thousands of available embroidery designs to widen your reach to stun your customers (if you happen to utilize the machine for the commercial purpose!)

Embedded with the touch screen and the soft button to select through the menus and the designs, most embroidery machines let you preview the designs first before crafting up on the fabric to get the clear preview of how would the design embossed on the fabric’s surface so that you converse from the waste of the fabric if the design got disliked either by yourself and the customer.

Little take before jumping to the conclusion

Everything is learned with due practice. And in the case of machines, especially the sewing machines, it is happily done through practicing it daily.

Though the embroidery machines are somewhat considered to be not amongst your day-to-day job but still for the embroidery-only projects and the business is booming, there is nothing stopping you from running down the machine for long hours.


Conclusion of how to use the embroidery machine

This concluded our whole lot of guide, revealing you how to use the embroidery machine without running into the heap of problems.

Indeed it is better to take along the materials collected by you, and the stressing part is rounding up the materials right before jumping upon powering up the embroidery machine.

If you indeed try doing that, get yourself hitting back and forth to pick things up rather than spending time in front of the machine, and eventually, this would shatter the whole passion for getting the designs embossed on the fabrics expertly.

It is respectively advised to get everything sorted before you try facing the machine or else, get ready to go through the stress that can quickly turn out to send you in the awful condition losing the interest all of a sudden.

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