10 Best Sewing Machine Oils 2022: Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Sewing Machine Oils
(Last Updated On: October 31, 2021)


How far a car can go without you having to take care of it with proper tuning and service – which includes changing the Mobil oil after a few thousand miles?

Same is the case with sewing machines; you cannot just keep churning the wheel without taking good care of lubrication.

In this post we are going to review 10 best sewing machine oils and we will go through a buyer’s guide that will help you a lot in buying a machine oil on your own.

But first, take a minute or two and have a look at the comparative analysis of these oils:

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Best Sewing Machine Oils 2022

Below are best performing sewing machine oils.

What’s Special? Name Delivery Method Oil’s Weight
Bestseller Singer 2131E Small & wide spout 4 FL OZ
Best Budget AlbaChem Zoom Spout Long spout 4 FL OZ
Best Overall Euro-Notions Zoom Spout Long spout 4 FL OZ
Best Quantity ZipperStop Lily White Just container, needs a delivery method 1gallon
Best Made in USA White Diamond Lily White Just container, needs a delivery method 32 FL OZ
Best Amazon’s Choice Liberty Oil Small & wide spout 1 FL OZ
Best Wide Spout HELMAR Colonial Super Lube Small & wide spout 4.23 FL OZ
Best Long Spout Universal Sewing Supply Zoom Spout Long spout 4 FL OZ
Best Pocket Size Dritz Zoom Spout Long spout 4 FL OZ
Best Leakage Control Liquid Bearings Small spout & twist on/off needles 1 FL OZ



Before we start with the review, let us make it clear that the numbering of these items – from top to bottom – are based on the popularity and the number of reviews that they got on Amazon.

And now the reviews:

SINGER 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil – Bestseller

If you ask us one good and decisive reason for buying this sewing machine oil, it is it being a bestseller.

Neither 300+ positive reviews nor an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ tag can be earned without being best. This oil’s Amazon rating is 4.6/5 which should be enough to explain how good it is.

But let us go into the detail and take a look at its most promising features:

All-Purpose Sewing Machine Oil –

While most of the customers would buy this oil for their sewing machines and sergers, this can actually be used for all mechanical machines and electrical machines that require lubrication for mechanical parts, bikes and tools etc.

Ensures Smooth Operation –

This machine oil is based on a pure and transparent lubrication formula and it is because of this, that it lubricates really well and ensures that your sewing machine get a very smooth and voiceless operation.

Protection from Friction and Rust –

When you run out of your machine’s lubricant and you keep using that, there can be two immediate problems that occur to your machine – friction and rust. Friction causes damage to sensitive mechanical parts and rust renders steel parts inoperable. This oil protects you from both.

Application –

While this machine oil can be applied to almost all mechanical machines, it is mainly made for machines like sewing machines, sergers, crochet and embroidery machines, vacuum cleaners, bicycle gears and similar household items.

Equally Good for Old Sewing Machines –

Singer is the oldest sewing machine company out there and this is why they anticipated that people would like to be able to use their machine oils on old singer or other brands’ machines. Customers use this oil on Singer and other machines that were manufactured back in 1900s.

Delivery Method –

It is important to know how you can deliver an oil from the container to the part where this lubricant must reach. Small tips make it difficult to pour it correctly. This container has an effective safety cap and a roughly ¼” spout. It can work pretty fine for sewing machines, but for machines with deeper recesses, you’d need a big tube.

Oil Weight –

In one container that you get from this link, there are 4 ounces of transparent and pure machine oil.


  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Bestseller
  • All-purpose Oil
  • Specially Formulated for Sewing Machines.


  • Spout Could Be Bigger
  • Expensive.

AlbaChem ZOOM-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil Oiler – Best Budget

This oil is a mixed bag of a lot of things – wears a lot of hats. For example, it has also got ‘Amazon’s Choice’ tag, it has also got 250+ happy customers and a 4.5/5 rating, but the most important characteristic of this oil is its price.

It is the best budget oil on our list and last time we checked the price (just a few minutes ago), it was less than $5 (which may increase before you read the post or after that).

But, a cheap price is not the only trait of this product; let us see what else it has to offer us.

Stainless Oil –

Here’s the deal, not all of the oils on this list are pure and transparent, and not all transparent are stainless steel oils. This one is definitely both of them – transparent, pure, clean and stainless steel (mineral) oil.

Long Telescopic Spout –

When compared with the previously reviewed product, this one has a better spout. With a spout bigger than one inch, you can easily use this container/oil to lubricate a machine with deep and narrow crevice for oiling.

Water White –

First of all, it is not your casual synthetic oil, but it is a mineral oil and it is water-based. It is transparent just like water and with this oil you need not to worry about lubrication quality, odor or stains.

Application –

While you can use this oil in case of all most all machines with mechanical parts, unless it is not suitable for a specific type, it is made keeping in mind specially sewing machines, textile machinery and parts etc.

Perfect Viscosity –

The thickness and magnitude of internal friction in this oil are exactly intended for use in sewing machines, textile machinery and other mechanical machines. The oil they use is lily white which is a low viscosity, anti-friction oil made with intent to protect fabrics.

Oil Weight –

One container of this oil that you can buy from the provided link, comes with 4 ounces of oil.


  • Low Viscosity Oil
  • Long Telescopic Spout
  • The Most Affordable Oil on This List
  • Water White & Transparent – No Stain Oil.


  • Not Made for Squeeze or Fast Pouring
  • Too Thin.

Euro-Notions Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oiler – Best Overall

Zoom oil is actually a pretty generic, water white or transparent oil and it is made by many companies. Euro-Notions is just one of them.

It has a 4.7/5 Amazon rating and 150+ happy customers.

The word spout refers to the telescopic spout on top of the container that make it easy for you to reach the deep crevice where you are supposed to drop this oil and lubricate whatever mechanical part is there.

Let us know more about this oil.

Best Overall –

Why we consider this machine oil the best overall oil? It is because it is an all-purpose sort of machine oil. It is not only for sewing machines, unless expressly prohibited by the manufacturers, you can use this oil in all sorts of mechanical machines and electronic machines as well.

Stainless Steel Oil –

There are a lot of confusing terms that buyers and sellers use on Amazon; a mineral oil (just like the previous one and this one) and a stainless steel oil are the same. Why is it so good? It is because its unique qualities take good care of stainless steel panels and parts.

Telescopic Spout –

Another reason why it is ‘best overall’ is it having a telescopic spout on the top of its container. This kind of spout, as mentioned previously, can penetrate deep and narrow crevices to lubricate a part then and there.

Highly Protective –

This oil is good for all the good purposes someone needs a good lubricating oil. It fights against rust, oxidation and friction – it increases in the life of your machines and smoothens their performance.

Non-Gumming Oil –

So this is a non-gumming oil while not all oils on this list claim to be this. Let’s move on … wait, we do not know what the heck non-gumming is. Let us explain this to you. Here is what happens when your machine runs out of oil – the friction is at peak, there is little to no lubrication left and oil is drying fast. Now, in case of many other oils, there will be solid residues there – the micro parts of that oil: similar to micro plastic are left there and they cause all sorts of damages. However, with a non-gumming oil, you do not need to worry about anything.

Oil Weight –

In one bottle of Euro-Notions Zoom Spout oil, there are standard 4 ounces of sewing machine oil.

ZipperStop Sewing Machine Oil ~ Lily White – Best Quantity

There are two things about this bottle that you need to know more than deeper details; it is a U.S. 1-gallon bottle so in terms of quantity no other bottle beats it and for the same reason its delivery system is bad.

It actually does not exist, because you cannot pour oil directly from the bottle; you’d have to use a big and narrow funnel to pour some oil into your machine.

However, it has a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon and 90+ happy customers.

What else? They pack and sell lily white oil, which is considered one of the best pure and transparent oils.


Low Viscosity Oil –

Just like the previously reviewed lily white oil, this one is also a low viscosity one. As explained, “thickness and magnitude of internal friction” is too less in case of such an oil. But what would it do for my machine, you might want to ask. Well, lower the viscosity faster and easier the oil flows through the mechanical parts. As a result, engine takes less energy to circulate lubrication all around the machine – equally good for sewing machines.

Transparent Oil –

This oil is made keeping in mind the kind of industries where it is used the most. Since machines used by textile units and factories require good lubrication and a bad oil can stain the cloth, this oil is made transparent to avoid stains and marks.

Application –

While this oil is listed as a sewing machine oil, this is not the only application of this oil. It can be used with all sorts of sergers, crochet and embroidery machines, textile machinery and parts as well as any other mechanical parts.

Best Oil Against Friction and Rust –

What causes friction and rust is mainly slow movement of oil in the lubrication area; the easy and fast flowing characteristics of this oil, make it the best oil to fight against friction, oxidation and rust.

Stainless and Odourless –

You know that this oil can be used in textile machinery and it is too good because it does not leave stains on fabric, but the other big pro of this oil is that being a water-based mineral oil, it does not leave any odour.

Weight –

Weight is the most important aspect of this deal; the container packs an entire US gallon of sewing machine oil – 1 gallon.


  • Best Quantity Oil Container – 1 Gallon
  • Low Viscosity Oil
  • Multiple Application
  • Lily White Oil – No Stains on the Fabrics.


  • Needs a Proper Delivery System
  • Substandard Container.

1 Quart Lily White Industrial Sewing Machine Oil Made in USA By White Diamond – Best Made in USA

This is a bottle of premium sewing machine oil made in USA; it is perhaps one of the few best made in USA sewing machine oils you can get on Amazon: rife with Chinese products including machine oils.

Also, it has a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon and 60+ happy customers.

It is lily white premium oil, which means it is watery (in color and texture) – and it will leave no stains on fabrics, while used in textile machinery.

Here is the complete detail of its most important features.

Lily White Oil –

As you can see, this is yet another container of sewing machine oil with lily white oil inside it. Lily white oil is a particular type of oil, made by Lily White and many other companies, that has watery characteristics. It does not leave stains on fabrics and it does not have an odor. Also, it is thin so it flows real good wherever you apply it. It is made especially for the textile industry – keeping in mind that it would not stain the fabrics.

Made in USA –

If you are a USA citizen, you are more likely to buy high quality USA made products instead of cheap quality Chinese products. Even those who do not live in USA, USA made is a euphemism for good quality product.

Application –

It can be used for all kinds of sewing machines, sergers, crochet machines and embroider machines – similarly useful for textile machines and parts and other similar machinery.

Low Viscosity –

We have already explained in detail what low viscosity means. For those who accidentally skipped the detail, precisely, viscosity is the measuring of how thick a fluid is. It flows much easily in your machine’s different parts and because of its watery nature, engine takes less time and energy to circulate it throughout the machine. Maximum lubrication!!!

Mineral Oil –

Stainless steel oil or mineral oil, as explained, is the same thing. This kind of oil is made keeping in view the stainless steel panels and parts of a machine. This kind of oil protects them from rust, friction and oxidation.

Oil Weight –

The Amazon listing shows that the oil that comes in this container is 1 quart – if we convert quart into US fluid ounces, it is 32 ounces, which, in terms of quantity, make it the 2nd best deal.


  • Mineral Oil
  • Big Quantity
  • Low Viscosity Oil
  • Made in USA.


  • Needs a Proper Delivery System
  • Manually Filled from a Larger Source – Homemade Label.

Liberty Oil – Best Amazon’s Choice

If 60+ happy customers and an overall 4.6/5 rating is not enough to convince you that this sewing machine oil is good for the job, perhaps that ‘Amazon’s Choice’ tag will do the job.

Among a handful of ‘Amazon’s Choice’ products, I picked this one for this category, because it is unique.

It is a synthetic oil, and not a mineral oil that we’ve been noticing so far. Apart from the Amazon’s warranty that you have, this company offers a 60-days no question asked return policy.

Here are the best features:

100% Synthetic Oil –

Now, both: the mineral oil and the synthetic oil have their own merits and demerits, and you can go with any of them based on your requirements. You know the merits of mineral oil, here are some of the synthetic oil’s benefits:

Better Alternative of Petroleum-Based Oils –

If you’re using petroleum-based oils, you must know that they leave hazardous residues in the mechanical parts of your machines and thus they should be replaced with a different kind of oil. This synthetic oil is best alternative of them.

Safe to Use on Plastic & Painted Surfaces –

Apart from stainless steel panels and parts of your machines, this oil works well on plastic and painted surfaces – so in simple words, it can work with all kind of mechanical materials.

60-Days Return Policy –

Apart from Amazon’s 30-days return policy from the day of receipt, you get a 60-days return policy from this company – no string attached.

Comes with Medical Grade 1 ½” Needle Tip –

Stop leakage from your bottle; remove the big needle tip whenever you need to lubricate the machine.

Oil Weight –

Oil that comes in this small container weighs at 1 fluid ounce USA.


  • Premium Synthetic Oil
  • Comes with Leak Proof Bottle
  • Safe for all Kinds of Surfaces
  • 60-Days Return Policy.


  • Wide & Small Opening
  • Might Stain the Fabrics.


HELMAR Colonial Super Lube – Best Wide Spout


Why do you consider a wide spout something good? You might want to ask me. Well, it is not good in terms of access and range – you might need a long and narrow funnel to make sure that you lubricate the deep recesses of your machine, but there are some benefits of wide spouts.

We’ll read about that in features.


  • Stainless White Oil
  • Container Comes with Wide Spout
  • Multipurpose Oil
  • Imported Quality.


  • Spout Cannot Reach Deep Parts
  • Flow Out can be Improved.

Universal Sewing Supply Zoom Spout – Best Long Spout

As per our personal opinion (that we developed after using many oils and reading many customer reviews), a long spout is better because it easily delivers the lubricant to the deeper parts of the machine.

This oil container’s spout is too good, because it does not have the problem that many other telescopic spout bottles have; drops are not clogged in the spout and the flow is pretty fast.

Let us know more about its features:

Better Spout –

As mentioned above, while people love telescopic spouts for their range, the problem is that they do not get a frequent delivery of oil, but infrequent drops and it takes time to lubricate the machine. This telescopic spout is designed for frequent flow.

Lily White Transparent Oil –

Just like a handful of sewing machine oils on this list, this one also is a lily white transparent oil. This kind of oil is known for being a low viscosity and anti-friction oil. Its transparency makes it stainless and odorless.

Mineral Oil –

All these water white or transparent oils, by nature, are mineral oils. As it has been explained above, people prefer this kind of oil because it is good for” the stainless steel panels and parts of a machine.”

Low Viscosity Oil –

By nature, this is a low viscosity oil. This means that it works better against friction, oxidation and rust. It stimulates the ball bearing action and keep running smoothly between the parts.

Oil Weight –

One container of this oil comes with 4 fluid ounces.


  • Low Viscosity Oil
  • Best Telescopic Spout
  • Mineral Oil by Nature
  • Stainless and Odourless.


  • Leakage from Bottle.
  • Oil Cannot Be Seen Due to Long Spout.


Dritz Zoom Spout – Best Pocket Size

If you move a lot – on a bike or bicycle and need a machine oil that can fit right in your pocket or your small EDC box, this is the container to go with.

The container is a zoom sprout container which is another pro, because telescopic spouts are more successful when it comes to container to mechanical part delivery of the same oil.

Let us take a look at the best features:

Best Pocket Size –

With only a 1.7” x 1.7” x 7.1” container, this bottle can fit right in your pocket or your small tool box.

Telescopic Spout –

This container has one of the best telescopic spouts, because it is neither too big nor too narrow. Rest assured that not only you’d be able to fast lubricate your machine, but also see the quantity of oil being dropped.

Transparent Machine Oil –

The oil is watery in nature. It has no color, it is transparent and it does not leave either stains or odor on fabrics. It is perfect to use on textile machines.

Mineral Oil –

This oil is a mineral oil by nature. Mineral oil, although has its own set of demerits, is still better because it is made for stainless steel parts of the machines, and it fights against oxidation and friction.

Oil Weight –

This container packs 4 fluid ounces USA, transparent oil.


  • Best Pocket Size Container
  • Telescopic Spout
  • Mineral Oil
  • Zero Stains or Odor.


  • Oil Cannot Be Seen Due to Long Spout
  • Limited Application.


Liquid Bearings – Best Leakage Control

There’s this thing about sewing machine oil – all oils are more or less the same, so what just equally or perhaps more importantly matters is the container.


Because you deliver the oil through the long or short nozzle/spout of the bottle. A lot of customers give negative review only because the oil leaked or the spout was too big or too small.

So, when we consider an oil bottle for this review only because it has better leakage control, you should understand why.

But, best leakage control is not the only reason … let us read about the merits of this oil.

Synthetic Oil –

Well, you might not like this oil, because it is not colorless and it might stain fabrics if handled without due care, but synthetic oil is the best machine oil – even better than the mineral one. It is so good because it has a better viscosity level, it increases the overall life of the machine/part, you do not need to change the oil very often and performance is consistent.

Perfect Lubricant –

This lubricant works exactly like a lot of ball bearing between two mechanical arms/parts; it stops all kinds of friction and noises, and you get a very smooth functioning from your machine/tools.

Non-Gumming Oil –

This is the second oil that is non-gumming. As it has been explained previously, a non-gumming oil is one that does not leave solid residues behind and thus does not harm the functioning of your machine.

3 Twist On/Off Needles –

This machine has a unique leakage control system. You get 3 twist on/off needles – ½”, 1 ½” and 3” in size. Whenever you want to lubricate your machine or tools, just twist the needle, withdraw it and use the oil, twist it off and prevent leakage.

Oil Weight –

One container contains 1 fluid ounce USA.


  • Unique Leakage Control
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Non-Gumming Oil
  • Best Lubricant.


  • Not a Stainless and Odourless Oil
  • Spout is Small

Buyer’s Guide


Now, if you still do not like any oil from our well curated list, you can take a look at these points to look for when buying sewing machine oil and get whatever suits you best.

Type of Oil –

All sewing machine oils are not the same. Synthetic and Mineral oils have their own merits and demerits. Synthetic oil is considerably better than the Mineral one, but it has a demerit that Mineral oil does not have; it is not stainless and odorless.

Company –

In this list, you can find companies like Singer and AlbaChem as well as those that have neither a website nor a Facebook page; they only exist on Amazon. So, you choose; quality comes at expensive price and affordability comes with the risk of poor quality.

Price –

You know that a machine oil is something that you constantly need. You cannot go for a very expensive oil that you cannot afford for a long time or a very cheap one that may damage the machine. Make your purchase based on your budget.

Delivery System –

Most of these containers have long spouts and they’re good unless there is a problem of lack of flow – wide and small spout containers have better flow, but limited range. The choice depends on you.

Additional Readings


Verdict on Best Sewing Machine Oils

As per our understanding, here are the winners – the top sewing machine oils that you can trust.

We bet there is nothing that can go wrong with these oils.

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