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Singer Fashion Mate 5560 Review (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

This year with their new entry, Singer Fashion Mate 5560, Singer has once again reminded us that they are still one of the great if not the most significant sewing machine manufacturers of all time.

From generation to generation, they have always tried to bring something new to the box, and do not worry because this time, there are quite a few.

Every few years, a new, more enhanced machine has graced the market with the label of singer corporation, and this year is no exception.

Singer Fashion Mate 5560 Review

This year it seems like they have tried to go all-in as this machine is rich in its features and contains many components squeezed into one machine. We will look at every aspect of the machine in this exclusive Singer Fashion Mate 5560 review.

When I first started sewing, I took it as a hobby, one of the chops that I used to do every day. Then I got more interested and embraced it as a profession. At first, I knew the machine that I am using, how many stitches does it have or how well does it sew. Never gave much attention to the manufacturers. But then I got knee-deep in the game, and I am surprised at how well Singer Corporation has done over the years.

The Ultimate Look of Singer Fashion Mate 5560

Singer Fashion Mate 5560 review

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By looking at its physical aspects, Singer 5560 has a smart build. The machine is also easily fixable on a standard size table. The size of the machine is 16.5 x 7.8 x 13 inches. It can be labeled as a standard sized sewing machine.

It is a lightweight machine weighing about 6.3 KGs, so it was easy for me to change it’s setting all around the house. I have worked with this machine in my dining room, my bedroom table, and the small table I have on the TV lounge. Yes, these are definitely not the optimal ways to sew, but this machine gives you this ease.

Surprisingly with all the other features that this machine possesses which we will discuss ahead in this Singer Fashion Mate 5560 review, it also comes with an LCD screen which gives the user an easy way to navigate through the different stitching patterns on the stitching pattern menu with the help of the buttons below the screen.

Most beginners have problems while sewing is threading the machine, specifically where the thread goes in the needle. And there you got nothing to be ashamed of as I had it too, but singer 5560 has a portable storage compartment that covers the bobbin. The user can remove this compartment. Without any chamber, there is more space to thread the sewing needles.

Removing the portable storage compartment gives extra space to install an extensive table for sewing fabrics that require more space. It also has a hardcover which covers the machine. The exterior is as before created with plastic. Being traditional, the plastic surface looks very good.

Features of Singer Fashion Mate 5560

It has the best variety of features that I have seen in a sewing machine around this price. No doubt the machine lacks in some areas, but the features it presents are amazing, and I had a surprisingly fun time using them. I will tell you about these features one by one.

100 Built-In Stitches:

The machine has a wide variety of stitches installed in it. There are a total of 100 stitches that you can select through the digital screen. I have spent countless hours using this machine and have still not yet used all the stitches this machine provides.

One-Step Buttonhole:

There are not many machines that support a one-step buttonhole mechanism, but this one does. Most machines randomly sew the buttonhole according to the imagination of their specific button. In this machine, you just need to place the button on the buttonhole foot, and the machine elegantly sews the buttonhole of the size of the button we set.

Built-In Needle Threader:

For the individuals who have problems threading the needle due to unsteady hands or issues with their eyes, they can overcome it with the help of a needle threader which easily threads the needle.

Adjustable Stitch Length:

Now, the user can easily adjust the length of the stitch according to their requirement. The distance between the stitches can be increased or decreased quickly.

Adjustable Stitch Width:

The adjustable stitch width adjusts the distance of each stitch from left to right. A suture can be narrowed down, or it can go wide, all can be changed.

Darning Plate:

Darning Plate is an excellent metal plate which saves our fabric while sewing from the feed teeth. This way, the fabric stays away from the feed teeth.

Reverse Stitching:

On the right side of the machine, you can find the button for reverse stitching above the presser foot lifter.

LED lighting:

LED lighting is avaILable in this machine that provides brightness for the user so that one could complete the project in case of a shortage of electricity. This LED light stays cool compared to other LED lights.

Free Arm:

A free arm is basically a device on the sewing machine that can sew stuff like sleeves, cuffs, and many others. Singer Fashion Mate 5560 a free arm that makes it easy to sew sleeve cuffs, tubular projects, and many other smaller projects. Not every machine has a free arm feature, and most machines do not have a removable storage compartment.

Snap-On Presser Feet:

Presser’s feet are mostly used to hold the fabric while sewing or stitching. A snap-on presser foot in the Singer Fashion Mate 5560 can be easily removed or even attached whenever you need it for different sewing purposes.

Variable Needle Positions:

Experts tend to use variable needle positions to get a hold of the placements of the stitches. A needle can be adjusted into 13 areas according to the desired technique a person uses like an edge stitching, piping insertion, or even top-stitching.

Machine Cover:

You also get a machine cover that protects it from dust and probably any kind of hit that could damage the machine’s exterior.

How Singer 5560 Works

Start by plugging the two cables, one for the power and the second one for the foot controller. When the LED on top of the needle turns on, this means the machine has powered on.

Although the process of threading the machine is very much the same, you have to select through the digital screen about what type of stitch you want to use, and the rest is pretty much the same.

The machine also has a one-step buttonhole, which is excellent for experienced sewers who like to save time and have to make thousands of buttonholes.

Additional Information:

There is a presser foot lifter available on the machine. You can find it below the reverse stitching button. I might not need it much, but I know that sewists who find it difficult to thread a needle would find it a welcomed change.

By lifting the presser feet, you get extra space to thread the needle.

What It Can Really Sew

What it can sew depends on your definition of sewing. If I wanted a machine that could sew thick fabric like denim jeans. I would have probably gone with a heavy-duty machine like one of the other products from Singer, the heavy-duty 4411 sewing machine.

But this machine’s specialty is not it’s the ability to sew thick fabric. With the given price, it can provide many other things that can help an average user achieve exceptional results.

This machine can be used to sew fabrics that might be a little thick, but I recommend using a standard-sized structure because on paper Singer 5560 is not made for thick pieces of cloth.

Accessories Singer 5560 Includes


All-Purpose Foot:

An all-purpose foot is used for just simply sewing on different kinds of fabric. It also includes elastic insertion and mending.

Zipper Foot:

With the designed extension in front, a zipper foot is mostly used for applying zippers. With that being said, a zipper foot can also be used to create an insert piping.

Buttonhole Foot:

To stitch different sizes and shapes of buttonholes, this sewing machine’s buttonhole foot simply clips onto the machine to give it support for making a perfect buttonhole.

Pack of Needles:

You also get a package with different kinds of needles to sew different fabrics.


15 metal bobbins are also available in the accessories pack. This was especially great for those sewists who like to have their collection of bobbins and me.

Thread Spool Cap:

You place this cap on top of the spool so that it does not fall off the spool pin.

Daring Plate:

A Daring plate which is easily fixable on the machine.


  • The machine is super convenient to use and is very useful for both beginner level sewist and professionals.
  • With the manageable price stated, it gives a lot more features that offer the sewists a great depth in their sewing.
  • This machine improves your craft. Because of its stability and durability, you get to learn more and more. The solidly built of this machine can tell us the longevity of this machine that it is long-lasting with its metal constructed frame.
  • It comes with different parts that can be removable as well as attachable regarding the type of sewing occurring. It also contains a handful of additional accessories that makes this machine even more special.
  • This type of electrical machine might look incredibly expensive but is actually at an affordable price.


  • Not much to say about the cons of this machine apart from that it does not have a walking foot. When a needle penetrates a fabric, the walking foot holds them all together so that nothing moves while a person is sewing, but unfortunately, this machine does not have it.

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Below are most commonly discussed question & answers.

What is the average price of Singer Mate 5560 Sewing Machine?

Usually the price varies between $300 to $400 however for accurate pricing, please visit the Amazon page since the price depends upon availability of stock and deals or promotions.

Whats the weight of this machine?

It’s a lightweight machine weighing about 6.3 KGs which is much lower then other alternatives in the same price.

What’s the singer fashion mate 5560 bobbin size?

It’s bobbinsize is Class 15 / A style.

What’s it needle size?

There are multiple sewing sizes which can be fit with this sewing machine.

Where is the manual?

Here is the link to its manual.

Conclusion of Singer Fashion Mate 5560 Review

The Singer Fashion Mate 5560 is an excellent machine not only for a professional sewer but also for an amateur sewer. It has made a big impression on the sewing machine users. An electrical machine like this grants the user reliability, accuracy as well as simplicity. And, I have observed a significant improvement in my craft while using this machine. And my workload seems to have decreased because of the fast performance of Singer 5560.

Before coming into this Singer Fashion Mate 5560 review, I always remembered all the features I enjoyed throughout writing this article. All the projects you had in mind that had a hard time to accomplish before, now you can efficiently complete those projects with the help of this incredible product. This machine is relatively cheaper than many other sewing machines found around the market, and that you have been using lately.

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