Janome HD3000 – Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD3000 - Heavy Duty Sewing Machine (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

Janome is another company very famous for making high-quality sewing machines and sergers etc. This machine, Janome HD3000 is one of the top-notch, heavy-duty and professional sewing machines made by this company. The machine, despite of its durable and tough frame, has a sleek and stylish profile to it.

In terms of looks, feel, design and operation it is closer to Singer 4423 than Brother CS6000i. While this sewing machine has a decent number of positive reviews on Amazon, I’d like to mention it that in terms of professional sewing, this is not as good as Brother CS6000i or Singer Heavy-Duty 4423.

However, as it was in case of 4423, this machine has its own advantages due to which some of you may prefer it to the abovementioned contenders.

Janome HD 3000 Review 2022


Janome HD3000 (HD) here is for Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine just like it is in case of Singer 4423) is a very capable high-end sewing machine for those who sew for a living. Here is a list of its features and detailed insight into each of them.

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7-Piece Feed Dog –

So, let us start with this apparently unimportant, but actually very helpful feature. A feed dog (with its teeth) keeps a firm grip on the fabric, while you move, manipulate it the way you like and sew it the way you want. A 7-piece feed dog, when compared with a 6-piece feed dog that most of the machines have, holds the fabric with stronger grip. This means that you easily execute tasks like making sewing machine for buttonholes or sewing satin.

Heavy-Duty Frame –

Janome calls it HD3000. HD is for Heavy Duty. Remember, what I said about this machine? They were inspired by Singer 4423 when they made this machine, and they most probably wanted to have the same type of frame. Well, this is a durable machine made to sew heavy fabrics and last for years.

Manual Needle Threader –

Unfortunately, this machine is not as advanced as 4423 or CS6000i. This does not have an automatic needle threader, but they sort of compensated for its lack by introducing a built-in manual needle threader. It still makes things easier when compared with needle threading on old machines.

One-Step Buttonhole –

Just like CS6000i and 4423, this one also has the one step buttonhole feature. The foot that comes with this machine has a one-step process – same as in case of other machines that we have reviewed. You just insert the button of your choice and make buttonhole with ease. This is way better than those old-school 4-step buttonhole feet.

18 Built-in Stitches –

In the terms of total number of built-in stitches, this machine is way behind CS6000i – even not comparable to 4423. With that being said, usually, you need a very small number of stitches to play with. Remember, you’re just sewing; it is not embroidery. You’d be amazed to know that average number of stitches in a modern sewing-specific machine is roughly 4 to 60. Considering this range, it is safe to say that the number of stitches provided by this machine is definitely above average.

Extra High Snap-on Presser Foot –

So, in case you find the heading a bit confusing, here are two things that you must know about the presser foot. First of all, it is a high presser foot. Why is this important? Because a presser foot positioned highly, would easily hold on thick fabric or multiple layers of thick fabric. Secondly, this is a Snap-on presser foot. This means that there is a little lever on the backside of shank – you press it and with a satisfying sound the foot falls on the needle plate. That sound connotes that you’re ready for sewing.

Push-Pull Bobbin Winder –

So, what is a push-pull bobbin winder? Well, this is the variant of bobbin that you get with new Janome machines. How does it work? You put the bobbin on the post and now want to wind it. But before you do anything, you must push it to the right and use foot pedal in order to wind the thread on the bobbin. After that you push it to the left and your job is done. This type of push-pull winding provides you with better control.

LED -lit Workspace

In case you were wondering whether this sewing machine has any real edge over its chief competitors (CS6000i from Brother and Heavy Duty 4423 from Singer), do know that it has an LED-lit workspace which is what both of them lack. You cannot deny the importance of this feature especially when you use a machine for commercial purposes and you cannot afford to strain your eyes.

Free Arm

Just like in case of other high quality, professional sewing machines, this one also has a free arm. What is the importance of free arm? Well, it makes it super easy to manipulate and control the fabric the way you want and thus you sew with ease and at a better pace.

860 Stitches/Minute

Speaking of stitching speed, one cannot not think of stitches/minute speed that every sewing machine boast to their prospects. This speed matters because when it comes to professional sewing, it matters how quickly one can finish a project. This is yet another edge of Janome over Singer 4423 because it has maximum speed of 860 stitches/minute vs 4423’s 850/minute.

Adjustable Stitch Length & Width

Another good option is to let the user adjust the size and width of the stitch. The maximum stitch width that you can choose is 6.5mm.

Reverse Stitching

Also, just like all good – professional sewing machines, this one also allows its users to apply reverse stitch to strengthen the seams.

Hard Cover

Just like Singer’s Heavy Duty 4423, this one also comes with a hard cover. Unfortunately, it does not offer a wide range of other accessories that other sewing machines do.


  • 860 Stitches/Minute
  • 18 Built-in Stitches
  • 7-Piece Feed Dog
  • LED-lit Workspace


  • All Stitches are not Adjustable
  • Very Small Number of Built-in Stitches

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Well, I’ve explained the pros and the con #2 is self-explanatory, so let’s just explain the con#1 and why a few customers complained about this thing.

There are different types of stitches that people feel more comfortable with. For example, for a few people reinforced straight stitch is the stitch to go with and they find it annoying that they cannot adjust that stitch or a few others.

FAQs on Janome HD 3000

Here are all the frequently asked questions about this sewing machine and their answers.

What makes this machine heavy duty?

So, this machine’s frame is strong, sturdy and durable. However, this is not all to it being a heavy-duty machine. There are other factors too. For example, its gears are not plastic gears which is the case with most of the machines. Those gears are actually metal gears that remain in perfectly fine condition for a long time.

Can this machine sew leather and do quilting?

Like rest of the heavy-duty machines, this one can also sew through leather, canvas or other thick and heavy materials. You can perfectly sew through 2 to 3 layers, but anything more than that might not be possible. And yes, it is a perfect sewing machine for quilting.

Which is better, janome hd3000 vs singer 4423?

In terms of looks, feel, design and operation it is closer to Singer 4423 however Janome HD3000 comes with 18 built-in stitches including a one-step buttonhole. Singer 4423 comes with 23 built-in stitches.


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Janome HD3000 is not better than Singer 4423 or Brother CS6000i, but this machine gives them a serious challenge. On one side or another, it delivers better than those machines. It has its own advantages and it is definitely a steal for Janome lovers.

For a person like me, Janome can be a good choice keeping in mind it’s budget as well.

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