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Vinyl Cutting Machine (Last Updated On: October 24, 2022)

Reading the ‘vinyl cutting machine‘ here, you would be taking the resemblance projected as the standard scissor mounted on something. Still, in its truest reality, it looks relatively different and more like a computer printer (when you happen to have the latest vinyl cutting machine.

Whether you are just a plain hobbyist or the business owner involved in operating the sticker and sign work, you cannot do business effectively without it.

If you have decided what sort of business you got and the usage you would generally have every day, find out from the machine after sincerely evaluating the same to ensure you got the best in your possession.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Review 2023

Take the vinyl, the kind of the resin, or the plastic which cannot get cut via anything but the dedicated vinyl cutting machines.

The machines take the image’s upload and adjust the font, sizing, and more while loading the vinyl sheet up on the device. In contrast, it takes you to repeat the different cutter’s settings from speed to pressure to the knife depth (if that is not what your blade does automatically) and push start the button to carve out the sheet according to the design with all the predefined settings.

But that is just an introduction of the vinyl cutting machine as to how it works. We are to list the top 7 best vinyl cutting machines summarizing what features they got and how they work in reality.

Stay tuned! 🙂

List of the 7 best vinyl cutting machine — Updated picks for 2022!


Best Vinyl Cutting MachineDesignsWeight
Cricut Explore Air 2 2003638100+14 pounds
Cricut Maker PC2004195300+15.02 pounds
Brother ScanNCut SDX125E6821 pound
Cricut Explore Air 2 Decal Vinyl Bundle1217.41 pounds
Cricut Joy 2007813100+6.09 pounds
Vevor 375300+24.7 pounds
Vevor KZJ-720500+43.2 pounds


Cricut Explore Air 2 2003638

Minted in color, this Cricut Explore Air 2 is the perfect of the personal DIY vinyl cutting machine to trust.

Take it from performing the personal tasks to the professional ones to be taken as the business machine to bring you good money; it goes over 100+ of different types of flawless cuts, including a series of vinyl materials from iron-on, HTV vinyl, premium vinyl, and more.

Make all and any of the personalized cuts to increase your business to give support to multiple DIY projects at once as it includes Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade and the housing along with Cricut’s 12″ x 12″ Light Grip Adhesive Cutting Mat to spread the vinyl and HTV projects to cut anything off.

It also includes the Cricut Black Fine Point Pen and access to the design software offered by Cricut Design Space, let alone the two-complete weeks of free trial to access everything off Cricut Access.

Definitive to take it as a serious business, Cricut Explore Air 2 has all the finest features to boost it from day one.

Either upload, create and design your very own images to get from the devices. Simultaneously, the Cricut Access comes with an extensive library that holds up to 100,000 images and the fonts to make them part of your projects and designs to surprise your customers (and yourself, as well!)


  • Best in the price
  • Increased inventory to use and craft the designs with.


  • Just the online software to download the designs of your choice.

Cricut Maker PC2004195

Second in the line, Cricut Maker PC2004195 does beyond just a bare simple vinyl cutting machine.

Of course, it does that for sure, but the way it operates, it is something you should NOT be used for domestic work.

Known to be creating more than the expectation, it gives the freedom to do and make everything from the varieties of vinyl decals and countless other projects through thousands of pre-made and download-and-upload ready images and designs to bring the pleasant experience into your business.

Chargeable using the USB port, and hooked with the newer rotary blade to cut down what comes in its way.

Download off thousands of sewing patterns to make the perfect cuts and marking all the pieces to show what you got.

Works along with the craft, it comes with the powerful blades and a scoring tool, and pens that let the Cricut Maker PC2004195 grow and learn as it moves.

And it comes with two 12″ x 12″ cutting mats to do the perfect cutting with ease, and by default, it has over 50 free ready-to-make projects and up to 25 finest sewing patterns to showcase the best of your professionalism.


  • Rotary blades
  • Works with various devices.


  • A little high in price.


Brother ScanNCut SDX125E

Best designed for the stunning DIY projects where Brother ScanNCut SDX125E comes included with many pre-loaded built-in designs to over 682 and 100 quilting patterns with over 9 fonts.

Cuts almost anything in the precise sizes that take the cut’s depth to over 3 millimeters or 0.1 inches in the thickness.

Useful for the home and domestic use, this Brother ScanNCut SDX125E cutting machine goes with cutting everything, including the vinyl, to perform all the home-based tasks in sound and on your own without visiting the market to have them cut for you.

Going into the market, that means you cannot do all of your designs and let the shop owner do just the cutting as it would not look nice.

NOT only to rely upon the built-in designs and the patterns, but it also comes with the functionality of adding the custom designs and the free patterns to store from the USB port and through wireless that shows up on 5″ of touchscreen LCD to ensure what the designs and the cuts would look like before taking action to do so.

Comes with 12″ x 12″ standard-sized tack mat, one black pen, pen holder, touch pen, accessory pouch, spatula, auto blade holder, and the getting started guide to use this cutting machine professionally.


  • Impressively modern design
  • Vast inventory to reference the designs and patterns from.


  • No hard-copy of the manual guide

4- Cricut Explore Air 2 Decal Vinyl Bundle

Complete decal vinyl bundle cutting machine, which is the machine from Cricut Explore Air 2, which we initially reviewed for you. But this time, it goes to be something different that comes included with the purchase.

This 2-die cutting machine cuts seamlessly and flawlessly out of any material with ease. Let it be anything from decal vinyl and never depend on the market to hit whenever the need arises.

All user-friendly machines that come with built-in Bluetooth give the wireless cutting, scoring, and writing to the best with the Smart Set dial that adjusts the material to your best setting.

Accessing the Cricut Design Space unlocks the best designs to download from and get onboard with this Cricut Explore Air 2 cutting machine through its dedicated app that you can set up on the computer, tablet, smartphones, and the iPad to customize your designs to send the customers and the onlookers in an aww.

Everything included accessories, blade, adapter, USB cord, pen, 12×12 LightGrip, and the tool kits with several sheets and vinyl designs and one vinyl project eBook to get the design inspirations.


  • The complete vinyl bundle included
  • User-friendly operation.


  • No carrying case included.

Cricut Joy 2007813

A perfect blend for the domestic vinyl projects, we might not want you to miss out on owning Cricut Joy 2007813, which is compact, lightweight, and super-convenient to operate regardless of whether you got an experience OR not. It is just the first time seeing such a vinyl cutting machine in your entire life.

Works best to the seasoned or the new crafters that are hoping to get a hold of completing all the domestic projects relatively quickly.

The smaller size should never put you in doubt how come it would do these finest projects in no time. Able to make the continuous cuts of up to 4 feet and repeatedly over 20 feet using the best Cricut Smart materials to craft some outstanding vinyl tasks in a professional way.

Comes with varieties of cutting the vinyl without needing to have a cutting mat where it just takes the load and simplifies the cutting process.

Cut and write whatever you got to add enough organization to your projects to endorse the custom labels embedded on different projects of your choice using Cricut Smart Vinyle and through Cricut Pens.

Upload your free designs and patterns through Cricut’s official app to get a hold of countless designs where it comes included with up to 100,000 images to add the real customization in your work.

All in all, this tiny little cutting machine is the definitive problem-solving solution to many of your tasks.


  • Best affordable vinyl cutting machine
  • Perfect for home-based vinyl cutting tasks


  • May give the problem of cutting the smaller fonts and designs.

6- Vevor 375

Basic and outdated, but that does not mean it would not work in this modern world.

Operated all manually, this 15″ of professional vinyl cutting plotter offers the best designs to cut using the dedicated SignMaster software to get all the customized designs. The signs cut the way you expect. Add up to fonts and import the custom artwork or just draw your very own shapes — Vevor 375 takes up all!

Highly efficient with the adjustable force and the speed that allows you to take all of the control, and the built-in LCD shows how’s the work going.

Sturdy floor standing does not let it vibrate, which can eventually affect the cutting ability to ruin it.

Drive with stepper motor (manually) with the cutting speed of 20 to 800 mm per second with the cutter pressure varying between 20 to 500g not to restrict yourself to say NO to any of the cutting tasks.

For the manual experience within this modern world, Vevor 375 would surely put up the best results for you!



  • Higher cutting capacity
  • Stabilized sitting and highly compatible with various devices.


  • Manually operated.

Vevor KZJ-720

And comes the last in our entry of the best vinyl cutting machine, Vevor KZJ-720 does not sound like a normal and ordinary vinyl cutting machine.

Brilliant 28 inches of the plotter-based machine, the cutter width of over 630 mm or 24.8 inches, and equipped with double adjustable pinch-rollers that never stop cutting whatever you got.

The cutter pressure between 10 to 500g with the cutting speed of around 10 to 800 mm per second ensures all your projects are completed and successfully cut rather quickly to not let the backlog build up.

Sturdy and reliable floor stand featuring over four caster wheels that allow the movement to be made is made with heavy-duty sheet metal to bear all the pressure and weight.

2mm of diameter blades and is Roland compatible with the enclosed blades holder who does not let it slip during the cut.


  • Comes with long-standing floor
  • Designed for commercial use


  • Does not hook a phone with machine


Additional :

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Conclusion of best vinyl cutting machine

Finally, our extensive hunt calls off right here with listing the top 7 best vinyl cutting machines for your custom tasks.

If you are a DIY person like myself, why NOT possess your own vinyl cutting machine to lose all the dependency?

Have one and enjoy your custom designs being crafted and cut! 🙂

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