Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review-Complete Guide

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

You might have speculated this after reading our review of Brother CS6000i that a detailed review of its top competitor, Singer Heavy Duty 4423 was on its way. I know that in terms of the number of total built-in stitches, CS6000i beats Singer’s Heavy Duty 4423 6 days to Sunday, but this does not mean that this sewing machine is no good.

As a matter of fact, this machine has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and an Amazon’s Choice tag on its listing, which are not possible without high quality. There are certain areas where Singer’s 4423 delivers better options and performance.

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

This review is our attempt to go in depth, explain the features, options and shortcomings of this sewing machine in detail and see how this one looks when compared with its top competitor from Brother.

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Singer 4423 is a heavy duty sewing machine with some unexpected positive features and a few shortcomings that are hidden in plain sight and should not be there in the first place in a professional sewing machine made by Singer. Here are best features of this sewing machine.

23 Built-in Stitches

Where this machine appears to be losing the competition to Brother CS6000i is in terms of the number of total built-in stitches. That machine has 60 stitches and this one has only 23. While in comparison, Singer’s variant appears to be weak, it is a matter of fact that if we take CS6000i out of the equation, 23 is a very good number of built-in stitches compared with other machines.

1,100 Stitches per Minute Maximum Speed

As I said, this machine has unexpected edges over its chief competitor (Brother CS6000i). Take this machines stitches/minute speed for example. Not only this speed is variable and it can be controlled, the maximum number of stitches/minute that you can hit is 1,100 stitches/minute. This looks more professional when compared with Brother CS6000i’s 850 stitches/minute speed which is bordering to the range considered inappropriate for professional stitching.

Straight & Reverse Stitching

This is no rocket science – it is a simple feature. All sewing machines sew in simple and straight way – however, more professional machines allow reverse stitching option that lets one reverse stitch over the existing stitch and thus strengthen the bond.

Automatic Needle Threader

Just like reverse stitching, this is yet another common feature in professional sewing machines. It relieves pressure off of your eyes and keeps you from lowering your head and neck again and again. With one swift move, you thread the needle. This feature is also common in both: CS6000i and 4423 by Singer.

Heavy Duty Metal Frame

Another edge that Singer’s Heavy Duty 4423 enjoys over its chief competitor from Brother is its heavy-duty metal frame. Not only this frame protects the complicated machinery and mechanical parts of this sewing machine, but it also helps with long lasting stitching on heavy and thick objects like leather.

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure

Another very thoughtful feature that this machine brings to its users and that Brother CS6000i lacks is adjustable presser foot pressure. Presser foot needs to be pressed before you go on stitching. However, all fabrics are not the same and at times stitching through layers makes things complicated. This is where adjustable pressure keeps delicate fabrics safe and makes it easy for you to stitch thick and heavy fabrics/layers.

Top Drop-In Bobbin

This feature is an icon of all modern-day sewing machines. What is a top drop-in bobbin? Unlike the old-fashioned sewing machines that come with front bobbins, new machines have these drop-in bobbins that make stitching easy and quick.

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Last, but not the least, this sewing machine also comes with many valuable accessories that you would not have to buy from the market. The included accessories are all-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, quilting guide, bobbins, needles, screwdriver, seam ripper and lint brush, auxiliary spool spin and many other items.


  • 1,100 Stitches/minute
  • 23 Built-in Stitches
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Adjustable Presser Pressure Foot.


  • No Display at All
  • Noisy.

I’ve already explained the pros, but in case you think that cons need a little explanation, here it is.

The first problem with this machine is that it is an old-style Singer machine. The good part is that it is just as solid and durable as old-fashioned Singer machines, but the bad part is that it does not have a display – not even a simple LCD display like Brother CS6000i.

The other problem is not a common problem, but a considerable number of customers have complained that this machine is noisy. It makes a clunky noise while they use it.

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FAQs on Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Here are the most frequently asked questions about this sewing machine.

Can this machine sew through thick and heavy fabrics e.g. leather or canvas?

Yes, it is a heavy-duty machine with a strong motor and it can easily sew through 2 to 3 layers of canvas or leather. However, in case you increase layers or there is some exceptionally thick fabric, you might find this machine insufficient.

Do I have to use plastic bobbins with this machine or my old metal ones would also do the job?

Metal bobbins are the thing of past; they used to come with old Singer machines, but now they’re obsolete in case you have a new Singer machine like this one. You can only use plastic bobbins with this Singer machine.

Does this machine have a foot pedal?

Yes, a stock foot control comes with this machine. However, just like the case with all stock accessories, this foot control is not of a high quality. In case you rely on foot pedal a lot, you should buy a high-quality pedal from the market.

Is this machine good for beginners?

As I said in response to the same question for CS6000i, you should try this heavy-duty and professional sewing machine, because once you learn to operate it, you would not be afraid using any sewing machine. It is one of the easiest sewing machines and there are different ease of use features that you can notice. For example, it has amazing stitches/minute speed, it has automatic threader, top drop-in bobbins and presser foot pressure settings.

Is it good enough for quilting?

What would you expect from a heavy-duty, professional sewing machine? Obviously yes! This machine can sew through many layers and almost all thick fabrics. You can definitely use it as a long arm quilting machine, because these are the type of purposes it is made for.

Where is singer heavy duty 4423 manual?

The manual can be found on the official website of Singer. Click here to read more about it.

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Conclusion on Singer Heavy Duty 4423

Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is a high-quality professional sewing machine that poses a serious threat to Brother’s hegemony in its market. There are certain features that make it appear better than Brother CS6000i, but there are certain disadvantages too. Singer’s loyal customers should definitely give it a try. I also recommend you to checkout, Brother PE770 computerized sewing machine as well.

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