Sew Cool Sewing Machines – Jan 2023

Sew Cool Sewing Machines (Last Updated On: October 25, 2022)

For the first-timers, especially the kids, we got something cool out here to test out their sewing skill, and for this, the Sew Cool sewing machine is NO less than a toy-alike sewing machine to detect how much they adore the sewing.

Taken to testing your kids from an early age, the art of sewing is entirely the step taken towards the right track to understanding how they steer it themselves — The creativity they bring on the table that gets to show up the way they sew the fabric.

And worry NOT, the sewing machines from Sew Cool are way safer, durable, and trustworthy not to bring any harm to your lovely kid as the design is wholly appropriated to burst the kids’ attention and intention that forces them to take up the machine by themselves.

So, sew through the plushies or the doll’s suit to have the other toys to wear up their dedicated suits; the Sew Cool sewing machines are all up and ready to take on any tasks the kids bring up out of their imagination.

Sew Cool Sewing Machine — Updated Picks for 2023

Sew Cool Sewing MachineWeightSize
Cool Maker Sew Cool 60593242.34 pounds5 x 8.5 x 8.75 inches
Sew Cool Sewing Studio 200710862.4 pounds12.01 x 4.8 x 10.94 inches
Cool Maker Sew Cool 60583402.4 pounds4.88 x 12 x 11 inches
Sew Cool Sew N Style 60378472.0 pounds4.75 x 12.13 x 11 inches


Cool Maker Sew Cool 6059324

Specifically crafted and designed exclusively for kids from the age range of 8 to 10 years, the Cool Maker Sew Cool 6059324 is the prime sewing machine to invent the passion of sewing that emerged right from the learning age.

What a surprising factor here is, it does not require the thread to sew with. Yes, the magic work is done here as you sew without a thread!

NOT just that, but it also does not require the bobbins, foot pedals, needles, and of course, the thread, so that the kids always remain safe and find it quite convenient to take up the sewing tasks.

And NOT only the sewing machine, but it comes with the kit that includes up to 5 of the trendy and pre-cut projects to get versed with the sewing trends. Take on to design the stuffed rose, style-oriented pouch, rainbow maker holder, and the keychain of your (the kids) choice.

It runs with battery power and just requires around 4 AA-size batteries (well, not included with the kit) to unleash your kids’ creativity to lead the awesome designs with the kid-friendly Sew Cool sewing machine!

Sew what the machine got for you, the fabrics to help the kids learn the aligned stitches, and know when to enter and exit from the printed markings that make it super easy for them to know and understand stitching art any prior supervision.

Gift the kids you are visiting up their skill to learn something productive and beneficial, which could reroute the future, who knows?

The purchase includes the Sew Cool sewing machine, a bag full of stuffing, a playbook, and up to 5 pre-cut projects which complete the box for you.


  • Best designed for kids with age 6 to beyond
  • Threadless stitching
  • Runs with batteries


  • Contains choking hazard due to small parts

Sew Cool Sewing Studio 20071086

Mastering sewing art from an early age is ALWAYS beneficial and makes the whole process relatively easy to learn. When it is done from Sew Cool Sewing Studio 20071086, you find right in front of the kids, the compulsion of sewing AND sewing right is done miraculously and magically!

Got up to five pre-cut projects along with the smart and sleek accessories that complete your purchase to have your kid try out sewing from almost the age where they all care for playing with the toys AND deeming to attach them with something productive would push the intention to do it all in a fun way.

Starting with the design, Sew Cool Sewing Studio 20071086 brings the kid-friendly design to like it more to incite the want to stitch in all the fun and playing way for hours without stopping for a bit.

Designed for the aspiring little kids with a bit of age, it includes all the essential and necessary tools to create some fantastic and unique creations to be proud of.

Work it up to create the stylish designs and by the kids from the age range of between 6 to 8 years AND even up than that and the convenience of powering up with using batteries come with the added advantage to not really worry about how to actually get it powered up as it takes up to 4 x AA batteries (of course, not included) that keeps it powered on without stopping the machine in the middle.

Known for designing, stitching what you got, and decorate using the Sew Cool Sewing Studio 20071086 the moment the kids see it! 🙂


  • Includes five projects
  • Threadless operation


  • Expect no full-fledged stitching.

Cool Maker Sew Cool 6058340

Another in the making, this Cool Maker Sew Cool 6058340 has been the finest of the kid-friendly sewing machine that brings the creativity to propel at the table without the safety concern.

Yes, it has the No Thread Sewing mechanism, which makes it safer to sew through the kinds of fabrics that are packaged up and provided by the machine maker.

Its threadless design is set to improvise the first-timers’ sewing experience so that any wrong move would not bring in any injury or hurt the sentiment to leave out the intention of sewing whatever you got.

And that makes it the one perfect example for the kids to try out this sort of sewing machine without the concern given the fact it would reduce or eradicate the whole of the fear of NOT facing the sewing machine at an early age and where the parents are much skeptical for their kids’ safety, and yes, the sewing machines are entirely not found to be used by the kids.

But it’s threadless system proves your kids are always safe and sound to use the sewing machine the way they want.

Now, sew what you are provided with (and NOT what you want, but that is entirely fine as long as it involves the learning phase for the first-timers), starting with the patterns and the pre-cut shapes that include purses, characters, pouches, and more at your disposal to pinpoint the art buried deep down the world of imaginations the kids are fond of showing off given the right tools in their hands.

Not only that, but you are given with other nine awesome projects ready to sew through from the very beginning to the end so that everything is learned deep down from scratch to pierce through the blinds of memories.


  • Suitable for age six and plus
  • Comes with three templates
  • Priced affordably


  • Cannot load up heavier stuff to sew

Sew Cool Sew N Style 6037847

Never force your kids to learn a new skill. And when they want to learn it all by themselves, do whatever possible at your hand to comply with the request, because the self-learned skill is what matters the most in this world of competition.

Luckily and for the kids who seek interest in crafting something new, trendy, and fashionable while learning the craft of stitching and sewing, the ultimate kid-friendly Sew Cool Sew N Style 6037847 sewing machine is right here to comply with the demand through its best-included features.

Safety is the priority, and this sewing machine from Sew Cool does not lack behind not to adopt all the safety features so that you can have it handed into your kids’ possession without worrying about anything and not doing the complete supervision when they are up to operating it during their playtime.

Comes with over five projects to enjoy the customized results, including the styling string, pom poms, and ribbons to endorse the different styles added to the design to look flamingly beautiful.

The aspiring little designers were awarded the right kind of tools to create unforgettable and incredible creations to feel proud of.

Up and all-time ready to be consumed by the kids ranging from the age from 6 to 8 years confirm they are all set for artistically learning this new art to have it emerged into the level of professional degree.

Requiring up to 4 AA batteries to power this compact, portable, and kid-friendly sewing machine without needing the power post so that it is always ready and up to performing without anything hindering its operation.


Includes the content from;


  • A Cool Maker Sew N Style sewing machine
  • Glittering fabrics up to 2 sheets
  • Two pre-cut projects
  • Cool Maker fabric of 1 count
  • Three decorative fabric pieces
  • Pop-out pattern,
  • Pom maker attachment
  • A bit of stretch fabric
  • A bag full of stuffing
  • An elastic
  • Spool of ribbon
  • Style sting
  • A playbook



  • Best at coming up with the customized styles
  • Includes countless freebies in the package


  • Not suitable for children under three years.

Conclusion of Sew Cool sewing machine

NEVER deem to stop the kids from learning anything, and the art of sewing is entirely a different experience for them, which can eventually be examined and checked by handing them one of the best Sew Cool sewing machine in their hands.

Coupled with all the interesting, blazingly convenient, and easy to follow features, the first-timers demand and expect. Thankfully, all these sewing machines from Sew Cool are basically designed to operate threadless. It does not require the thread to pour, which is eventually the primary safety concern the kids could get hurt with.

Go on and remain with the Sew Cool if you are severe enough to test their level of skill as well as the interest if they find any scope to turn into the world of sewing to take up wholly as the full-fledged profession for them by the time because the age factor they are in ( 6 to 8 years) could be a decisive one for the parents to understand where their kids want to steer their future towards.

No good to impose your own way to have them learn it, sticking to the kid-friendly sewing machine (Sew Cool, of course) owns the best replacement just like a whole and full-fledged traditional sewing machines which cannot get really handled that easily, and especially by the kids.

So, take no chance and compromise upon your kid’s safety and always go with the best and affordable Sew Cool sewing machine to do better and a lot better!

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