Polyester vs Cotton – What to Choose? (2023)

Polyester vs Cotton - What to Choose (Last Updated On: October 25, 2022)

This post is about the comparison between two materials -Polyester vs Cotton – What to Choose


Pros of Polyester:

  1. A polyester fiber is a highly durable synthetic fiber and possesses great mechanical resistance in comparison to natural fibers of the same size.
  2. It is undoubtedly a non-hygroscopic fiber and this characteristic of polyester fiber ensures its prolonged insulation property.
  3. Polyester dries quickly which shows that it is water repellent.
  4. It is an irrepressible and resilient fiber and as soon as the pressure gets released it recovers its original thickness and insulation.
  5. A polyester fabric can be appropriately ironed at a higher temperature thus discouraging any sort of future shrinkage. Suitable temperature also allows you to create permanent creases in polyester garment that will not vanish even after washing it several times.
  6. it is not at all a costly fiber although it is quite flexible and own advantageous qualities.
  7. Polyester can be easily recycled.
  8. It is a versatile fiber that can be textured and emerges as “curly” or ”flat” that leads to a change in appearance of the fabric.
  9. Does not get damaged by most chemicals.
  10. It also withstands abrasion.
  11. Can be either washed or dry cleaned.

Cons of Polyester :

  1. It is a combustible fiber and can form a thick hot paste after being flamed and melted. This hot paste can give you severe burns.
  2. Spinning the polymer into fibers needs more energy in comparison to growing natural fibers as it is actually a hot process. During production process of polyester, various harmful chemicals get released in the environment.
  3. In contrast to other fibers, high temperature is required to dye polyester.
  4. Quite tolerable to bio-degradation. When discarded, it will stay in landfills for immeasurable period of time.
  5. As it undergoes the production process, larger amounts of water are used for cooling along with some lubricants that contaminate water supply.
  6. Polyester apparels do not offer you ventilation.

Cotton :

Pros of Cotton :

  1. Cotton fiber promotes breathability of its fabric and boosts air circulation. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi by absorbing sweat from your body that ultimately gets evaporated into air. That is why cotton fabrics are highly recommended during exercise and sleeping. Undergarments made up of cotton are also a preferable item over other synthetic lingerie.
  2. It is unquestionably a soft and stretchy fiber and the garment that comprise of cotton is quite comfortable to wear.
  3. Cotton does not act as a good transmitter of temperature; instead it functions as an insulator. It helps to keep you warm in winter and provides you a cooling sensation in summer.
  4. Does not serve you a static cling.
  5. This is a friendly fiber for your skin because like synthetic fibers, no chemicals are required in its production as it is absolutely natural.
  6. Babies and people having sensitive skins are suggested to wear fabrics made up of cotton as it is a non-allergenic fiber. That is why bandages are also made up of cotton.
  7. Cotton fiber when gets spun into a tight yarn become quite sound, sturdy and long-lasting. It can also tolerate numerous washes because it becomes 30% more durable when wet. In fact it is abrasion resistant.
  8. Cotton fiber also acts as a stain repellent and it is absolutely easy to remove stains from a cotton garment.
  9. Wide range of cloths can be made from cotton fiber such as denim, gingham, seersucker, chino, broadcloth, calico, and corduroy. This all reflects the versatility of cotton fiber.
  10. It can also be thoroughly dyed with utmost convenience.
  11. Cotton fabrics do not require intense care as they need not to be dry-cleaned and are easily washable.
  12. Cotton is an effortlessly renewable fiber.
  13. It is an inexpensive fiber as well and allows you to furnish yourself from economical outfits enriched with great elegance and coziness along with outstanding touches throughout the year.

Cons of Cotton:

  1. When you buy a cotton fabric, do not forget to wash it before stitching because if it will be sewed without being dipped in water, it will definitely become an unrequired garment for you due to its shrinkage and zero elasticity.
  2. Cotton fabrics are liable to wrinkling so need to be ironed before every wear.
  3. A cotton fabric may lose its original color when exposed to sunlight.
  4. Cotton possesses poor resilience and do not attain original shape after being influenced.
  5. Cotton fabric can be easily damaged through mildew. It can be pilled because of the formation of lint due to short fiber length.
  • The advantages of cotton are more dominating than those of polyester. Throughout the world, cotton is utilized in almost half of all clothing articles. Since 5000BC cotton garments fulfill the most clothing needs.
  • Cotton is considered and proved a more comfortable and user friendly fiber due to its non-allergenic property and strength as well. Cons of cotton fibers are highly manageable and there is a remedy to every solution
  • However, a consumer’s demand is the utmost priority. If an individual requires a garment that should be water repellent then polyester must be prioritized. In other cases the daily wear apparels need to be made up of cotton majorly.

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Conclusion on Polyester and Cotton on 2023 :

I have tried to discuss aspects of both polyester and cotton, the choice is yours on what is best for you and what you are going to opt with, so go and get the best sewing machine from the market and start your journey.

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