singer quantum stylist 9960n Review : Exclusive Insights in 2023

singer quantum stylist 9960n (Last Updated On: October 25, 2022)

Get known with the powerful and trusting singer quantum stylist 9960n from top to bottom, and we would help with giving you the complete bit of this exclusive portable sewing machine best in many ways.

While the world-wide sewing industry is filled with the enormously useful computerized sewing machines that you can find against the heft price, few are the worth of money against the lined up features which you can find within a single unit.

Most of the computerized sewing machines are worth, but what about the little extra features that can enable you to utilize the same sewing machine for your commercial projects?

Go sane and pick one of the best computerized sewing machines available in the market priced at the remarkably lower tag ready to bring the ease in your life, resulting in more features to rely upon when served for the real commercial purpose.

Not only the features-rich, but it goes to be fully portable to take along anywhere you go as the backup and emergency sewing machine to fix your fabrics on the go.

singer quantum stylist 9960n Review

Whether you belong to a novice, experienced, professional, and mediocre skill level, and this Singer 9960 sewing machine is an endless option to try.

Let’s get started to know every bit of the Singer 9960 sewing machine!

Though it is in the business for long, it is the prime time to open it up with the updated details best covering Singer 9960!

Full-fledged review of Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Great Embroidery Machine on the deal

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Do not go by the name but the features it equips.

Being the people’s choice making it the top-rated sewing machines, Singer is the name of the brand that has the sheer popularity throughout the world.


Not being heavy to around 20 pounds, this electric and computerized Singer 9960 sewing machine is compact and lightweight to fit in your car trunk to take along with you.

And when you are in the mood to do the stitching outdoors, why not bring this sewing machine out in your backyard to stitch while being surrounded with nature.

But that does not make it take it out every time you feel given the fact it is not close to being portable by the weight, so do not stress about it.

Virtual owner’s training class

Imagine you are the sole owner of this extensively and versatile Singer 9960 sewing machine where you are entitled to get registered for the dedicated online owner’s class where you would be learned with operating the machine to use correctly, and opening up the basics of the following;

  • Threading
  • Selection of the stitches
  • Craft the buttonhole
  • Inserting and replacing the needle
  • And many more

So, get yourself ready to watch the recorded class to ensure you know everything about Singer 9960.

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Even though most computerized sewing machines come included with the built-in lettering design with having over five alphabets to complete the personalized projects along with words, monograms, and the phrases to put up your best messages.

No matter the plain designs are somewhat dull to look at and embossing the letters to get your name out with the mixture of the numerical.

Variety of stitches

Not dozens, but the built-in stitches count goes to around 600, giving you the different and variety of stitches from shallow to hard, and zigzag to plain depending upon the project requirement changing from the basic sewing to decorative to quilting to more.

Up your creative mind with using the extensive collection of over 600 stitches can make your life super convenient to select your favorite stitch type and add the diversity with choosing another one instantly.

Easy sewing buttonhole

The automatic one-step buttonholes are sewn with ease, giving the perfect grip and the strength where the button would stay in place even if it is intentionally jerked.

Place the area on the buttonhole underplate, and it would be all done automatically for you.

Automatic needle threader

We understand how long and tiresome an experience it could be for most people, giving it all the hard time threading through the eye of the needle conversing you the eye strains and the time as well because that is not something the people love doing it often.

Drop-in bobbin

And it goes with the transparent design where you can get to see how the thread is doing and how much it is left to hook in another thread up on the bobbin to minimize the chances of wasting time.

Automatic thread cutter with shut off

Operating the embroidery designs with enabling the embroidery mode, the folks run into the issue that happens the most to how to make the thread to cut effectively when the design is completed.

When you are done, just press the button the and thread would get cut itself without drawing up the bobbin to do it manually.

With the shutoff cutter system, the automatic thread cutting function would not entirely work when doing the embroidery projects where the plain embroidery stitches are what you require to get embossed on the fabric.

Drop feed

For the added convenience to best stitch the quilts, the real fun is dropping the feed teeth to get lowered to either sew the buttons or the free-motion sewing where the feed can intercept the seamless stitches.

To activate the drop feed, it comes with the lever to get the feed teeth lowered and putting it back to the normal state, just slide the bar back and turn the handwheel to around one full turn to raise it again.


To deactivate the machine to work automatically, the dedicated tie-off button makes you turn it as a manual sewing machine where you can also program it to do the tie-off at the minute the stitch gets stopped before you resume stitching the fabric.

Direct selection of stitches

Your most favorite and common stitch types are predefined and just button away to select, saving you a good deal of time by going in and selecting from the list of 600 stitches.

Just press a button and get your favorite stitch design selected instantly!

Adjustable stitch length and width

Whether you need the strengthening stitches, which are made possible with Singer 9960 to increase and decrease the distance between the length as well as set it to sew with narrower or broader per your desire.

Self-adjusting thread tensioning

Any stitch type selected, the need for tensioning the thread may go manually and could be done with the hand, but with Singer 9960, this task is all done automatically, saving you an excellent time.


For the added protection, we are meant to run the thread up and down sewing through the fabric, but how about it it gets done without cutting the thread and unplugging it from the presser foot to load up once again to sew.

By default, most sewing machines work in parallel stitching but do not do it anymore. The reverse sewing system (with the touch button included) will get the fabric go in reversal to make the perfect and lasting stitches.

Metal frame

To test the strength of the overall sewing machine, the frame plays a vital role in determining how durable and sturdy the design is and ensures longevity to live for years, even if mistakenly hit in life.

Luckily with the Singer 9960 sewing machine, its frame goes with the metal material guaranteeing the claim to become one heavy-duty machine doubling the trust level.

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Super high speed!

And that calls to be the stitches to do professional projects with the faster speed of over 850 SPM (stitches per minute), giving you the edge to stitch adversely faster than anything you can imagine.

Speed control

Adjustable to set the maximum sewing speed catering to the design you are working on just a button away from your reach.

Up & down of needle

Once you set off the sewing machine and in no mood to continue doing it, the needle’s up and down position could be set per demand, leaving you not to do any task to get the needle out of the fabric which can be a manual but a tiresome experience to pull out the handle with your hand to push back the needle.

LCD color screen

In all computerized sewing machines, everything is shown on the bright and more comprehensive LCD colorful screen which displays the functions, designs, and everything so that you know what you are doing AND the stitches and designs with the preview are to display on the screen to understand how it would form upon the fabric.

Free Arm

Includes the storage compartment used to extend the work area but that free arm by removing the extra compartment to access it sewing through the smaller projects, which makes it best suited sewing machine to do any kind of the projects with ease.

Free extension table

Add in the extension table per the demand that allows you to experience the level-based sewing to hook up the more significant projects to do the sewing smoothly.

Presser feet with lifter

Do not entirely need the presser feet at all, and this can be conveniently removed and attached depending on the sewing techniques you have been using for stitching the fabric. And the added foot lifter takes up to position the thick materials that cannot get hooked up with the moderate presser feet.

Variable positioning of the needle

Get yourself equipped with the adjustability of the needle depending upon the techniques you are using, such as topstitching, zipper, piping, and more.

Technical specifications of the Singer 9960 sewing machine

Size = 17.2” x 8.2” x 12”

Weight = 20 pounds

Box size = 20” x 11” x 18”

Amp power = 0.46A

Wattage power = 55w

Volts = 120v (does not let it to operate in the 220v regions)

Hertz = 60 hz

Warranty = Varies from 1 year, five years, and 25 years.

Includes the following accessories with Singer 9960


  • All-purpose foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Seam ripper
  • Lint brush
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • Satin foot
  • Blind hem foot,
  • Open toe foot
  • Overcasting (overlock) foot
  • Narrow hem foot
  • Quarter-inch foot
  • Cording foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Embroidery foot
  • Walking foot
  • Quilting bar
  • Needles
  • Transparent bobbin
  • Spool pin
  • Screwdriver
  • Extension table
  • Dust cover
  • Thread spool

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Faq on this singer 9960 machine

Are there any discounts or promotions running on Singer Quantum Stylist 9960?

This is one of the most popular sewing machine model by Singer and due to huge demand and limited discounts, there are no promotions or discounts at the moment on this.

Can we do embroidery from singer 9960?

Yes, this machine supports embroidery and you can do it as per your convenience.

What are the common singer quantum stylist 9960 problems?

Some people reported, Faced difficulty sewing straight lines on the fabric, however once you start using this machine frequently you won’t receive this problem further.

Where is the instructions manual for singer quantum stylist 9960?

Singer has official manual for this. Click here to check it.

Conclusion of the Singer 9960 sewing machine

Finally, our full-fledged Singer 9960 sewing machine’s review gets completed here.

Coupled with the powerful features to give you the best sewing experience, including the attached accessories where you are not forced to purchase the ones that you seldom need from the market.

I also recommend to check Singer vs brother sewing machines to have a second opinion.

And Just in case that the accessories should be kept secure, saving you the headache and the money, too.

For the machine itself, Singer 9960 easily tops the list of the best computerized sewing machines you can EVER find in the market within a reasonable price.

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