Serger Sewing Machines Review – Jan. 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2022)

A serger is basically a professional and highly skilled form of a sewing machine that possesses exceptional features which you will not find in a simple sewing appliance. It plays a dominant role in imparting a superlative appearance to your homemade garments and is well renowned among the field of sewing equipment. A serger employs 3, 4 or 5 spools of thread to make a seam, cut off the raw edges and simultaneously gives an elegant finishing by producing complex stitches.

A serger is also known as over lock machine which means that it is particularly meant for neat and graceful finishing and is quite resourceful in dealing with seam allowances in a distinguished way. Seams sewn by a serger can be stretched and the stitches made by ordinary sewing machine get strengthened thus forming a durable construction. Sergers not only perform efficiently but they are also convenient to use.

Best Serger Sewing Machines Reviewed for 2022

Checkout the detail review on great serger sewing machines for  Jan 2022

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed



  • Functions perfectly
  • Easy and quick to set
  • Adjustable according to different fabric types
  • Adjustable stitches regarding length and style
  • Needs regular needles
  • Quite responsive foot pedal
  • Differential feed helps you to sew through any thickness of fabric



JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine



  • Uncomplicated threading
  • Helpful differential feed
  • Reliable tension dial
  • Super quiet
  • Outstanding thread catcher
  • Has small footprint
  • Gives beautiful stitches
  • Portable
  • Reasonable price
  • Smooth machine



  • Tension is difficult to adjust

Janome 7034D Magnolia 3&4 Thread Overlock Serger



  • Good quality machine
  • Versatile machine
  • Works smoothly even after months of continuous use
  • Makes no flaws
  • Contains metal parts on the inner side
  • Comes pre-threaded



  • Cannot sew through several layers of fabrics

Brother Serger, ST4031HD, Strong and Tough Serger



  • Easy to operate
  • Gives good lighting
  • Helpful thread stand
  • Well-made and durable
  • Quick machine
  • Wide foot
  • Contains bonus feet
  • Suitable for sewing heavier fabrics
  • Stitches nicely
  • Great trimming blade



  • Difficult to thread

Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger



  • Quiet and smooth
  • Dials have default settings
  • Easily controllable speed
  • Threading is clearly demonstrated on machine
  • Feet get switch on and off easily
  • Affordable and functional



  • Dials are not durable

Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE 2/3/4 Thread Serger



  • Real workhorse
  • Machine comes pre-threaded
  • Very responsive presser foot
  • Enough bright light
  • Significant parts are made up of real metal
  • Not noisy
  • Well manufactured
  • Occupies little space
  • Good quality stitches
  • Gives you durable seams



  • Threading annoys
Janome 8002D Serger

Janome 8002D Serger

  • Possesses 3 or 4 thread over lock stitching potential.
  • Contains a built-in rolled hem feature for a professional and superlative finish.
  • Threading is just a breeze in janome 8002D serger through its easily readable color coded threading chart.
  • The cutting width of our product can be adjusted from 3.1mm to 7.3mm
  • It is a 110-volt machine and is recommended to be used in US only.



  • Simple serger for a newbie
  • Comes pre- threaded
  • Elegant and even stitches
  • Very helpful DVD
  • Settings are easy to change
  • Blind extra foot and extra needles are a good bonus




  • Noisy

What Are the Benefits of a Serger Sewing Machine?

You can carry out your stitching passion very fluently with the assistance of a regular sewing machine but once you realize and experience the advantages of using a serger, you cannot prevent yourself from fulfilling your urge of getting benefits from various services which your ordinary sewing machine is deprived of. Serger machines are special types of sewing tools that besides adding sturdy finish to your textile; also add variety through its both utility and decorative stitches. Why serger machines are a preferable option, there are some major benefits which are stated below.


They are really competent and quick in their job. You can perform various tasks such as repairing or manufacturing of any project at a relatively faster speed and in a very minimum time.


They are quite functional in producing durable products as they are able to create stout and stretchy stitches.


Sergers available in market are usually furnished with blades that help to trim extra fabric while stitching thus producing perfect hems.


A serger sewing machine proficiently sews a seam, slices the seam allowance and adorably finishes all the edges in one step.


It is also quite functional in overcasting the raw edges of a single layer of textile.

You can also produce a rolled hem in an extremely convenient way with the help of a serger. By rolling the fabric around serger’s pin while being tangled in thread, it becomes matter of minutes to make beautiful hem.

It also helps you to sew a flat lock seam which is not only reversible but also leaves no seam allowance.

A serger comes equipped with differential feed that possess one set of feed dog at the front and the other set at the back. They help to gather lightweight clothes and overcast raw edges of a fabric.

Stretchy fabrics can be perfectly sewn by sergers. They give you most sturdy products that last for long as well. Using a stretch stitch on a simple sewing machine results in the falling apart of two layers of fabrics at the fitted points. Moreover, a serger machine is enough to sew stretchy garments. A combination of ordinary sewing appliance is not required.

Regarding knit garments, a serger machine gives very nice and professional flat seam allowance.

Passing your sewn garments through a serger will definitely lock your seams and stitches thus increasing lifespan of your outfit.

There are 2-4 thread sergers, 3-4 thread sergers and 5 thread sergers. Theses extra threads are helpful in producing wider seams and add strength and stretch to the garment.Along with this, they also play a major role in dealing with stretchy apparels, knits and other lightweight and sheer fabrics which cannot be handled by simple sewing machine.

Serger gives you products very much similar to those made by using double needle on an ordinary sewing machine. What the bonus is that you will accomplish a stretchy and sturdy project.


Factors to consider before buying a serger sewing machine:

Heading towards a serger machine in your journey of dress designing is a very thrilling process and also terrifying at the same time. On one hand, if you will be able to give professional look to your projects then on the other hand, you may also face several challenges in regard to threading. Getting trained on these kinds of machines not only gives you inner satisfaction but helps to expand your creative horizon as well.

So in order to turn your investment in a highly worthwhile product, you need to be very vigilant while making a purchase. In the following content, you will get to know about various aspects and features of sergers which are required to be thoroughly investigated in order to prevent you from future fuss and regrets.

It is the time to analyze that to which extent you need a serger. If you plan to progress yourself in your sewing field and want to work on other varied fabrics such as knits then you are going to depend solely on a serger. An expert and expensive serger will satisfy your demand. But if elegantly finishing raw edges or seam locking is your only goal then you can go for a basic product available at lower rates in the market.

Consider your budget as well. The more you invest, the more skilled, developed and highly adjustable article will become your target.

A deep survey is required to make your investment highly productive. If you are going to buy a serger online then customer reviews are the best source that guides you about characteristics of a particular machine. However, buying from a local retailer has much more advantages. Must check variety at all the retailers of your specific region. By purchasing from a nearby shop you not only receive maintenance and repairing services conveniently but also get the chance to test the machine at the spot. These local shops also arrange classes to teach their customers about multiple aspects of their purchase.

If you are going to buy a serger for the very first time then try to avoid one equipped with various bells and whistles. A basic article will definitely serve you with fundamental and essential features and will prove to be a good initiator in the world of serging besides enhancing your confidence as well.

Your selected serger must not be lacking in any of the following features which altogether make it highly functional in its field:

Color coded threading: every machine does not facilitates its user with automatic threading so these sorts of threading guides shield you against threading frustration.

Adjustable thread tensions: These enhance your control as the serger operates and give you even and balanced stitching.

Differential feed: it is the most significant feature that allows a serger to run smoothly on knits and stretchy fabrics and prevent these specific fabrics from bunching by adjusting feed dog.

Heavy duty knife: presence of a sharp cutting blade guarantees uniform trimming through several layers of fabric.

DVD and manual: the package must not be deprived of such written and visual instructions because it will make you sit totally blunt in front of your serger.

You should go for 2,3 or 4 thread machine if your aim is to just use it for hemming and finishing edges but if you intend to produce cover stitch projects then 5 thread serger is the right item for you. So your purchase must accurately honor your desire.

Sergers are not manufactured to make buttonholes, zippers or to do embroidery. So don’t search for a serger that can fulfill your A-Z sewing requirement.

If you are a sufferer of arthritis or other sort of bone ailment or even if you have eyesight issues, then must go for an auto-thread serger.

In case you do not possess ample space to accommodate separate sergers for cover stitching and over locking, then search for a serger which can serve you with both functions.


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Conclusion on Serger Sewing Machines :

This was sort of best selection on serger machines available in the market. Not every machine is bad and not every other machine has the features what you need to look on. Sometime the customer itself is not sure on what to opt for, so i have summarised few of the best serger sewing machines available in the market so you can select the best decision for yourself.

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