Singer Heavy Duty 4452 – Review & FAQs

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2021)

What if you wanted a real heavy-duty sewing machine and not a portable kind of professional machine that would lack at power if not at features?

What if you want a heavy-duty sewing machine without having to compromise on the number of built-in stitches – what if one straight stitch is not enough for you?

What if there is a class of heavy-duty and fully professional sewing machines that do not take back an important feature or two every time they promise a new feature to you?

Heavy duty metal body that will not let its complex contents get damaged, decent number of built-in stitches, it’s not computerized, but it has big dials and ease of use features that won’t let you feel the need for a computerized machine.

Singer Heavy Duty 4452 Review

Before I dive deeper into the features and pros and cons of this product, let us talk a little about how I review these products.

I have owned, tested or checked many of these machines at one or another time in my life, but definitely I cannot test them all.

This is where expert opinion comes into the play. I talk to sewing machine testing and manufacturing experts and get their opinion.

Lastly, I go through a lot of data on Amazon and my review relies on the reviews given to these products by their verified customers on Amazon.

The review is 3-fold: features, pros and cons, and the answers to the most frequently asked questions.



  • 1,100 Stitches/minute Speed
  • 32 Built-in Stitches
  • Adjustable Width & Length
  • Adjustable Presser Foot


  • Expensive
  • Needles Break at Top Speed


Here are the most frequently asked questions about this machine and the answers to those questions.

Will it sew leather?

Yes. This machine is made for domestic use mostly, but because of its powerful motor (1,100 stitches/minute maximum speed) you can easily sew leather. You can also do two layers of roughly 4 to 5oz, but this is it.

What type of needles are needed for this machine?

You can use standard needles on this machine. For regular type of projects, you can try size 12 or 14 needles from Singer brand. However, you do not have to buy Singer needles. Same size needles from any brand would do. For denim, buy special needles made for heavy stuff.

Is this suitable for beginners?

This machine is made for domestic use so the makers know that most of the users won’t be professional seamsters or seamstresses. The pedal has variable speed for those who are afraid of this machine’s maximum speed and it is  a 100% beginners-friendly sewing machine.

Can you use a walking foot with this machine?

Yes. You can buy a new walking foot too; although the machine comes with a lot of accessories, including a walking foot and that works like a charm.

What is the maximum thickness that this machine’s presser foot can take?

The maximum this machine’s presser foot can take is ¼” and that is it. This means you cannot sew a fabric or layers thicker than this. The presser foot would not accommodate that.

How large is the harp?

4.5” is the height of the harp.


Singer’s 4452 is one of the best sewing machines made for domestic use. It is so good that people use it for professional purposes too. It has power, speed, amazing features and a metal frame. Yet it is very user-friendly and it is made to set beginners at ease.

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