Singer Portable Sewing Machine 2023- Top Selling Machine This Year

Singer Portable Sewing (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

World’s renowned sewing machine producer, we happen to bring the outstanding Singer portable sewing machine that is super-lightweight to take them anywhere you go with the increased convenience.

Unlike the full-fledged heavy-weight sewing machines (yes, Singer got such oversized and overweight machines) which are extremely difficult even to move them for an inch; the portable ones are the perfect solution to take along when you are about to go on for the extended holidays to your parent’s place AND just to spend the time off of the routine.

With that being said, the need for a sewing machine cannot be overthrown anyway. So, why not try the portable sewing machine being part of your travel?

Singer, the ultimate sewing machine brand in the whole wide world, is known to be the home of innovation integrating the modernity within the sewing machines.

Remaining in the business since 1851, we are proud to be reviewing the best portable sewing machines from Singer classed for the perfection and meeting every bit of your set expectations.

So, stay tuned and get to know the incredible seven portable sewing machine coming right from Singer!

Singer Portable Sewing Machine — Updated picks for 2022!

Singer Portable Sewing MachineBuilt-in StitchStitches’ Speed
Singer 4423971,100 SPM
Singer Fashion Mate 333323400 SPM
Singer Quantum Stylist 9960600850 SPM
Singer Start 12346750 SPM
Singer 7258 Stylist100700 SPM
Stitch Sew Quick1100 SPM
Singer 322121750 SPM


Singer 4423

Looking NOT just for the standard but the heavy-duty portable sewing machine, you are landed on the right place to know precisely about Singer 4423 to its all of the buts.

First pleasant news that would provoke you from buying it right away, it comes labeled with 25 years of the limited warranty that is, of course, too much of the claim to be proud of.

Fitting into the heavy-duty frame makes it the absolute workhorse. The frame is made of the hard and thick metal and the stainless steel bed frame to match and absorb the powerful motor to go with the full swing all-day long without losing its stability and durability.

Capable of going through 1,100 stitches per minute to sew quickly than the most of the counterpart sewing machines, the 60 percent strong motor goes with piercing through the thick seams with the increased power and takes on the weightful fabrics of many kinds including leather, denim, quilts, curtains, and more.

The automatic needle threader has the built-in feature, which does not let you go through threading the needle that is more like a difficult task; most folks do want to avoid doing it all by themselves deliberately.

Required just 0.7 amps and 84 watts or 120 volts and having the frequency rate of 60 hertz, this all much of the adequate power to keep on using Singer 4423 sewing machines all-day long without hitting the stop.


  • Made the frame of all-metal
  • 25 years of the limited warranty
  • De trop freebies included


  • Shorter cord to the foot pedal.

2- Singer Fashion Mate 3333

Arm-free sewing machine, we bring another portable sewing machine named Singer Fashion Mate 3333 that sizes this small to conveniently use it anywhere, even from placing it right over the lap.

Loaded with the series of perfect features that label it one heck of the portable sewing machine, it weighs just over 12.57 pounds that is enough of the weight to handle quickly and lift to set it in your or the backyard or anywhere you plan to use it.

Comes with an automatic needle threader that brings no strains to your eyes that take just a second to have the needle threaded and readied for sewing in less than a minute.

Seated into the all-metal frame known to be the ultimate source of stability and the durability to last way longer than many of the sewing machines available in the market despite the fact you would be using it a little rough being portable.

And being one of the arm-free sewing machines, that takes it to reduce the size to precisely 16.38 x 7.44 x 13 inches of the dimension enables it to remain one heck of the compact sewing machine to enjoy its portability to the fullest.


  • Arm-free
  • Automatic needle threader.


  • Requires self-assembly.


Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

For the advanced features, one cannot deny the importance of Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 because that does not mean it has the style but the features you can hardly find off the standard sewing machines.

Includes the bonus accessories such as the presser feet, all-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, walking foot, rolled hem foot, embroidery and darning foot, cording foot, overcasting foot, open toe foot, satin stitch foot, quilting foot, and more.

Impressive and high-running speed of the maximum of 850 stitches per minute gives you the highest rate to sew damn quickly. You know how to sew, and it would get done in no time.

Surprisingly, most of the Singer’s sewing machines do number among the specific feature named automatic needle threader. The mechanism cuts down all the hardship to manually pierce through the thread into the needle, which can eventually affect your eyesight and build the pressure on your nerves (I know how hard it is that exercise that may turn yourself angry enough to tear down anything you got! :)…)

Appears to be holding the lofty built-in stitches to over 600 counts and draws you the best styled embossed on what you are sewing with five alphanumeric fonts and over 13 built-in one-step buttonholes through exclusive buttonhole underplate included with the purchase which takes the design to add more creativity you can bring in.


  • Heavy-duty portable sewing machine
  • High-speed stitches


  • A little high in the price

4- Singer Start 1234

Do you find yourself in the quest to grab hold over a portable sewing machine having the pride-tagged with the name of Singer? You need not look further while we have listed Singer Start 1234, which books the placement by the excellent margin to win as an absolute portable sewing machine.

Another are0freem sewing machine that heavily contributes to being portable, which contains not much but the basic and standard stitching mechanism to over six counts and a built-in four-step buttonhole to get done with the traditional sewing. Comes included with the removable storage compartment that houses the sewing accessories in an organized and versatile way.

Weighing just around seven pounds, it enables us to call it one heck of the lightweight and portable sewing machine which fits nicely into the smaller areas (even on the lap) to take it along on the go to sew your best designs comfortably.

Comes with automatic bobbin winding to wind it down only where it would stop filling up when it is actually filled to the end.

Applied and warranted to use in the U.S.A and Canada as it takes 110 volts to operate the machine without doing any tweaks.

Easy to operate, this Singer Start 1234 super fits in your home to take it anywhere you go despite its looks made of all plastic but defies your expectation. Built with all-metal, so it does not break for years, enhancing its life to live durably.


  • Lightweight
  • Arm-free construction.


  • Only useable in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Singer 7258 Stylist

The finest and automatic Singer portable sewing machine is presented with the model, namely Singer 7258 Stylist loaded with the computerized stitching drafts to comply just by pressing the button and sticking the fabric presser feet.

Got the programmable needles with over 100 stitches is the combination that you can hardly believe this size of the machine can really have these much of the pre-programmed designs, but seeing is actually thought, and hence proved by Singer without making the false claim.

Just a button’s press away, you would not have to do anything to sew the best design you opted for.

Comes with extended 25 years of the limited warranty and the electrical specifications of 120 volts producing 0.62 amps with watts of 74W and 60 hertz enables Singer 7258 Stylish portable sewing machine to entirely run in any home that is based in USA and Canada where 110V is the standard rated power unit without plucking anything.


  • Computerized
  • StayBright LED light on the presser fight.


  • Mildly expensive.


Stitch Sew Quick

Not designed for the challenging tasks, but it goes with repairing the torn patches and the quick fixes while on the go, and that is the core essence of being the portable and handheld sewing machine in the form of Stitch Sew Quick.

Works on the lightweight fabrics, this cordless and battery-operated handheld sewing machines come with the essential but required elements including threads, needles, bobbins, and a threaded spindle to load in your thread and do the quick fixes in no time.

Just load in the batteries to power it on and know no boundaries to operate wherever you can.


  • Entirely portable handheld sewing machine
  • Cordless with battery-operated.


  • Stitches may skip.


Singer 3221

Simple with the attractive color, Singer 3221 comes in at last place in our list of 7 best Singer portable sewing machines.

Equipped with the time-saving feature, the fully automatic needle threader is a job even to let the new ones use this sewing machine without any supervision effectively.

Enjoy 21 built-in stitches along with the stitch guides included within the manual can surely get you to decide which stitching type you should follow to emboss on your fabric.

And the adjustable stitch length comes with the stronger seams and prevents it from bunching to ruin and turn the thread loose.

Just a button away, it also got one of the fully automatic one-step buttonholes to get the button included on the fabric in a professional way without having you to do so much of the hassles.

Enhance your creativity. This machine would bring the best of the opportunity to do different sorts of designs with the finest quality to observe. It was done by the professional and not the new one fiddling with the machine. 🙂


  • On-board storage
  • One-step fully automatic buttonhole.


  • Incompatible cord and may not work in your country.

Conclusion of Singer portable sewing machine

Never say never goodbye, but what we wanted to achieve for you has been fulfilled; got 7 of the best Singer portable sewing machines synced up.

Made for convenience, these portable Singer sewing machines vary by price with the factor of loaded features.

So, buy ONE and live a convenient life to get them being part of wherever you go!

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