Juki TL2000Qi Sewing Quilting Machine Review

Juki TL2000Qi Sewing Quilting Machine Review (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

In case you’ve read our review of Juki TL-2010Q, but you want another Juki machine within better budget range and limited, but all highly-required features, this machine is absolutely for you.

Juki TL2000Qi is one of the sturdier and highest-quality quilting machines that I’ve used/reviewed. The best thing about this machine from Juki is the kind of fabrics that you can pick to sew with it. It will easily sew through canvas.

It is heavy duty sewing machine, but then you are not supposed to quilt on the go. The downside of lightweight quilting machines (and upside of Juki TL2000Qi) is that these machines vibrate and bounce a lot when you use them. This machine steadily sticks to the surface and allows you to have a steady and smooth quilting experience.

Juki TL2000Qi Review

In this section, I will review this quilting machine based on its unique features, pros and cons. This in-depth review is based on testing as well as extensive research. I bet that after reading this review, you would be able to compare this quilting machine with other machines of same type – especially those from Juki.

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One Pedal Operation –

So, this machine offers a one pedal operation. So, what is one pedal operation? Using the foot pedal, you can quilt anything on this machine. This feature is really useful – especially for those who want to use such a machine for professional/business purposes. There are other machines that require you to separately buy the pedal, but with this one, you get it with the package. This feature helps you keep your hands and your eyes focused on the work area, while you use your foot to a) operate the machine, and b) configure the stitching speed with low or high pressure. With this dual-purpose foot pedal, you save your money that you’d otherwise spend on a stitch regulator.

LED Light –

This machine has a 9” throat space, which is good because you can have a wide view of the workspace and the material that you’re sewing. However, this is not enough, because depending on the light setting in your room, at times you feel the need for an LED light right over your workspace. This is where this machine’s LED lights come in handy. They provide better illumination when compared with average LED light on a sewing machine.

1500 Stitches/Minute Maximum Speed –

If you want a quilting machine that can stitch thick stuff like canvas and that too with an amazing stitching speed, you must consider trying Juki TL2000Qi. The maximum stitching speed that you can enjoy with this quilting machine is 1500 stitches per minute. However, it is important to mention here, that this maximum stitching speed might not be possible while sewing thick and tough fabrics. Yet, you would notice that even in case of thick and tough fabrics, this quilting machine sews way faster than many others.

Automatic Needle Threader –

Well, you won’t call it Juki’s competitive edge over others, because an automatic needle threader is more like an unavoidable essential when it comes to all modern sewing/quilting machines, but it is nonetheless a very helpful feature. It saves time, effort and definitely eye strain.

Aluminum Die Cast Arm and Bed –

As I said in the intro, this machine is considered one of the best quilting machines, because it holds “ground” firmly and you do not have any problem while quilting on this. It is minimum vibration/shaking quilting machine – thanks to its aluminum-made die cast arm and bed.

Extension Table –

In case the die cast arm and bed are not enough to give you complete control over the machine and the material, this machine comes with a 13” long extension table too. The beauty of this table is that it can be easily attached with the machine and detached when you do not need it any longer. Since quilting projects that this machine is made for, require large, thick and tough materials, it is a indeed good to have some extra workspace available so as to easily control the material.

Bobbin Case –

This quilting machine takes care of another worry that many people often have in respect of bobbins. You do not have to install the side bobbin the way you do in case of most of the machines. Instead, you secure the bobbin in a stainless-steel bobbin case; this makes it super easy to remove and replace bobbin whenever needed.

Free Motion Quilting –

This quilting machine comes with a darning foot that allows you to indulge in free motion quilting. In case you do not know what free motion quilting is, it is a specific style of quilting that allows the user of the sewing machine to effectively stitch the quilt. How? Well the special foot hovers over the material allowing the user to move the material in all directions.

Foot Lifting Lever –

The pressure feet on this machine can be lifted up to 12mm from the needle plate. There is a special knee lifter lever that helps you do this in one swift move.

Pressure Feet –

Apart from the darning foot, this machine comes with a few other very useful feet. It has a standard straight stitch foot, a quilting foot and a walking foot.

Dial-Controlled Thread Tension Adjustment –

The knob on this machine will help you easily adjust the thread tension while you are sewing a quilt. Just turn the dial and easily choose from very loose to very tight thread tension settings.

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  • One Pedal Operation
  • 1500 Stitches/minute Speed
  • Extension Table
  • Free Motion Quilting


  • Limited Number of Feet
  • Only One Stitch

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Well, the pros do not need to be explained, because as you can see, they have already been explained in the “Features” section. However, these cons should be explained.

Let us explain the first one first.

As we know this machine comes with a limited number of highly needed feet + darning foot and it is actually more than what many other machines have to offer. However, there are customers who were disappointed to see that while Q version came with big number of feet, some of them are missing in Qi version.

The other problem is self-explanatory and something that I wasn’t expecting at all. From a quilting machine of this standard, you always expect big number of stitches, but this one only offers one simple stitch. In case you want a machine that you can use for advanced craft sewing, where you can use diverse style of stitches, this is not the machine for you.


Here are some basic questions about this machine and answers to those questions:

What Juki TK 2010Q different than this one?

That machine is a complete package that comes with quilting frame and bigger number of presser feet.

Does this model have a knee lever?

Yes, as I’ve explained earlier, this one has a knee lever to lift the presser foot.

How do you control speed?

On this machine you control speed with the foot pedal. One pedal operation lets your eyes and your hands focus on the material, while you use your foot to sew and control the speed.

JUKI TL-2010Q VS. BROTHER PQ1500SL Which is good?

Although both are equally good.But Juki is more Semi Industrial machine, so if your work is inclined more towards Industrial or Semi Industrial work, then this can be the right option to opt for. However BrotherPQ1500SL has its own set of features and functions which makes it a worth-able machine as well.

What are some of the finest sewing needles?

I have posted a universal sewing machine needles guide where you can find an option for every sewing machine..

Where is the manual for juki tl 2000qi?

It’s posted on official website of Juki. Click here to check it out.

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