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Factors to consider before buying an industrial sewing machine:

An industrial sewing machine is the one that absolutely reflects its name. Sturdy construction, powerful motor, built to last for long and manufactured solely to accomplish professional sewing projects are the prime characteristics of such equipment.

When you intend to buy an industrial sewing machine, it definitely means that you have successfully turned over the chapter of a regular sewing machine and new phase of the sewing world is looking forward to you. As you are required to be extremely vigilant while purchasing any sort of sewing appliance, so opting for an industrial sewing machine also demands same level of observation and research and is not released from the criteria. So before you jump in the hassle, get learned about important factors regarding industrial sewing machines.

  •         First of all you will confront different classes of industrial sewing machines. Consider your requirement and proficiency level while selecting the type as these are distinct from each other in regard to the arm design and needle post. So in order to educate you about which sort will suit you best, four kinds of industrial sewing machines are briefly described below:

Ø  Flatbed: this design is an imitation of an ordinary sewing machine as the arm and needle extend to the flat base of the appliance and facilitates you in sewing flat pieces of textile together.

Ø  Cylinder-bed: these appliances contain a narrow, horizontal column right opposite to its flat base which facilitates passing of fabric around and beneath the column. The diameter of cylinder bed ranges from 5cm to 16cm.industrial sewing machines equipped with cylinder bed help its users in making cylindrical items like cuffs and also aid in dealing with bulky articles such as saddles and shoes.

Ø  Post bed: post bed industrial sewing machines include bobbins, feed dogs and loopers in a vertical column that stands right above the flat base of machine. The length of the column varies from 10cm to 45cm. applications that face hurdles in approaching sewing area require post bed machine to get completed conveniently such as boot making and glove making.

Ø  Off-the-arm: This category of industrial sewing machine is not a demanded product by the buyers. Users of this equipment are supposed to feed material along the axis of a horizontal column. It facilitates the sewers in making sleeve and shoulder seams.

  •         After making a final selection regarding the type of machine, you are now expected to select the quantity and type of feed mechanism in order to precede your purchasing sequence. One particular machine may offer more than one feed mechanism also. Normally, industrial sewing machines furnished with multiple feed capabilities are a way too expensive. Prominent types of feed mechanism along with their precise description are stated below:

Ø  Drop feed: this common type of feed mechanism lies under the machine’s sewing surface.

Ø  Needle feed: needle itself behaves as a feed mechanism in this specific type. This sort of feed not only reduces slippage but also enables its users to sew several layers of fabric.

Ø  Walking foot: this feed capability involves replacement of the stationary presser foot with a foot that moves with the feed. This sort of practice allows the equipment to work effectively and productively on thick, spongy or cushioned materials.

Ø  Puller feed: This kind of feed enables the machine to grip and pull straight-seamed material as it is sewn and acts functionally on big, heavy-duty materials such as canvas tents.

Ø  Manual feed: The manual feed is controlled completely and thoroughly by the sewer and allows him to accomplish some personal tasks such as shoe repair, embroidery and quilting.

  •         Do not forget to consider application of your chosen article as well. For instance, on one hand some machines accompany automatic pocket setter while on the contrary, others come with pattern programmability or electronic eyelet buttonholers.
  •         Strength, design and quality of an industrial appliance are the perfect demonstration of the provided service. You can go for medium to heavy weight materials with sturdier equipment whereas base level industrial machines are quite suitable to deal with lighter materials.
  •         Remember to check the stitch type of your selected product before paying the final money. Great variety of stitches is widespread in the sewing industry, each utilizing number of threads ranging from one to seven. But despite of all the varieties, plain and simple stitches that further include lock, chain, over lock and cross stitch are mostly employed by industrial sewing machines.
  •         Size of the machine also plays an important role in the service and performance of the appliance. Larger machines are quite resourceful in serving their users with bigger bed size along with large clearance area under the foot.
  •         Yet another aspect that depicts the power of an industrial sewing machine is its speed. The appliance that produces more stitches in a minute is likely to be highly priced than the one which does not give great number of stitches per minute. So you are supposed to consider your requirement over here. Do not compromise over the cost of machine if more efficient article fulfills your demand.
  •         Last but not the least, always check the warranty of your selected machine. The manufacturer who does not stand behind their product for maximum years does not deserve any preference. So go for an appliance which is backed by prolonged warranty so that your investment can be influentially utilized.


Common material used in industrial sewing machine:

The framing of Industrial sewing machines comprises of cast iron and variety of other metals is utilized for their fittings. Steel, brass, and a number of alloys are employed to make specialized parts as these metals contribute effectively in yielding strong and well manufactured items that allow the machine to be used for longer hours in factory conditions. Some producers of industrial sewing appliances cast, machine, and tool their own metal ingredients; but dealers also supply above mentioned components as well as pneumatic, electric, and electronic elements.


  •         Serves you best with its Compound walking-foot feeding mechanism  and can easily sew up to 3/8″ thick leather
  •         Tech Sew 2700 Leather Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine features 10.5″ long cylinder bed.
  •         Contains Japanese Hook
  •         Reverse
  •   Equipped with table & adjustable speed 1HP 800W Smart Servo motor
  • Pros

    • A real heavy duty machine
    • Can sew through extremely thicker fabrics
    • Helpful techsew customer service


    • No negative reviews


  •         Facilitates you well with its Heavy duty feeding mechanism. Tech Sew 3650HD conveniently sews up to 1/2″ leather thickness
  •         Consists of a 10.5″ Long Cylinder Bed
  •         Can go Reverse for easy back-tacking
  •         Includes Roller Edge Guide
  •         Furnished with an assembled table & adjustable speed Smart Servo motor
  • Pros

    • Awesome product
    • Functional in sewing thick leather or even multiple layers of it.
    • Adjustable stitch length
    • Forward and reverse
    • Easy to use
    • All in one package
    • Comes with extra bobbins
    • Good price


    • Foot dog is not adjustable

    •         Facilitates you well with its Heavy duty feeding mechanism. Tech Sew 3650HD conveniently sews up to 1/2″ leather thickness
    •         Consists of a 10.5″ Long Cylinder Bed
    •         Can go Reverse for easy back-tacking
    •         Includes Roller Edge Guide
    •         Furnished with an assembled table & adjustable speed Smart Servo motor
    • Pros

      • Awesome product
      • Functional in sewing thick leather or even multiple layers of it.
      • Adjustable stitch length
      • Forward and reverse
      • Easy to use
      • All in one package
      • Comes with extra bobbins
      • Good price


      • Foot dog is not adjustable


  •         Sews at an Impressive speed and creates 1,100 Stitches in a Minute – superlative quality and efficiency are the major requirements of professional work.
  •         Features stainless Steel Bed Plate which is designed to accommodate the Abuse and Needs of a competent Sewer
  •         Singer CG590 Commercial Grade Sewing Machine includes 18 Built-In Stitches that comprise of Four-Step Buttonhole / Free Arm Capability – sews Pants Legs, Cuffs and other Hard to Sew outfits quite easily
  •         Serves you best with its Drop Feed Capability which allows you to do Free Motion Quilting to Old Fashion Darning with great convenience.
  • Facilitates you with the availability of premier Electronic Foot Control which ensures to give consistent speed with no jump starts. Also includes a regulating dial that allows you to slow down the speed, regardless of the pressure applied.
  • Pros

    • Fully mechanical machine
    • Fast machine
    • Suction cup feet hold tight
    • Sews smoothly
    • Can sew through several layers of denim
    • Easy to adjust


    • Very limited space for a new needle
    • Complicated setup


  •         Juki DDL8700 sews at an extremely fast speed and gives 5500 stitches in one minute.
  •         The greatest stitch length that can be created by our product is 5mm.
  •         Machine measurements (LxWxH): 48 inches by 20 inches by 48 inches.
  •         Type and size of needle: DB X 1, sizes 9-18
  •         It is a 110V appliance equipped with quiet servo motor.
  • Pros

    • Reliable, simple, fast and versatile
    • Motor has adjustable RPM
    • Silent motor
    • Gives perfect and consistent stitches
    • Comes completely assembled
    • No bells or whistles
    • Reasonably priced


    • Not portable
  • PRODUCT 6:

  • Pros

    • Does great heavy duty stitching
    • Manual machine
    • Extremely sturdy
    • Can handle any thickness of leather


    • Costly product with only one year warranty
  • PRODUCT 7:

    •         Allows you to carry out 2,000-RPM high-speed operation.
    •         includes Large capacity hook
    •         accompanies 14 mm foot lift (knee)
    •         Also contains Single row feed dog
    •         Requires Manual lubrication
    •         The package contains an Instructional manual as well.
    •         Other accessories that come along with machine are Tool kit, drawer and thread stand.
    •  The machine undergoes Individual testing and sewing before being shipped
    • Pros

      • Basic and heavy-duty machine
      • Originally a walking foot machine
      • Very reasonably priced
      • Servomotor works flawlessly
      • Fantastic link-belts


      • Requires regular lubrication


  •         Features Single straight needle and serves you with top and bottom feed to prevent slippage between different material layers.
  •         Tacsew GC6-6 gives Straight Lockstitch and the stitch length ranges between 0-8mm.
  •         Requires Auto Oil Fully Automatic Lubrication
  •         Contains Big Bobbin M Style.
  •  It is undeniably an Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine which can also go Reverse
  • Pros

    • Great machine for the price
    • Powerful and fast


    • Not smooth like your ordinary sewing machine
  • PRODUCT 9:

    •         Quite functional in creating extra-long stitch – 21/2 S.P.I. (10mm). features a Large Bobbin which can be changed without removing article being sewn, Tread release finger (for heavy thread) and High presser foot lift – 9/16″ (14mm).
    •         Consew 206RB-5 comes equipped with Reservoir-oiled hook with micrometric control valve, all gear driven hook mechanism, large horizontal axis hook, safety clutch with push-button re-engagement and allows you to do Adjustable reverse stitching in which formed reverse stitch is of the same length as the forward stitch.
    •         Included walking feet, needles and other attachments are replaceable with other Consew models such as 226R-2, 255RB-2. However, Needle plate, foot and feed dog can be changed for some specific applications.
    •         Standard attachments are easy to install. Availability of compound feed and walking foot mechanism guarantees even and smooth feeding of material.

    ·         Locking stitch regulator does not allow changes in stitch length from vibration.

  • Pros

    • Allows you to sew everything from thick canvas to leather belts
    • Designed to operate for 7 days a week and 16 hours a day continuously
    • Powerful machine


    • ·Needs to be oiled on a regular basis
  • PRODUCT 10:

    •         Sews at an efficient speed and gives 2500 stitches per minute.
    •         The greatest stitch length created by Juki DNU-1541S is 9mm.
    •         Machine measurements (LxWxH): 48 inches by 20 inches by 48 inches
    •         Needle size: 135 X 17
    •         A 110V machine that accompanies an industrial clutch motor.
    • Pros

      • Performs as expected
      • Sews through several layers like a breeze
      • Walking foot feed fabric consistently
      • Simple threading


      • Requires manual lubrication which is quite difficult
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